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Last updated 23 March 2002

Pat Calnan President for 2002/3

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My thanks to Mike Peel for allowing me to serve you as President for the next year. I'm sure that all who have been involved with the Club during Mike's term of office will agree that it has been a memorable one.

I have never seen the point in training but not competing, nor being a member of a Club but not getting involved in it's activities. I trust you agree and that you will be demonstrating this belief in a tangible way in the year ahead.

Athletics will again be a high profile sport in the next 12 months with the European Championships, The Commonwealth Games and The World Indoor Championships and I am confident that Blackheath members will be competing at all these events. Many of these will have progressed to Senior level through the Club's age group teams and I look forward to supporting the next generation of Blackheath stars.

The recent campaign to prevent cuts in the grant to Norman Park showed the membership at it's best with support coming from Young Athletes, Seniors, Veterans, Coaches, Officials and Parents. I look forward to this display of unity extending itself to supporting the full range of the Club's athletic and social activities.

An article once described Blackheath as "a proud Club", a great compliment. Take pride in being a member of it. You deserve to.

Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable year.

Yours Heathenly

Pat Calnan


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