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C-C 2008/9

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Cross Country Results for 2008/9

Information on the Club Cross Country courses  

Bennett Cup - 2008/9 Final Positions 23-03-09
21/03/09 - Closing 5 21-03-09
14/03/09 - SLH Mob Match 16-03-09
4/03/09 - Mayor's Race at Sparrows Den will be here
28/02/09 - Orion Mob Match 1-03-09
21/02/09 - National Cross-Country at Parliament Hills 3-03-09
14/02/09 - Kent League - Swanley 17-02-09
31/01/09 - South of England Inter Counties CC at Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire  2-02-09
31/01/09 - Ranelagh Mob Match 31-01-09
24/01/09 - Southern Cross country Championships Hillingdon 29-01-09
17/01/09 - Open 10k & Vets Championships 17-01-09
10/01/09 - KCAA Cross-Country Championships 12-01-09
20/12/08 - Christmas 5 Yacht Handicap 20-12-08
14/12/08 - European Cross Country Championships Brussels 24-12-08
6/12/08 - Kent League - Danson Park  7-12-08
30/11/08 - Club 10 mile Championship 30-11-08
16/11/08 - Kent League - Knole Park  17-11-08
16/11/08 - Hellrunner at Longmoor Camp 16-11-08
1/11/08 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield 4-11-08
25/10/08 - Beachy Head Marathon 3-11-08
11/10/08 - Club 5 Mile Championship 11-10-08
4/10/08 - Kent League - Capstone Park photos added 8-10-08
20/09/08 - Cross-Country Relay, Sparrows Den 20-09-08
Bennett Cup - 2007/8 Final Positions 1-04-08

14/02/09 - Kent League - Swanley



7 Bridget Davey 24.31
21 Kate Pratten 25.52
26 Carolyna Jones-Baldock 27.01 5th Team

As you can see we were a little sparse on numbers at the final Kent League, but still counted as a team.
On making her debut for the season Bridget ran well getting well in the top10. Our other two team members came in 21 and 26 respectively.

The Kent League hasnít been terribly well supported this year, which is disappointing as they are all local and all short distance. We have won the league in the past, often running over 8 women per race. We still didnít do too badly coming 5th Team for the whole season, but this has been done with the same few people turning up each time.
Well done to everyone who took part in this years League, hopefully weíll renew our efforts and see some more faces next year!!


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31/01/09 - South of England Inter Counties CC at Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire

Will Mercer representing Surrey at the South of England Inter Counties cross country event at Shuttleworth, Bedfordshire.

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24/01/09 - Southern Cross country Championships Hillingdon

Senior Women
25 Bryony Proctor 35.00 mins
30 Jennie Butler 35.45 mins
54 Jane Bradshaw 37.00 mins
104 Julie Reynolds 39.17 mins
106 Sarah Dowling 39.23 mins
154 Kate Pratten 41.35 mins
215 Anne Cillia 45.14 mins
248 Carolyna Jones-Baldock 47.12 mins


I donít think I need say anything about the course over the weekend as most of us are still trying to clear up the mud!!

However it didnít seem to put off our team and we did very well coming in 7th overall. We were also first Kent team in! (and 22 places in front of Ranelagh!!)

The next big race, - apart from this weekends mob match, is the Nationals in 3 weeks.

See you all there.




Following photos from Phil Mercer

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10/01/09 - KCAA Cross-Country Championships


2 Bryony Proctor 26.25
10 Jane Bradshaw 28.35
14 Sarah Dowling 29.24 2nd 3 score 26 points
16 Julie Reynolds 29.32
19 Rosie Ferguson 29.54
27 Lisa Page 31.23 1st 6 score 88 points
29 Kate Pratten 31.51
49 Anne Cillia 33.51
53 Carolyna Jones Baldock 35.47

Well done to everyone who turned up to race on Saturday. It was very cold! Just ask Jane, who I am pleased to say has thawed out and is not frozen to Detling showground. Our first lady home was Bryony, clear ahead of third place. Then in a good mob formation Jane, Sarah, Julie and Rosie. Congratulations to Sarah and Julie who both competed here for the first time, and hopefully not the last! Ė It wonít be that cold at the southerns!! Bringing the team home in 6th was Lisa, who is back after a lengthy injury. We came second to Medway in the 3 score, who with only 9 points were fairly unbeatable. We did however retain our trophy with gold in the 6 score, so medals-a-plenty for the senior women!

Our next big race is at Hillingdon, for the Southern Championships. Keep fit!!


The following photos & info from Ardian Stocks

The Blackheath and Bromley Senior Ladies team survived sub zero temperatures and hypothermia (thanks to kind assistance of the Kent Ambulance Team) at Detling Showground in Snowy Kent. The squad performed well in icy conditions to win the 6 to score team prize by a big margin.

Well done to all who turned out, shivered and ran this weekend.

The following photos & info from Mick Jones

In freezing conditions 13 of the clubs girls braved the elements to run the Kent Cross Country Championships. Amber Reed ran a controlled race to win the under 15s title, with the other girls having possibly their best runs of the season so far to bring the club home in the silver medal position. The under 17s despite being under strength also won silver medals led home by Jen Hamer. In the under 13s Janae Galley returned to form to finish in seventh position.

Under 13 Girls
Janae Galley 7th
Holly Fletcher
Sonia Woolhouse
Issy Jackson

Under 15 girls 2nd Team
Amber Reed 1st
Hannah Cook 10th
Rachel Robinson 11th
Jessica Jones 21st
Ella Self 22nd

Under 17 Girls 2nd Team
Jen Hamer 8th
Chelsea Crouser 12th
Melody Kane 14th
Danni Web 20th

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14/12/08 - European Cross Country Championships Brussels Sprouts

Tremendous runs by our two top athletes help Britain to the Bronze team medals....

Photos from Tim Soutar

The following from Justine Eastbury



A few from?


More, this time from Pat Calnan

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6/12/08 - Kent League - Danson Park

Full results are here...

Photos taken by Kate Armstrong

These photos and write up by Frank Butler

Jen Hamer is the Kent League cross-country champion after finishing fifth in the last race of the Championships at Danson Park last Saturday, 6 December.

The Eynsford youngster capped a great 2008 by topping the league in all four races with two 3rd places, one 4th and Saturdayís place to win by two points. The 17 year old, in only her first full season of middle distance running went into the last race, not fully fit, but produced a gutsy and determined performance to clinch the title.

The Weald of Kent A level student, a member of the Kent athletics squad, had previously competed as an under 13, but the talented athlete then gained county selection for at netball and cricket. Having returned to athletics this year running mainly 3k races for Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC, Jen has continued to make improvements throughout the year and will now be working hard ready for the Kent Championships at Detling in January.

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16/11/08 - Kent League - Knole Park

Photos from Phil Mercer

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16/11/08 - Hellrunner at Longmoor Camp

A group of intrepid runners from the club took part in Hellrunner today. It was a 10 mile (ish) cross country race around (and up and down) an army training are called Longmoor Camp, in Hampshire. The course was very damp and sandy with few flat bits. The highlight was the "Bog of Doom", a stinky muddy puddle about 40yds long and about 5 feet deep in places!! This was followed up a combination of sand dunes, aptly named the "Hills of Hell".

A selection of Photos from Deniz, Adrian & Keith


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1/11/08 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield

Well done to all those that competed on Saturday at the National XC Relays in Mansfield.

The results were:

Blackheath & Bromley A Team - 11th place
Andrew Rayner - 15.35 (20th place)
Mike Skinner - 14.54 (3rd place)
Peter Tucker - 16.33 (11th place)
James Poole - 16.14 (11th place)

Blackheath & Bromley B Team
Alex Gibbins - 16.40 (66th place)
Dave McKinley - 17.31 (69th place)
Andrew Conway - 16.48 (56th place)
Bill Foster - 17.17 (48th place)

Blackheath & Bromley C Team
Danny Brewer - 17.10 (89th place)
Roy Smith - 18.57 (109th place)

Good performances from everyone well done. This event is one we can certainly win one day, hopefully next year!!!


Results courtesy of Julie Reynolds.

Senior Women
37th place A 35:35:45
Jane Bradshaw 11:53:90
Elaine Murty 11:29:75
Julie Reynolds 12:11:80

51st place B 38:07:90
Carolyna Jones-Baldock 13:20:80
Sarah Dowling 12:21:75
Jane Bradshaw 12:25:35

There were 76 teams
Woodford were in 1st place after 2 laps and didn't have a 3rd runner so put out an incomplete team !
Charnwood won in 30:43:65


Photos from Phil Mercer


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4/10/08 - Kent league - Capstone Park

Here are the results form the Kent League at the weekend. I don't have the times yet, as I'm still trying to find them! We may have done quite well in the team event, but I'll confirm that as and when I find out.

Well done to everyone who ran, Thankfully we just finished before the rain started!

Senior Womens Team Manager

4 Elaine Murty
5 Fran Green
11 Bridget Davey
12 Viv Mitchell
18 Ella Fisher
22 Kate Pratten
36 Carolyna Jones-Baldock

5 Alex Bruce Littlewood
125 Tony Pontifex

Photos from Phil Mercer


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