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Last updated 17 December 2018

Track & Field Team Managers for 2018 17-01-18

Your President for 2018/19 is Paul Byfield
Administrative Structure of the Club
Identify some of the Officers
Photos of Past Presidents and Vice Presidents


Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC


Alan Pickering PP, Paul Patten VP, Tim Soutar PP, Chris Hilditch VP, Ian Young VP, David Appleton VP, John Baldwin PP


President: Paul Byfield
Immediate Past President: Nick Brooks IPP
Chairman of Management Committee:
Hon Secretary: ?
Hon Treasurer: David Appleton VP
Hon Membership Secretary: Rob Brown VP
Head of Finance: Stephen Hollingdale PP
Head of Active Athletics: Tim Soutar PP
Cross Country & Road Running: Bob Cliff PP
Track & Field: Vacant
Head of House & Social: Denis Lawrie PP
Head of Development: Paul Byfield President
Communications: Wilf Orton VP
Sponsorship & Fund Raising: Vacant
Other Committee Members: Paul Austridge VP, Maz Turner VP, Adrian Stocks VP
Existing Past Presidents of Blackheath Harriers: (to 2003) John R Baldwin (1975/6), Colin M Brand (1978/9), Brian G Stone (1979/80), Ian C Wilson (1981/2), Derek L Gregory (1986/7), Alan M Pickering (1992/3), Steve H Cluney (1994/5), David White (1995/6), Mike J Mahoney (1997/8), Chris R Haines (1998/9), Richard J Coles (1999/2000), Mike Davies (2000/1), Mike L Peel (2001/2), Pat Calnan (2002/3)

Existing Past Presidents of Bromley AC: (to 2003) Joyce Hepher, Junior Field, Paul Jearum, Maureen Miller

Past Presidents of Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC: John Robinson (2003/4), Margaret Baldwin (2004/5), Anne Cilia (2005/6), Ken Daniel (2006/7), Les Roberts (2007/8), Tim Soutar (2008/9), Alison Brand (2009/10), Richard Coe (2010/11), Denis Lawrie (2011/12), Steve Hollingdale (2012/13), Bob Cliff (2013/14), Dick Griffin (2014/15), Dave Cordell (2015/16), Bill Foster (2016/17), Nick Brookes (2017/18)

Existing Vice Presidents of Blackheath Harriers: John E Lindblom (1962), Derek F E Hogg (1964), Tony V Hayday (1968), Richard J Edmonds (1969), Robert Richardson (1969), John Lissaman (1972), Barry M Shapcott (1973), Geoff R Last (1974), Frank C Rogers (1976), Jerry C W Friend (1977), Andy W Frankish (1979), Peter E Shepheard (1979), Peter C Hannell (1980), Mike A Winch (1981), Ian K Young (1982), Gordon Brooks (1986), Simon Parsons (1990), Jim Phelan (1990), Nigel Keogh (1991), Trevor Llewelyn (1991), John Wakeman (1993), Mark I L Watling (1993), Steve J Freemantle (1995), R Colin Poole (1995), Alan R Stevens (1995), Nick Nuttall (1997), John E Turner (1997), Peter Lester (1998), Garry F P Spencer (1998),  Bill Clapham (1999-2013), Mike J Cronin (1999), David Liston (2000), Roger A Michell (2000), Roger Counter (2002), Len Dalmon (2002), Roy Smith (2002)

Existing Vice Presidents of Bromley AC:  David Green

Vice Presidents of Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC: John Blackie (2003 ex BAC), Willem Buttinger (2003 ex BH), Ian Dibbens (2003 ex BAC), Hilary Gibbs (2003 ex BAC), David Taylor (2003 ex BH), Simon Tolson (2003 ex BH), Myrtle Augee (2004), Julian Golding (2004), Helen Godsell (2004), Simon Lloyd (2004), Anthony Pontifex (2004), Brian Power (2004), Nick Gasson (2005), Brendan McShane (2005), Brian Hartley (2006),  Paul Patten (2006), Michael Skinner (2006), Ray Gibson (2007), Richard Holt (2007), Mark Purser (2007), Rob Brown (2007), Bob Minting (2007), Costas Karageorghis (2008). Tom Phillips (2008), Terri Shotton (2008), Andy Tucker (2009), Roy Watkins (2009), Allan Williams (2009), David Appleton (2010), Peter Lovell (2010), Steve Pairman (2010), Colin Rowe (2010), Paul Austridge (2011), Con Griffin (2011), Deniz Mehmed (2011), Wilf Orton (2012), Mick Jones (2013), Mike Sheppard (2013), Julie Asher-Smith (2014), Jane Bradshaw (2014), Alex Gibbins (2014, Richard Hall (2014), Dave McKinlay (2014), Tim Ayres (2015), Sheila Griffin (2015), Jackie Montgomery (2015), Adrian Stocks (2015), Maz Turner (2015), Claire Austridge (2016), Shaunagh  Brown (2016), Andy Rayner (2016), Steve Timmins (2016), Nick Corry (2017) Karen Desborough (2017), Chris Hilditch (2017), Mark Steinle (2017), Jay Galley (2018), Clem Leon (2018)

Active Athletics Track & Field Secretary: TBA
Cross-Country Secretary: Bob Cliff PP
Coaching Secretary: Mike Davis PP
Officials Secretary (Summer): Mike Davies PP
Officials Secretary (Winter): Steve Hollingdale PP
Schools Liaison Officer: Paul Brash
Rankings Co-ordinator: Pat Calnan PP
Hon Track Handicapper: Vacant
Safeguarding officer: Claire Austridge VP
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS):
Julie Asher-Smith VP 
British League
Pat Calnan PP & John Wakeman VP
Southern Athletics League
Mark Purser VP
Women: John Wakeman VP
UK Women's Athletics League
Brendan McShane VP
Masters Men Manager 35+: ?
Masters Women 35+: Maz Turner VP
Masters Men 35+: John E Turner VP
UK Youth Development League
Kent Young Athletes League

U17 & junior men: Nic Corry VP & Rod Harrington
U15 boys:
Nick Swatton
U13 boys:
Paul Austridge VP
U17 & junior women: Tim Soutar PP & John Hubbard
U15 girls: Karen Desborough VP
U13 girls: Karen Desborough VP

Hotel Booking Manager: Vacant
Coaching Education secretary: Michelle Bovell
Tent: ?
Hon Cross-Country Handicapper: Chris Haines PP
Chief Trail Layer: Bob Cliff PP
Cross-Country Manager (Senior 1st Team): Chris Tuck, Dan Kennedy and Ross Braden
Cross-Country Manager (Women): ?
Cross-Country Manager (Girls): ?
Cross-Country Manager (Boys): Paul Austridge VP
London Marathon Co-ordinator: Peter Lovell VP
Other Trophies Secretary (Senior):
300 Group Organiser: Anthony Pontifex VP
House & Social
Hon Wine Secretary: Denis Lawrie PP
Hon Wine Treasurer: Dave Appleton VP
Wine Committee: Gerry Alger, Dave Appleton VP, Claire Austridge VP, Dave Cordell PP, Roger Counter VP, Dick Griffin PP, Sheila Griffin VP, Shirley Poole, Dave White PP, Colin Poole VP
Communications Gazette Team: Wilf Orton VP, Peter Rogers & Ozzie Austin
Courier Editor: Pat Calnan PP
Press & Publicity: Nick Brooks President
Website: Mike Peel PP
Archivists: Pat Calnan PP; Brian E Boulton
Development Committee: Pat Calnan PP, Mike Davies PP, Ken Daniel PP
Sponsorship/Fund Raising Vacant
Auditors Club Accounts:  TBA
Wine Committee:
Peter C Hannell VP
300 Club:
David Appleton VP


Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC


Age Group





Pat Calnan
John Wakeman



Brendan McShane

07814 803389

SAL (men & women)

Nick Swatton

07748 181793

Masters Men

John Turner

07516 120008

Masters Women

Maz Turner

07742 675835

U17 & Junior Men

Nic Corry
Rod Harrington

07535 612859
07713 110758

U17 & Junior Women

Tim Soutar

07890 571403

U15 Boys

Paul Byfield

U15 Girls

Karen Desborough
Rose Bennett

07786 023877

U13 Boys YDL

Paul Austridge


U13 Boys KYAL




U13 Girls

Karen Desborough
Rose Bennett

07786 023877


Which age group? Track and field age groups for 2018

Senior men and women born before 1/1/99
                                                                                                                   School years

Under 20 men and women born between 1/1/99 and 31/8/01               12 and 13

Under 17 men and women born between 1/9/01 and 31/8/03              10 and 11

Under 15 boys and girls born between 1/9/03 and 31/8/05                    8 and 9

Under 13 boys and girls born between 1/9/05 and 31/8/07                    6 and 7

Masters age on date of competition from 35 years upwards


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