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H Rhodes and his contemporaries...


Peter Rhodes (son of Harold), has scanned numerous photos and press clippings covering many Blackheath members/results. Harold Rhodes was a member of Blackheath Harriers, Surrey Walking Club and the Stock Exchange Athletic Club.


If you right-click on an image, then select view image - you will see the caption and, in some cases, a larger version of the photo.


View the Pathe News London to Brighton 1921


My father Harold Rhodes passed away in 1999. My mother passed away just before last Christmas.
I am in the process of sorting out some memorabilia and masses of photographs which relate not only to BH but also Surrey Walking Club and The Stock Exchange Athletic Club, all of which Dad belonged to.

There is a good deal there appropriate to BH and as a past winner of The Johnson Bowl and The London to Brighton Walk (1951 and 1952) he had many interesting photos. His father HBS Rhodes also won the London to Brighton (1920,1921 and 1922) wearing a Harriers emblem.


NOTES: Placed 3rd in 1912, 2nd in 1914.

HBS won the London to Brighton walking race 3 times. 1920,21 and 22.

The clue used to group them is the support man cycling in the background with an armband, a lapel badge and a rectangle attached to the bikes handlebars. Now know this is 1921.

From the Pathe news clip showing the win in 9hrs 16min 23 sec, at the end he turns and is wearing No 20.

Second place was F.C.Jones. Records show this was the time recorded in 1921.

In 1920 HBS was placed first, second F.C.Jones. 1920 and 1921 the only two years this placing happened.

Album photo has a cliipping, "HBS Rhodes (on right) and F.C.Jones, the second man home, on the way to Brighton" HBS is wearing 15. The support cyclist is not wearing an armband.

Wearing No 13 is probably 1922.

His name does not appear in the records after 1922.

Completed his first London - Brighton and back race in 1912.

Time 23h 32m 31s, becoming Centurian No. 52.

Won same race in 1913. Time 20h 53m 22s.






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