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National Young Athletes League (U17, U15, U13 Boys & Girls) Results for 2010

All you need to know for 2009 14-04-09
4 September 2010 - NYAL Auxiliary Final - Manchester 7-09-10
1 August 2010 - NYAL - Copthall 2-08-10
18 July 2010 - NYAL -  Croydon 20-07-10
20 June 2010 - NYAL - Battersea Park 22-06-10
16 May 2010 - NYAL - Handy Cross 17-05-10
2 May 2010 - NYAL - Norman Park 15-05-10

4 September 2010 - NYAL Auxiliary Final - Manchester

I understand that we won the Auxiliary Final but there are some errors on the official results...

These are the power of 10 results for the final on Saturday, the list on the Young Athletes website is wrong.

PDF results here...

Some Photos from Jay Galley

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1 August 2010 - NYAL - Copthall

We thought we'd came second, we were told we had finished second... but it wasn't to be. It was third in the end. And here is the explanation:

Sent: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:42

It is with regret that I feel it necessary to write to you formally regarding the mix-up with the results at the Southern Area Final which has caused consternation within our Club. Whilst we all appreciate that mistakes can happen, it is the way this incident has been dealt with that makes us very unhappy.

As a Club we went into the competition with fairly low expectations; the last two matches (including the Final) fell well within the school holidays and many of our key athletes were enjoying well earned family holidays. We knew too that other clubs would face this problem, (the competition is after all for school aged children) therefore a place in the Auxiliary Final seemed a more realistic outcome for the Club this year.

Following a keenly fought match, where Enfield were quite obviously the strongest, the announcement that we had finished in second place came as a very pleasant surprise. Great excitement followed and we were even presented with a shield for second place.

Planning for travelling to the Final immediately started, particularly difficult this year as many athletes were already away or about to go away and with at least 120 athletes, plus coaches and chaperones to organise at this late stage much of Monday was spent sourcing hotels. We finally obtained one hotel in Manchester and the other in Huddersfield – the nearest we could get for a busy Saturday which had many weddings and a Muse Concert to compete with. It was quite by chance, and after booking hotels and transport, that my colleague noticed (on Wednesday lunchtime) on Power of 10 that

Blackheath and Bromley had moved to 3rd place.

We feel very aggrieved that nobody phoned the Club immediately when the errors came to light. I received a call whilst on holiday in Switzerland to find out if the League had emailed or telephoned me – no one had – and I spent the rest of the week trying to ascertain what had happened.

Up to now, we have not had an official apology from the League. The explanation that it was due to tied results and the high jump, seems a very feeble excuse and can hardly account for the 35 points that the result changed by. If there was a problem with the results program, would it not have been better if the results had been published after they had been scrutinized; and certainly without the fanfare of the presentation at the end of the day?

I also feel it is worth telling you of the significant damage the League’s lack of courtesy has done to their reputation with the young athletes. The entire cohort are aware of the sorry saga, widely discussed amongst different club athletes on Facebook / MSN / MySpace etc; not that the results changed, but the unseemly way the clubs were left to find out. I note too that there is no explanation, let alone apology, on the League website.

I trust that someone amongst you will now provide a full explanation to our Club and to Havering and Mayesbrook.

Hanna Cordell

Club Secretary

Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

From: []
Sent: 26 August 2010 11:19 PM To:


Dear Hanna

First of all I must apologise for not replying to you sooner but I replied to Paul Byfield on the 6th August and thought that the league apologises would have been passed on to oother membersof the Club. Also I have been away on holiday.

I also apologise for the errors in the original results. I attended the meeting and I was aware that there were some problems however I was not aware that there were any discrepancies with the scoring.The issues I was aware of are stated below:

1. Firstly a computer crashed right at the beginnning of the meeting. Another computer had to be found and the software reinstalled..

2. 5 electronic declarations sheet had not been sent throiugh before hand and all the athletes names had to be inputted 4 were from Blackheath.

3. No field results could be printed because they were picking up the wrong names.

I was only made aware of the problems with scoring on the Wednesday morning when I received a copy from Simon Fennell. I then spent the next 3 hours going through every result to re check then - I also found a couple of minor issues. The major issues were one result not being entered and the software not interpreting and scoring ties correctly.

The League has already taken steps to try to ensure this problem does not occur again by arranging for changes in the software and improvement in the provision of support. I doubt this will be any consolation to you but remember that all officials at these meetings are volunteers who do their best.

Once again I apologise profusely on behalf of the League to you and the athletes and parents who thought that they were going to go to the Main Final.

Lorraine Vidler

Finance officer


Photos from Jay Galley

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18 July 2010 - NYAL -  Croydon

Full results here...

1 Blackheath & Bromley         643.5
2 Croydon Harriers                566.5
3 Woodford Gn / Essex Ld.   488.0

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20 June 2010 - NYAL - Battersea Park

Full results here...

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16 May 2010 - NYAL - Handy Cross

Photos from Mick Jones

These from Jay Galley

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2 May 2010 - NYAL - Norman Park

Full results here...

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All you need to know for 2009 (all PDF's):

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