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On 18th March 2017, the Club voted to merge into BHHQ Ltd, the company set up to own the Bourne Way site, and agreed to change the name of the latter to Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC. This is a company limited by guarantee rather than with shareholders. Each “full” club member over 20 years old is a member of the company and individually liable for up to £1 in the event of the club becoming insolvent. Apart from this members are protected by the limited liability nature of the company.

The Board of Directors/Trustees
As with all companies, the club is headed by a board of directors, who are accountable for long term strategy, custodian of the company’s assets (primarily the clubhouse) and assuring we retain our status as a Community Amateur Sports Club with the Charities Commission and HMRC. As also agreed on 18th March 2017, they will apply to the Charities Commission and HMRC for full charitable status.

The Management Committee
This is accountable to the board of directors for the day to day running of the club, as it was previously as the Executive Committee. Indeed the positions on the Management Committee are exactly the same as they were on the Executive Committee. These positions are Chair, Club President, Immediate Past President, Hon. Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Head of Active Athletics, Head of Track & Field, Head of Cross Country & Road Running, the Chairs of the other sub committees (i.e. Finance, Development, Communications, House & Social) and up to 3 ordinary club members. With the exception of the President and Immediate Past President, these positions are elected each year at the AGM.

The current directors and Management Committee members are shown under “Organisation

The following provide more detailed responsibilities of key Management Committee posts and areas.


To ensure the efficient running of the Club, in accordance with the wishes of the Membership. In particular to ensure the President, Committee, Chairman and Treasurer are aware of any current developments.

This in the main shall be achieved as detailed below:

Management Committee Meetings
To prepare agenda.
To circulate notice of Management Committee meetings to committee members.
To attend such meetings
To ensure minutes are taken and circulated as required.
To prepare and present at AGM a Club Secretary's Annual Report.

Management Sub Committees
To liaise with five Sub Committee Chairmen to ensure that agreed actions are being taken and that agenda items are adequately prepared.
To attend, ex-officio, as many sub-committee meetings as possible.

To receive on behalf of the Club, reporting, re-directing or preparing for the Committee as appropriate.
To write letters as required on behalf of the Club.

To read the Club Gazette at proof stage to safeguard the legal position of the Club.
To ensure conditions of Club Licence fulfilled and renewal completed by due date.

To maintain all Club Accounts, except only those of the Wine Committee and 300 Club.
To keep accurate record of income and expenditure of the Club, and its assets and liabilities.
To maintain bank account(s) in the name of the Club in accordance with mandate ratified by Executive Committee and the Board.
To arrange payment of all fees, expenses, etc. properly authorised on behalf of the Club.
To prepare annual budget by consultation with other four Areas of Club business for Finance Area approval before ratification by Management Committee.
To attend meetings of Executive Committee, reporting on the current financial position of the Club, comparing actual income and expenditure with budget.
To prepare Annual Accounts of Club for audit and subsequent presentation to the A.G.M.
To initiate a meeting of the Finance Area, or such members of it as are appropriate, when there are appropriate matters of concern.
To attend all sub-committee meetings, ex-officio, particularly where financial implications are likely to be raised.

To arrange for collection and banking annual subscriptions from all Members and the proper maintenance of the Register of Members on behalf of both the Management Committee and Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC board.
To chase members who are late in renewing their subscriptions.
To process applications for new members.
To register club members with England Athletics as necessary.
To review hardship case in conjunction with the relevant team manager and Treasurer.
To report to the Management Committee on membership statistics regularly through the year.

To chair all Executive Committee meetings.
To be sufficiently aware, with the Secretary, of the problems in each Area of the Club, through direct contact with the Chairman of each, to allow for efficient use of time in Committee.
To take directly to Areas, in conjunction with the Secretary, information that may aid their work.
To attend, ex-officio, as many sub-committee meetings as circumstances allow.
To assist the President.

To agree a budget each year with the Area of Finance.
To assess current success of Club and identify any weakness.
To provide a focal point to which any Member might come with an idea that may be of benefit to the Club.
To initiate and/or assist other Areas in implementation of short term planning.
To initiate or develop (minimum 5 year) plans, in conjunction with the other four Areas as appropriate, to improve the Club athletically or socially to the point where the plan is implemented.
To endeavour to have the Club represented at all levels in the sport.
To be aware of any developments, or potential developments, in the sport sufficient to advise the Club Committee.
To support any aspect of Club life that does not fit readily to one of the other four Areas, for example the work of the Awards Subcommittee.

To provide comprehensive programme of competition for all members through a mix of Club championships, handicaps, league competition, team and individual entry in County, Area and National Championships and other competitions as are available.
To select and make all necessary arrangements for Club teams travelling to events and to encourage Members to compete at the highest appropriate level. Recruitment of new members, particularly through schools.
To provide a coaching programme for young Members and assist more mature Members as they may require.
To ensure adequate officials are available to support athletics and fulfil Club obligations.
To encourage officials to improve their grading.
To promote open events as seen worthwhile on behalf of the Club.
To agree a budget each year with the Treasurer, and plan and monitor expenditure within it.
To consult with the Area of Communication regarding publicity within the Club and outside.
To keep the Area of Development informed of potential problems of changes or innovative ideas seen in other clubs.
To suggest to the Area of House and Social possible development of clubhouse use and of social events.
To recommended nominees for Honour, Merit and other awards.
To ensure claims for any recoverable expenses are made promptly. Parallel programs for Track and Field, Cross Country and Road are likely to continue for all ages, but the interests of Members under 17, under 20 and veterans should be specifically considered across the disciplines.

To administer the Club's finances: this will include ensuring audited accounts are available to the Annual General Meeting and monitoring expenditure and collection of subscriptions.
To liaise with all Areas of the Club to ensure the Club's financial well-being: this will include seeking, pursuing and coordinating fund raising and sponsoring opportunities.
To approve annual budget prepared by the Treasurer for submission to the Club Committee for ratification.
To advise the Club Committee on any areas of financial concern: this will include the drawing of the Committee's attention to any such concern.
To ensure the maintenance of an accurate Club Register of Members, their address and telephone number and a list of Members holding a copy of that register.
To ensure adequate control and protection of Club equipment, trophies and other awards.
To provide such support as may be required by the Club's financial post-holders.

Publications: To co-ordinate the publication of all Club periodicals as are required from time to time. Promotions: To endeavour to get the Club good coverage in the local press, and when appropriate the national media outlets; to prepare or assist in the preparation of press releases, brochures and other publicity material; to assist with displays or any other initiative to advertise the Club.
Archives: To collect, classify, index, ensure the safe custody and on occasion display the Club archives and memorabilia.
Liaison: To agree a budget each year with the Treasurer.
To ensure adequate systems of communication exist to ensure all members have adequate notice of athletic and social events, up to date publication of results and information on new ventures in the Club.
To be aware of the costs locally of al forms of production of multiple copies of written information with the advantages and disadvantages of each of these and advising the Club accordingly.

Through the House & Social Committee to ensure all matters relating to the Club Licence are correctly performed.
To ensure kitchen conforms to local authority requirements.
To ensure the requirements of the Health and Safety Act are met at all times on Club premises.
To keep the Club Headquarters and ground clean, tidy and maintained for day-to-day use.
To supervise work of Club Steward, when appointed.
To keep strict records of income and expenditure in order to present an audited Financial Statement at each Annual General Meeting.
To set prices at least to cover all costs involved in the above operations, including payment for public services.
To prepare a social programme for Members, matching if appropriate the programme devised by the Area of Active Athletics.
To provide bar and catering as required by the Club, when necessary employing casual labour to assist.
To control stocks held at Clubhouse.
To assist the President in the entertainment of official Club guests.
To encourage use of the Club Headquarters to the benefit of the Club.
To assist and advise organisers of Club social events on or off Club premises. Non-athletic sporting events are included in this category.

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