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Cross Country Results for 2007/8

Information on the Club Cross Country courses  25-01-08

11/05/08 - Sevenoaks 7 or Jamie’s road to recovery  11-05-08
Pete Tuckers World 2-04-08
Bennett Cup - 2007/8 Final Positions 1-04-08
30/03/08 - World Cross Country  31-03-08
29/03/08 - Closing 5 29-03-08
5/03/08 - Mayor's Race at Sparrows Den 10-03-08
8/03/08 - SLH Mob Match 8-03-08
23/02/08 - National Cross-Country at Alton Towers - Supper photos 24-02-08
16/02/08 - Kent League , Nurstead Court 20-02-08
9/02/08 - Southern Schools' Inter Country Champs, Paddock Wood 19-02-08
2/02/08 - Ranelagh Mob Match 3-02-08
26/01/08 - Southern Cross country Championships Parliament Hill 29-01-08
12/01/08 - Open 10k & Vets Championships 13-01-08
5/01/08 - KCAA Cross-Country Championships 7-01-08
29/12/07 - Orion Mob Match 29-12-07
22/12/07 - Christmas 5 Yacht Handicap 22-12-07
11/11/07 - Club 10 mile Championship 12-11-07
3/11/07 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield 6-11-07
13/10/07 - Club 5 Mile Championship 16-10-07
11/10/07 - Tony James Memorial Race 14-10-07
22/09/07 - Cross-Country Relay, Sparrows Den 26-09-07
Bennett Cup - 2006/7 Final Positions 1-04-07

11/05/08 - Sevenoaks 7 or Jamie’s road to recovery

Blackheath & Bromley Harriers athlete Jamie Atkinson has started out on the road to recovery following his quadricep injury which forced him out of the London Marathon and caused a three week layoff from running.

Following extensive physiotherapy, Jamie competed in his first race last Tuesday at Tonbridge where he came third in the Kent 5000m Championships, only 10.3seconds behind Blackheath & Bromley’s in form Peter Tucker.

On Sunday, Jamie along with his coach Gordon Cooper and fellow team mate Tony Mulcock, all competed in the Sevenoaks 7 mile race in Knole Park. The course has had a revamp since last year and was considerably harder than the previous layout.

With temperatures in the mid 70’s the race was always going to be hard for all the runners. Jamie made sure that he was fully prepared for the race, hydrated and fully stretched out and warmed up before the start. Jamie’s main threat in the race was his old training partner Allan Lee from Sevenoaks AC, who is fully fit and a strong runner on his ‘Home’ course.

Allan and Jamie set of leading the pack, feeding off each other and leaving the rest behind until approximately the 4Km mark, while climbing a sharp incline Jamie’s quads cramped again causing him to stop and stretch out the offending muscles before chasing Allan again, the same thing happened on the 2nd lap of the park, by this time Allan was 45 secs ahead of Jamie and cruised to an easy win, with Jamie taking 2nd place.

After the race Jamie said “Allan Lee is a class act when it comes to distance running and he was a very strong influence on me as a junior athlete, so if I have to lose then it hurts a little less when it is one of my former mentors, but we will see next year!"

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Pete Tuckers World

13th USPE (European Police Sports) Cross-Country Championships - Vichy, France, 16th March 2008

Full results here:

THE Police Sport UK men's cross-country team won their first ever European medal in the latest USPE Championships in France.

The men came third behind the Ukraine and Russia on a memorable occasions which also saw the Police Sport UK women team race to a superb fourth place

In the men's race, the current European cross-country champion, Sergiy Lebid from the Ukraine took an early lead which was never challenged as he took the title in a time of 31 minutes and 10 seconds. The second and third individual places were taken by Russia.

Towards the end of the first lap UK's Steve Rhys-Jones (Hampshire) led the Police Sport UK team in seventh place closely followed by Dave Mitchinson (Hertfordshire) and supported by Martin Williams West Midlands) and Benedict Whitby (City of London) with Steve Cairns (Lothian & Borders) and Peter Tucker (Metropolitan) slightly further down the field.

During the second lap Mitchinson moved ahead of Rhys-Jones, who was struggling with a stitch. Williams was detached, but running strongly in the mid to late teens and Whitby in the early twenties.

With approximately 250m to the finish Mitchinson and Rhys-Jones entered the stadium together, with Rhys-Jones getting the better of Mitchinson to finish in 11th place in a time of 32 minutes and 45 seconds; Mitchinson was just five seconds behind finishing in 13th place. These two were well supported by Williams in 17th place (33m 12s), Whitby in 20th place (33m 20s) and Tucker in 43rd place (35m 08s) with Cairns completing the team in 46th place (35m 26s).

Met XC Champs 2008 - 5/03/2008 Richmond Park


F/Name S/Name BOCU Age Category Time Pos Pos.
Peter Tucker PolRec 26 SM 30.44 1 1
Jim Cooper EK 31 SM 30.51 2 2
James Brown TX 28 SM 31.04 3 3
Mark Crook SCD1 30 SM 31.56 4 4
Mick Lane QK 47 V45 32.35 5 5
Nigel Rowe EK 44 V40 33.04 6 6
Craig Mann SO14 42 V40 34.15 7 7
Stuart Matthews SCD6 36 SM 34.17 8 8
Sam Upton HT 25 SM 34.23 9 9
Matt Parker CO11 42 V40 34.25 10 10

Dick Griffin SO14 56 V55 42.36 59 51

(3rd Vet Over 55 and scored for the SO14 team who won team silver medals)

Police Sport UK National Cross Country Championships - Pontypool Park, Gwent - 6th February 2008



Pos. Name Force Vet. Time

1 MITCHINSON David HERTS - 38:31


3 WHITBY Ben City London - 40:13

4 MAY Darrel HAMPSHIRE - 41:12

5 TUCKER Peter MET - 41:46

6 GARDNER Richard S WALES - 42:21

7 GAMBLE Ben STAFFS - 43:27

8 FOWLER Malcolm CHESHIRE V45 43:39

9 PETERS Rhys MET - 43:48



Full results here: 

Met Police Team Dominate National Police Champs The Met Police Cross Country team dominated the annual British Police Cross Country Championships in Pontypool, Gwent on the 6th of Feb. This fixture doubled as the trials for the European Championships. It was a beautiful day and a monstrous course. The competitors were generally apprehensive before starting due to some of the climbs on the course.

The Men's event contained several international runners. Dave Mitchinson, an international marathon runner won the event for Herts Police. Steve Rhys-Jones of Hampshire followed home in 2nd. Rhys-Jones another international on the road. Ben Whitby of City of London was 3rd. Whitby is a former GB no.1 for steeplechase. Richard Gardner, welsh international, could only finish 6th. In the Met team, Peter Tucker (PolRec) led the team home, finishing 5th and thus beating Gardner. Tucker therefore gained an automatic place in the GB Police Team for the European Championships. Tucker also led the Met team to an astonishing victory in the team race. The team consisted of Tucker 5th, Rhys Peters (XB) 9th , James Brown (TX) 13th , Leigh Packer (ZD) 15th, Karl Free (XB) 16th and Paul Wyatt (3TSG) 19th . This gave an amazing total of 77 points. Hampshire took the silver medal home in the team as well as the individual but were 155points behind the Met team. The Met's B team was 3rd on the day only 14 points behind the silver medallists

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30/03/08 - World Cross Country

Mike Skinner was the second Briton home in the 2008 World Cross Championships held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Full results here...

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5/03/08 - Mayor's Race at Sparrows Den

Richard Webb being congratulated by the Mayor on winning the Mayor of Bromley U11 Boys Race at Sparrows Den

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3 Jennie Butler 23.08
5 Rosie Ferguson 24.08
10 Ella Fisher 25.21 1st Team

16 Clare Lodwig 25.57
20 Kate Pratten 26.18
33 Carolyna Jones-Baldock 27.27

The last of the Senior Womens race was at a new venue at Nurstead Court. It had a bit of everything, fields, woods, hills, pond! – which had the ice broken before we ran through it. Apologies to those who didn’t know about this, I didn’t mention it beforehand in case it affected your decision to run!! Despite having wet feet after the first kilometre, it was a good course. We finished the league on a high note as our top three came 1st in the team event. Jennie returned in time for the last race and ran very well after a lengthy time off due to injury, coming in third. Rosie was a minute behind in fifth, and Ella, proving that training works, came in 10th.

Overall our team were 3rd for the season behind Medway and Dartford. Not bad considering we only had 2 runners at Capstone park! In the overall individual results Ella and Carolyna did all 4 races and came 6th and 12 respectively. In the Vets category Rosie was 10th. Well done to everyone who competed over the winter season, you now have 7 months to wait before the next one!!


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Southern Schools' Inter Country Champs, Paddock Wood, February 9, 2008

Photos from Phil Mercer

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Southern Cross country Championships Parliament Hill, 26 Jan 2008

Senior Women

83 Rosie Ferguson 38.57
97 Bridget Davey 39.52
107 Jane Bradshaw 40.09
126 Kate Pratten 41.22 14th team, 1st Kent team

147 Ella Fisher 42.33
164 Carolyna Jones-Baldock 43.51
165 Clare Lodwig 43.51
204 Annie McDonough 45.32 23rd Team

218 Anne Cillia 46.38
233 Tara Emery 47.13
257 Justine Eastbury 49.47

As always when the race is at Parliament Hill you can expect to get muddy, and this year was no exception. Those who ran will know what I refer to as slurry hill! Fortunately we only had one faller, Justine who managed to land on (very) soft ground!

I must congratulate Jane as she ran in trail shoes and managed to stay upright the entire time.

Our scoring 4 all ran well, Well done to Rosie for bringing the team home first, and I think the battle for 2nd with Bridget and Jane would have been closer if Jane had spikes. There was a sprint finish for Carolyna and Clare, but the addition of time chips meant that although they crossed the line together, someone has to come first.

I’m pleased to say that we were the first Kent team to finish, though our mob rivals SLH an Ranelagh both managed to get in the top 10.

With a few additions to the team for the nationals it should be a good competition, and those of us who ran at the weekend will have no fear if it looks a bit wet!

We are racing at a new course in Alton this year so the course is as yet unknown.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.


PS. Carolyna and I returned to ‘slurry hill ‘during the mens race to watch for casualties, sadly we only saw one!!

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3/11/07 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield

Well done to all those that competed on Saturday at the National Cross Country Relays. All-round the teams performed extremely well and there were some great individual performances.

The results were:

Blackheath & Bromley - A Team
Peter Tucker - 16.22
Mike Skinner - 14.33
James Poole - 15.30
Alex Gibbins - 16.20

Blackheath & Bromley - B Team
Dave McKinley - 16.56
John Thorpe - 16.52
Nick Gasson - 17.20
Andrew Conway - 17.06

Blackheath & Bromley - C Team
Con Griffin - 19.01
Ken Daniel - 19.26
Richard Daniel - 18.24
Danny Brewer - 17.52

Well done lads and see you all soon
Nicholas M. Gasson

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11/10/07 - Tony James Memorial Race

The Tony James Memorial cross-country race is for girls in school years 5 & 6. Tony James dedicated his life to training young people in middle distance running and cross-country. The event was held at Bromley High School on Thursday the 11th October. Following the main race there was an 1150 metre fun run for year 4 girls.


Position Name School
1 Ellie Froggatt Farringtons
2 Holly Warman St. David's College
3 Charlotte Rhule St. David's College
4 Louise Davison Bromley High
5 Natasha Sinha Blackheath High School
6 Geosepina Vizzini Sydenham High
7 Olivia Argent Sydenham High
8 Victoria Picken James Allen Prep School
9 Jessie Froggatt Farringtons
10 Grace McGrand Bromley High
11 Samantha Leighton Babington
12 Isobel Kelsh Bromley High
13 Charlotte Brazier Bromley High
14 Olivia Kristensen Blackheath High School
15 Grace Ferguson St. David's College
16 Charlotte Scott James Allen Prep School
17 Megan Padgeti Sydenham High
18 Rachel Maden James Allen Prep School
19 Chloe Newman West Lodge
20 Ailis McGovern West Lodge
21 Isobel Vowles St. David's College
22 Katherine Barron James Allen Prep School
23 Katherine Braybrook James Allen Prep School
24 Hannah Jones Bromley High
25 Georgie Hay James Allen Prep School
26 Eva Zapk Bromley High
27 Constance Beith James Allen Prep School
28 Polly Humphries Farringtons
29 Liz O'conner James Allen Prep School
30 Jessica Odell James Allen Prep School
31 Ellen Lennox St. David's College
32 Ophelia Flanagan James Allen Prep School
33 Jade Mackay Farringtons
34 Sarah Waterton Breaside Prep
35 Emily Rees Bromley High
36 Emma Paisley Babington
37 Lara Monday Sydenham High
38 Sophia Aherne Breaside Prep
39 Millie Fairburn Farringtons
40 Hannah Taylor Farringtons
41 Clemintine McFarlane Bromley High
42 Emily-Jane Lee St. David's College
43 Pheobe Wyburd James Allen Prep School
44 Georgia Kearns James Allen Prep School
45 Sayesha Patel West Lodge
46 Laura Bruce Blackheath High School
47 Honor Jenning Bromley High
48 Hetty Mahlich James Allen Prep School
49 Elise Furneaux Bromley High
50 Xanthe Wilson Sydenham High
51 Ella Marafini Blackheath High School
52 Lucy Nicholson Sydenham High
53 Anna Baines Bromley High
54 Iris Best James Allen Prep School
55 Sophie Laughton Bromley High
56 Hattie Binnie James Allen Prep School
57 Eleanor Breaside Prep
58 Kezia Turner Blackheath High School
59 Sophie Breaside Prep
60 Isabella Robertson Blackheath High School
61 Leone Barron James Allen Prep School
62 Georgia Moody Bromley High
63 Lydia Roberts Bromley High
64 Amy Reynolds Bromley High
65 May Mundt-Leach Blackheath High School
66 Bella Gal Blackheath High School
67 Arabella Wheeler Bromley High
68 Amirah Breaside Prep
69 Grace Reynolds Bromley High
70 Meredith Dewer Sydenham High
71 Bernadette Ayre Babington
72 Lisa Peterson James Allen Prep School
73 Megan O'Donoghue Farringtons
74 Hannah Cawker Bromley High
75 ???? Sydenham High
76 Isabella Smith Blackheath High School
77 Kristina Sylvester Blackheath High School
78 Embla Conneely Blackheath High School
79 Joirdain Grover Babington
80 Karishina Breaside Prep
81 Eleanor Sydenham High
82 Georgie Hay Sydenham High
83 Mia Breaside Prep
84 Georgina Sydenham High
85 Alina Shaloy Sydenham High
86 Lily Roberts Sydenham High
87 Hannah Breaside Prep
88 Hariet Abbots Bromley High
89 Ruth Cann West Lodge
90 Katie Britten West Lodge
91 Joyce Kup West Lodge
92 Charlotte Tang West Lodge
93 Serena Breaside Prep
94 Emma Reach Bromley High
95 Olivia Breaside Prep
96 Lauren Elliot Babington
97 Natalya Mandell James Allen Prep School
98 Erica Breaside Prep
99 Tomi Breaside Prep
100 Isabel Breaside Prep
101 Katia Silver Sydenham High
102 Chloe Stevens West Lodge
103 Philine Breaside Prep
104 Olivia Courtney Bromley High
105 Hannah Pereira West Lodge
106 Lucy Peter St. David's College
107 Harriet Aubertin Blackheath High School
108 Rebecca Vernon West Lodge
109 Tabitha Crowther Farringtons
110 Rachel Turner Farringtons
111 Sophie Anderson Blackheath High School
112 Tara Jennett Farringtons
113 Jo Cournil-Daly Blackheath High School
114 Millie Thew Farringtons
115 Tah Dowding Babington
116 Nitani Chandradeva St. David's College
117 Holly Henderson West Lodge
118 Michaela Vinales Farringtons
119 Lydia Filton Farringtons
120 Eloise Breaside Prep
121 Victoria Breaside Prep
122 Sharifa Breaside Prep
123 Saskia Bigg Blackheath High School
124 Rebekah Rajaih West Lodge
125 Kate Scott Blackheath High School
126 Lauren Breaside Prep
127 Sofia Aldridge Blackheath High School
128 Alanah Wiesbauer West Lodge
129 Gabriella Drew Blackheath High School
130 Louise Attwood West Lodge
131 Alice Jones Blackheath High School
132 Paige Breaside Prep
133 Chantal Bezzina Blackheath High School
134 Phobe Breaside Prep
135 Jessica Breaside Prep
136 Clara White Blackheath High School
137 Philippa Jackson Blackheath High School
138 Beth Kulaway Bromley High

1st Bromley High 39 points
2nd St. David's College 41 points
3rd James Allen Prep School 64 points
4th Sydenham High 67 points
5th Farringtons 71 points
6th Blackheath High School 116 points
7th West Lodge 173 points
8th Babington House 187 points
9th Breaside Prep 188 points

Years 5&6 Individual Results 2250 metres
1st Ellie Froggat Farringtons 10mins 29 secs
2nd Holly Warman St. David’s College
3rd Charlotte Rhule St. David’s College

Year 4 Individual Results 1150 metres
1st Natalie Falshaw Bromley High
2nd Sabrina Sinha Blackheath High
3rd Clodagh Kelsh Bromley High

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