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England Athletics: Development Coach of the year (2011): John Blackie 23-10-11
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Child Protection ALL COACHES Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checks 14-05-05
Child Protection Information 17-11-03
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England Athletics: Development Coach of the year (2011): John Blackie



John has been involved in coaching for over 10 years and has had tremendous success in developing the athletic talents of hundreds of young people.  He started the Bees Academy five years ago and now more than 400 children attend weekly athletics coaching sessions. The initiative provides 16+ young athletes with the opportunity to coach by assisting with the coaching sessions. Children under the age of 13 are encouraged to try all athletics event and not to specialise too early.  John has also coached many County, Regional and National Champions in a wide range of events.

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If you are interested in Sprinting or Long Jump you should  attend Norman Park on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings ONLY at 19:00 and NOT Tuesdays and Thursdays as no sprint coaches are available on those nights.

Norman Park. Various groups from 18:00 20:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Ladywell Monday and Wednesday 18:00 19:45 Age 11 upwards. Contact Michelle Bovell 07930 191345.

Crystal Palace Tuesdays 18:00 19:30 for athletes who have been sent by team managers or other coaches. Contact Michelle Bovell 07930 191345

Bees Academy School years 4, 5, 6 and 7. Norman Park Athletics track.  for details or contact John Blackie 020 8325 0241 or 07768 120519 


ALL COACHES Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Checks.

You should have received a letter from UK Athletics (UKA) giving instructions about obtaining a CRB check. It has taken me nearly a year to complete all our coaches checks through Bromley Council. UKA has decided that it is time that they did something about this very important issue. They were very interested in our progressive policy around Child Protection and the steps taken by us so far especially around CRB checks. They now wish to bring the organisation inline with other organisations. (They are about two years behind most.)

What this means is that we will all have to have the checks done again with UKA being the registered body instead of Bromley.

I hear you say why can't our checks with Bromley be transferred? I have been in negotiations with UKA and this is not possible. The main reason is that as Bromley is the registered body any information that comes to light about an applicant will go to Bromley and not UKA. Bromley would not be able to pass this information on due confidentiality and cost.

There would appear to be no way out of this other than to re do the CRB checks. This is important that we comply as they envisage that from next year no new or requalifying coaching certificates will be issued without a current CRB check being done through UKA.

The letter issued by UKA is self explanatory you will need to contact them with you documents to hand (NI number, passport/driving licence details). You will need to quote 22525500000 which is UKA's registered body number. Tell them you are a VOLUNTEER and you need an ENHANCED disclosure. They will send a partly completed form. I will have to check with your original documents. Their contact number is 0870 9090844. The letter you received will explain all this if you need any help please contact me.  
Home: 020 8290 2077
Mobile: 07770 824968
Brian Power
Welfare Officer (Child Protection Officer)


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Child Protection Information 17-11-03


Dear Fellow Coach/Team Manager

As Coaches and Team Managers and all others who come into contact with children and young persons it has become necessary for us to be checked out through police records.

In today's society such measures are increasingly necessary for both the protection of the children and young persons that we come into contact with. It is also important for the peace of mind of both parents and the Club as an organisation.

As the Child Protection Officer for the Club I have been made the person responsible for collating and checking of the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Disclosure Application Forms.

I am aware that some of you would have been checked in the past through various jobs or other organisations you have been involved in. It is of importance for our club that we have a united system of checking all our volunteers which is both universal and current. So I would ask that unless you have been checked in the last month I ask that you complete one the forms which comes with a guide to completing the form and a few tips from me.

As we are volunteers the cost of the check is met by Bromley Borough.

It will be necessary to complete one of these forms and produce to me evidence of identity as indicated on the form.

I will be distributing these forms to Coaches and Team Managers that I know. I am at the track on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Middle distance girls). Also on Wednesdays with the U11s at 6pm.

For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting please could you pass your details to me at   and I will send you a form.

Brian Power

Home 020 8290 2077
Mobile 07770 824968

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