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Last updated 21 March 2015

David Cordell, President for 2015/16

Our new president was educated at St Francis Cabrini Convent in Honor Oak and at St Josephs College, Beaulah Hill.

Sports interests at school were athletics and football. He won two medals for the shot putt in the school championships.

After school he joined HH Greaves in Dulwich as an apprentice compositor and worked there for 6 years.  On completing the apprenticeship he joined the Croydon advertiser as a lino type operator. Was with them for 6 years and then spent the next 23 years at the Daily telegraph.  It was here that the new president developed a passion for beer. As many a happy lunchtime and beyond was spent in the pubs in the vicinity of Fleet Street. He worked piece time so every bit of work was paid for, so it was quite a lucrative job in those days.

Trained on new technology and then moved to South Quay as a lay out designer, where he spent a further 5 years.

Took voluntary redundancy and then spent 3 years at Express Dairy working as a milkman. He loved this period spending a lot of time dealing with lovable elderly people, something he always found very rewarding. Maybe that's why he fits in so well at BH!!

Then to the MOD training at police school at Weathersfield. Worked mainly in central London as a guard.  Did this for 6 years and then retired.

Married for more than 40 years to Hanna (our very efficient Hon Secretary) has 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 3 cats and 4 kittens, at the moment.

Joined Blackheath Harriers in 1981 and is proud to tell you that all of his family are now members. He trained for the 2nd London Marathon with David Appleton and they completed the run in 3.24. Ran a further 8 London Marathons with a best time of 3.02.  Over time was a prolific road and cross country runner for the Club.

Was made a VP in 2011 by Past President Richard Coe.  He is also a director of BHHQ and Norman Park Track Management Company and Head of House and Social.

Can be relied upon to be at all athletics events throughout the country where he arrives at least 2 hours before everyone else and has the club tents erected.

Heavily involved in all aspects of athletics in Kent and serves on the Kent County Association Executive Committee and the XC Committee. In last 2 years has won both official of the year and volunteer of the year titles.

Loves classical music, especially the Berlin Symphony Orchestra when they play Chariots of Fire.  Also likes skiing, horse riding, squash and was a 6 handicapper at golf.

Not being busy enough he organises an allotment shop in Dulwich which is used by four other allotments in the area, buying compost by the lorry load, fertilisers and lots more essential requirements. Orders the seed potatoes, onions and shallots and collects all the money and pays all the bills. He even unloads the compost by himself as there are not enough volunteers!!

Goes to Wissant, near La Touquet, France for his holidays.

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