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Last updated 04 December 2016

The 37th London Marathon 23 April 2017


B&BHAC & the London Marathon - more info here too... and on the early Londons (1981-1999)

London Mini Marathon

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B&BHAC & the London Marathon

The 3 fastest Male B&B London times belong to Mark Steinle 2:09:17 on 14 April 2002, 2:10:46 on 22 April 2001 and 2:11:18 on16 April 2000 - yes, he got faster by the year!

The fastest Female time of 2:58:44 was set on 23 April 1989 by Janida Williams. She was/is the wife of Mike Williams an ex Blackheath man. In those days there were no Lady members of BH and Janida ran for Bromley Ladies, who, as you know, eventually merged with Blackheath Harriers to form Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC. As part of her training she used to run out with BH on Wednesday evenings 'illegally'!

In the early 1980's Blackheath had an abundance of good club standard athletes and in the first London, in 1981, we had 30 dip inside the 3 hour barrier. In 1982, 39 - 1983, 35 - 1984, 30 & 1985 23. To date we have had 374 recorded times inside 3 hours.

You can check out more detailed information in the Marathon Rankings section.


Thirty-two London Marathon Medals belonging to Mike Peel. Yes, from the first in 1981 to the 32nd in 2012.
If you want to know more about the handful of athletes that have completed ALL the London's check out  The Ever Presents

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