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Last updated 23 March 2024

Information on the Club Cross-Country courses and events

We now have a mixture of courses, some based on Norman Park others based on Boundary Wood.

The 5 mile course for 2023/4 - Norman Park

The 10k course for 2023/4 - Norman Park

The 7 & 1/2 mile course for 2023/4 - Norman Park

The 10 mile course for 2023/4 - Boundary Wood

The current entry cost is £3.00 per race for members, £5 for guests.


Old Courses

10 mile course for 2021

The 7 1/2 mile course (27 October 2019 onwards)

See note on Club 10k (15 January 2017 onwards)

See note on new Club 5 (21 March 2015 & 18 October 2015 onwards)

Origins of the Club Cry

So how did Cross-Country racing begin? Check out here... What is a Mob Match?

The old clubhouse 1926-2021


St John's Church is the muster area for the start of our cross country races based on Boundary Wood. We use two different fields, depending on the 'horse' situation.



Marking of courses


All club courses are marked with flags and by pointsmen. Unless directed otherwise, always carry straight on. When you pass a pointsman be polite and thank them! When you have finished, please come back to the HQ where the showers are hot and there are lots of cakes, buckets of tea, and, if you are lucky, prizes to be picked up...

The 5 mile course for 2023/4 - Norman Park

Club 5 mile course

1 small lap (approx. 0.8 miles from race start to end of lap) followed by 2 larger laps (approx. 2.1 miles each). Total distance approx. 5.2 miles

Start on grass mount above track, exit via (open) gate, turn left, then complete one small lap passing sequentially A, B, C, D and back to A

Followed by two larger laps A, B, C, D, E, F (turn left to cross bridge, then turn right), G, H, I, J (exit park), K, L, J (re-enter park), D, A

At end of 2nd larger lap re-enter track compound to finish where you started

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The 10k course for 2023/4 - Norman Park

This is a course with 2 laps outside Norman Park, after an initial 0.5 miles in the park. The 2.7 mile out-and back route via the Elmfield Wood Diamond, along Rookery Lane to a loop in Mazzards Wood is completed twice, before coming back to the park for a final 0.3 mile ‘home straight’.


• Keep left at all times; stay on grass at all times within the park
• Follow markers to exit park after approx. 0.5 miles, do ¾ of Elmfield Wood Diamond before heading onto the Rookery Lane path towards George Lane
• Keep left on the tracks all the way to George Lane, where you turn left and complete a loop taking in Mazzards Wood
• Retrace route back to complete last ¼ of Elmfield Wood Diamond, going straight on to do the original ¾ again, before heading out on another lap out to Mazzards Wood via Rookery Lane
• After completing the last ¼ of Elmfield Woods Diamond a 2nd time, turn left to return to the park, going left along the ‘home straight’ to complete before reaching children’s playground, F (10km)


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The 7 & 1/2 mile course for 2023/4 - Norman Park


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The 10 mile course for 2023/4 - Boundary Wood

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The 'old' Club 5 (was new from 21 March 2015)



New Club 5 Miles Course

At the January 2015 Executive Committee meeting it was agreed that the traditional 5 Mile course should not be used in future because of the risk to runners, marshals and members of the public on the long road sections of the course.

Below is the course I propose we should use for the Closing 5 Miles handicap on 21st March. It is 4.92 miles, all on paths up and down Boundary Wood. The out and back routes are different apart from a very short section from the start field to Boundary Wood

Section of course

Distance Miles

Total distance Miles

Marshal Point

Start at the usual place in the field at the bottom of Layhams Road, 1 circuit of field (as now) , leaving by stile at corner




Towards Boundary Wood as now, but turn left after 200m through gate into grass field, uphill towards Wickham Court Farm 




Gate into field

Leave field by gate at top of field, turn right onto track (used for Club10) looping back onto path leading to Boundary Wood, where the course turns left towards entrance to Boundary Wood




Gate out of field

Just before entrance to Boundary Wood, turn left onto uphill path through the field, past group of trees and continue on path towards the entrance to woods. Keep to left hand path all the way up through Boundary Wood to the mid-field.




Entrance to Boundary Wood

Bear left  at mid-field onto wide but winding bridle path in the left of woods, leading to the top of Boundary Wood (called Rowdown Wood on the AZ Map)




Mid field Boundary Wood

At very top, near to metal fence, turn right and follow usual wide straight path back down to the mid field




Top of Boundary Wood

Across mid field and then follow usual path down Boundary Wood, bear left at bottom,  to exit onto path leading to finish




Bottom of Boundary

Run straight to start/finish field




Over stile into field, immediately turn left and follow path along fence down to Addington Road, turn right at bottom  and run in to finish at bottom of field close to gate at very bottom of Layhams Road




Stile into finish field



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The 'old' 10k course form January 2017 on

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The 'old' 7 1/2 mile course from 26 October 2019

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The 'old' 10 mile course from 2021


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