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What is a MOB MATCH?
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Information on the Club Cross Country courses and events
Origin of the Club Cry
The Club 5 probably one of the oldest Cross-Country Cup's in the world.  First run for in 1880 when the winner was C Cattlin -   more past winners...
Do you know how or when cross-country started?  Check here...
All you need to know about the National Cross Country Championships


What is a MOB MATCH?


Quite simply it is a Mob of us against a Mob of them...

Statistically the more competitors one team has the better their chances of winning... The way it works is that you added up the number of runners on each side then take three off of the smaller number. For example, if SLH have 47 and B&B have 60 then we score the first 44 from each side. Adds up to big numbers and the team with the lower score is the winner. First place counts 1 point, 2nd 2 etc etc - if you finish in 98th place you score 98 points.

So, the result is not normally known until the last few runners finish. Regardless of your age or sex you can make a big difference just by running. Think about it - even if all our scoring runners are home and dry, and theirs are not, you still help by pushing the opponents score higher by finishing in front of any of their scoring runners. Great fun and it's been going on since the 18 hundreds.

Ranelagh Harriers, South London Harriers and Orion Harriers are our oldest protagonists - they are the big three. Recently we have started to compete against Beckenham Running Club.

Location and details of Orion Harriers

Location and details of Ranelagh Harriers

Location and details of South London Harriers


Annual Mob Match against Ranelagh Harriers

Although the first inter-club race with Ranelagh Harriers was in 1886, but it was not until 1907 that a match was run on an "all to score" or "mob match" basis. The fixture on the 12th January 1907 was from our headquarters in West Wickham. Ranelagh started with 17 runners and Blackheath 30. The scoring was 17 a side. Two years later it was agreed that the number to score would be that of the club with the smaller numerical strength, less three. This became established as the standard scoring method for all mob matches world wide.

In 1922 a trophy was presented by E. H. Pelling of Ranelagh and E. J. Ratcliff of Blackheath to be held by the winning club each year and to be known as the Pelling-Ratcliff Cup.


No-one knows the date of the earliest inter-club run between Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC, or Peckham AAC as they were then known, and South London Harriers.

With Blackheath tracing their roots to 1869, and SLH forming a breakaway from them in December 1871, possibly as a result of a dispute over handicapping, (a vital part of early athletics competition), there is evidence suggesting these two clubs, then both based in Peckham, encouraged members from the other club to their weekend training runs as early as the autumn of 1872.

The Blackheath history reports the first official run between the Clubs was December 1873, whilst the SLH later reported it was on November 14th 1874. The latter event was from SLH headquarters, then not in Coulsdon, and ‘the number of runners was the largest that had ever turned out for a cross-country run’, so the home side’s Gazette reported in 1912. Perhaps the first year, it was training, and the following year it turned competitive….
Download the full copy of the commemorative booklet celebrating the 100th match against SLH


The opening run of the 2003/4 Cross-Country season took place 16 years ago! on 4 October

Trevor Llewelyn, David Churchus, Nan Cross, Drew Grace, Pres John Robinson, Clare Lodwig, Dave White, Nick Nuttall, Rob Brown, Mike Cronin, Andy Lawes, Brian Power - where were you? 5-10-03

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