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Last updated 26 March 2023

Here is a selection of Club Officers; others will be added as and when....


President John Hubbard (2023/24)
President David Appleton (2022/23)
President Nic Corry (2020/22)


Past President Julian Golding (2019/20) Joined in 1987 He is one of Britain's fastest ever sprinters over 200 metres. His time of 20.18 seconds (-0.2) ranks him 6th on the All-Time UK rankings. In the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games 200, he won the gold medal. In the 4 x 100 metres he helped England win their second gold medal, setting a Games record that still stands today.
Past President Paul Byfield (2018/19) Joined in 1983, born into a large family (1 of 6 boys). Was Head of Active Athletics, 2009 2011 and is currently Chair of Development. Represented Kent having won numerous Kent titles, mostly over 400m. Did complete a Marathon on a rowing machine...
Past President Nick Brooks (2017/18) Joined in 1973, Grandson of PP George Brooks. A top runner in the 80's with 400m pb 48.22 ran a 4.10 indoor mile and 4.06.4 outdoor mile. Used to race against Coe, Ovet & Walker. Currently our Press Secretary and still heavily involved with his Rugby Club, Beccehamian's.
Past President Bill Foster (2016/17) a Yorkshire Man who joined in 1979. Bill has PBs of 29:14 for 10,000m, 63:50 for Half Marathon and 2:15.49 for the Marathon and ran five Marathons for GB. In 2001 he was appointed the Club coach for the girls' middle/long distance squad at Loughborough University
Past President Dave Cordell (2015/16) joined in 1981. Jack of all trades... Can be relied upon to be at all athletics events throughout the country where he arrives at least 2 hours before everyone else and has the club tents erected.

Heavily involved in the KCAA Executive Committee and the XC Committee. In last 2 years has won both official of the year and volunteer of the year titles.

Past President Dick Griffin (2014/15) joined in 1987. He has currently run over 230 marathons all over the world. In 2012 he completed the Comrades Marathon (55 miles). He also completed the famous London to Brighton Road Race 3 times and competed in two 24 hours races. Currently looks after the Club Kit and the Parris Handicap.
Past President Bob Cliff (2013/14) joined in 1967. When active he represented the club in the Southern and National League. In latter years Bob has been Chief Cross-Country Trail Layer and more recently Winter Athletics Chairman and Secretary.
Past President Steve Hollingdale (2012/13), Joined in 1990, and is still working. His accounting background led to him becoming Club Treasurer for a copy of years. He is currently Chair of Finance. Along with Rob Brown he has organised the regular club quiz for many years.
Past President Denis Lawrie (2011/12), a retired Police Officer, joined in March 1987.   Still jogs but is mainly seen helping behind the Bar.
Past President Richard Coe (2010/11), joined back in February 1982. A school Teacher by profession and has completed at all distances from one mile to marathon.
Past President Alison Brand (2009/10), wife of former Past President Colin Brand, joined back in December 1994. A non-athlete who  has been dedicated to the Club, heavily involved with the House and Social and the Wine Committee.
Past President Tim Soutar (2008/9), a member since 1976, is yet another athlete who has achieved more than most, winning the Inaugural Ho Chi Minh City Marathon amongst others.
Past President Les Roberts (2007/8). Former World Masters Champion and multi event winner joined the Club back in 1978.
Past President Ken Daniel (2006/7). Ken joined in 1979 and has raced at National & Country level, he is also the Track Manager at Norman Park.
Past President Anne Cilia (2005/6) is the daughter of Past President Peter Stenning (1987/8) who sadly died in 1990. She has been managing the veterans, or more correctly, the Ladies Masters team, for several years.  She runs, jumps and throws and has been 'The Team' on several occasions. Joined in 1993.
Past President Margaret Baldwin (2004/5) is the wife of  PP John Baldwin. Margaret was a top class athlete in the 60's & 70's and was selected for the 800m in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Joined in 1992.
Past President John Robinson (2003/4) has just finished several terms as Head of Active Athletics, joined Blackheath in August 1981.  A very active veteran athlete having completed in most events on track & field - originally joined as a marathon runner...
Pat Calnan, Past President (2002/2003) is a semi-active athlete Track & Field Team Manager and the Club Press Secretary.  He joined in September 1983.
Mike Peel, Past President (2001/2002).  Mike lived 'above the shop' for almost twenty years, as Steward, and has been a member since 1974.  Amongst other things Mike is the Webmaster and completed in all of the London Marathons since the inception in 1981 to 2012 (32 years).
Mike Davies,  Past President (2000/2001).

Mike who lives in Orpington has been a member since December 1977. Mike is an active coach and looks after the summer fixtures and summer officials.

Richard Coles,  Past President (1999/2000).  Lives in Farnham, Hants and joined BH as a youngster in December 1968.  Has represented the Club at top level and was a member of the first team for the whole of his Senior years. 
John Baldwin, Past President (1976) and your ex-Hon General Secretary; also  a Director of BHHQ.  Top flight athlete since joining the Club in April 1955.  Married to PP Margaret Baldwin (nee Coomber)  who was a fine international athlete.
Derek Gregory: Past President (1986-87). Joined November 1956. Formerly press secretary, relay organiser, cross-country captain, secretary BHHQ Ltd., chairman of Finance Committee and chairman of General Committee.
Past President Peter Baigent (1972) was a Director of BHHQ and joined in November 1946.
Past President Dave White (1996), lives within walking distance of the Club and has been a member since December 1977.
Ian Wilson, Past President (1982), top star a decade ago, now looks after the cross country first team.  Lived a lot more locally when he joined back in June 1959; these days he is based in Great Bowden, Leics.
Vice President (2002) Len Dalmon - joined in January 1981 - he was the Chief Trail Layer.
Roy Smith, Vice President (2002) is a very active and effective racer.  Has the distinction of winning (in the same season) the Club 5, Club 7 1/2 and Club 10 twice.  Has been a member since June 1987.
Roger Counter was elected a Vice President in 2002.  Roger who joined in 1985, now looks after the 200 club and is one of the backroom boys - always there to help out behind the bar... His wife, Doff (PP Dave White's sister) and son, Martin, are also members.
Steve Freemantle, a Vice President (1995), organises the Parris Handicap Series.  This is held on Wednesday evenings during the Summer time.  Steve joined in June 1985.
Peter Lovell, a member since April 1983, looks after the administration of the London Marathon entries.  Peter is very creative and always help with the Club Christmas decorations as well as other special occasions. 

Jenny, his wife, is also a member.
Past President Colin Brand (1979), seen here leading the Club Cry at the installation of the new Club President, is still active in the throws.  An expert on the environs of Coney Hall he joined the Club in May 1952.  Colin's son, Daryl, won a Bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games in the Javelin - Daryl now lives in New Zealand.

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