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Archive Photos


The son of H Rhodes, Peter Rhodes, has scanned numerous photos and press clippings covering many Blackheath members/results which can be viewed here... 3-05-15

You may know her as Sue Cluney... from Athletics Monthly October 1980.

A Young Paul Austridge... from Steve Cluney

Undated but assume 1969


A few more from Chris Woodcock's locker...

BMAF Cross Country 1992

Handover from Peel to Woodcock - 100 x 1 mile relay

Before the start of the 24hr Relay 1973

Haines, Horwood. Botley, Woodcock, Baldwin. Richardson
Wilson, Hawtin, Clare, Bailey

The BMAF National X/C at Tonbridge - circa 1994 and we were 2nd team in M50
Tony Weeks-Pearson, Chris Woodcock, Dave White, Mike Cronin & Barry O'Gorman - DW was a little light-weight then!

Kipper again by Ed Lacey 1 August 1964
England v Ireland at Crystal Palace 13m 58.6s and off to Tokyo he went!

Fire Brigade 2mile invitation. 9 August 1964 by Ed Lacey
Thresher, Kipper, Simpson, John Cooke who won!!, Whetton, Herriott - a pre Tokyo warmup

Harlow Marathon 1970 Mike Hampton and Chris Woodcock - early on - Chris's first marathon ~ 2h 43m

From VP Bob Richardson
Bill Adcocks is guest of honour at the Club Dinner on 15 November 2013

Above from Chris Woodcock - the first Maxol marathon just before Ron Hill took off - he's hidden, you can just see his leg...
Derek Clayton the Aussie star leads; this was the BIG clash of the year and Ron stormed it - with a little help from his friends.
Alan Domleo ran that year - I took the pix and coached. This was the first BIG sponsored marathon in this country and Maxol were very generous. Chris

Four photos from Ian Wilson's attic...

20 June 1982? Blackheath Team for the Offas Dyke 15
Brian Swift, Chris Ware?, Peter Hannell. Keith Whicheloe, Ken Pike, Tim Soutar (in those shorts again!)
Alan Davis, Ian Wilson and Bill Wade

1988 Blackheath Bruges Vets 25k Team
Peter Hamilton, Dave White, Mike Cronin and Ian Wilson

1980 Part of the Blackheath Le Quesnay Marathon Team
Barry O'Gorman, Les Roberts, Joe Clare, Ian Wilson, Chris Woodcock and Team Manager Joe's Dad Frank Clare

1982? Offas Dyke 15 Team accommodation before Nick Gasson took over!
Brian Swift, Tim Soutar and Alan Davis


Shaun Lightman in the National 20k Walk at Crystal Palace 1970
Shaun (275) came 4th and was the third Britain home.

Steve Cluney found a couple of photos from the 1977 Jubilee run to Buckingham Palace

Ian Macmillan of Invicta fame sent this in...

Came across this picture of Bob Richardson leading me in the Southern in 1970 I think. Bob Ellis of TVH is ahead of us both.

Jim Phelan has been in his attic....

Who remembers Sabrina and the torch relay?
Alan Brent on the left, Johnny Withers is third from the left & Terry Sullivan on the right - November 1957

Chris Woodcock is number 5, and number 6 is former member Alan Domleo & 4 is Ian Macmillan
Next to Woodcock is Johnny Oliver representing Kent AC

Chris Woodcock and I have been discussing where I took it. I'm pretty sure it was at the Club's Centenary
Track Meet at Crystal Palace in 1969.
Tom Philips 30-03-12

Can anyone guess the names of these two? 

And the first all correct answer was from Margaret Baldwin - a young Tim Soutar and Emil Putteman.

A few from Tim Soutar - having been prompted by Chris's offering's...

'Trash & Field' British League team of the early 80's, so ably led by Bob Taylor, larger one is 1982, I think, and the smaller, 1983 both celebrating Division success and promotion.

1982 Club 10 (not quite snowed off, but run round Sparrow's Den the only time I broke 50 mins for 10!

A couple more from the Silver Jubilee

Three from Chris Haines

1977 Silver Jubilee relay from Bromley to Buckingham Palace. Chris Haines and Steve Cluney, having run from
Bromley Town Hall hand over to Mike Peel and Andy Frankish at Catford Bus Garage

An early morning leg for Chris Haines at Crystal Palace on 14 April 1973, its note the decrepit state of the scoreboard

The Chief Trail Layer, Bob Cliff showing the way to The Hon. Handicapper,
Chris Haines sometime last century in the Southern at Parliament Hill Fields

A few from Ian Wilson's files...

1964 Press Report on the Blackheath 6 x 3m Road Relay (Parris handicap course)

Press report

1966 winning Team Canterbury 6 - Wilson, Weller, Barker, Richardson holding cup

Tom Phillips at Croydon Arena in July 1975

Two photos from the late 60's of runners setting out from the clubhouse on a Sunday morning run. Found in Chris Haines loft...

Fred Dudman (left) and Ted Pepper (right) setting out on a Sunday morning run having missed the main pack. (Photo: MA Walker)

Sunday morning run, easy going for 17 miles or so:
left to right: Fred Dudman (formerly VP and Club Treasurer), Alan Domleo (2nd claim BH, Derby&County AC), Alan Davis, Ted Pepper (now remembered in the Ted Pepper 10k), Martin Hore (3rd in the National Youth X-C Championships) , Chris Haines, Mike Willis (4th in the BBHAC all-time marathon rankings at 2:17) , Tony Dunnett. (Photo: MA Walker).

I've just come across the archive photos section of the Blackheath Harriers website and found a photo of myself in 1969! Quite a surprise.

I'm at the back of the group leaving the clubhouse on one of our Sunday morning 17 mile runs. I was 18 at the time. The caption describes me as Southern Counties youth champion but in fact I was only 4th in that race, just behind Phil Banning who went on to have successes as a senior. Later that season I was 3rd in the National Youths Championships at Parliament Hill Fields, by some margin my best ever result, beating Phil Banning and the Tuck brothers on that occasion.

I was at St Dunstan's College at the time. The school had a very competitive cross country team under the excellent coaching of Bill Wade, also a Blackheath member. Tony Dunnett, also in the picture, was another St Dunstan's student, only 16 at the time - quite an achievement to complete a 17 mile training run at 16.

Of the other runners pictured in the archive photos I remember Ted Pepper, who died on the Three Peaks a few years later, and also Nick Mandeville. Nick assisted Bill Wade with a St Dunstan's College mountaineering expedition to the Lofoton Islands in Norway of which I was a member. Bob Richardson was, of course, a leading club runner at the time, and I also remember Alan Brent and Tony Weeks-Pearson, who I see are listed on the site as existing past presidents.

I carried on running competitive cross country for a couple of years at university, but soon nagging injuries intervened and I turned my efforts to mountaineering. Nowadays I compete regularly in orienteering events, moving up into the 60 - 65 age class this year.

Although I never realised the promise as a senior athlete that the club might have hoped for, I'm certain that the training at that time has stood me in good stead health-wise ever since, so I've a lot for which to thank the members of the club who encouraged me at that time. If any of the above are still involved, do please pass on my thanks.

Best Wishes
Martin Hore

Bob Richardson about to beat Ian Stewart...

Past Presidents all... Charing Cross Hotel, Friday 18th April 1969

Back row: Victor Beardon, Harold Thompson, Will Vercoe, Cecil Pollard, Dick Cockburn, Alan Brent, Laurie Hammill, Jack Sims, W J (Bill) Traer
Front row: Charlie Wiard, William (Bill) Knobby Clarke, Dudley Child, Sydney Wooderson, J. Morrison. Cyril Starnes, Freddie Barker

This has some famous names - our Silver Jubilee Relay to Buckingham Palace in 1977.
Back row: Chris Haines, Steve Cluney, Roy Savery, Bob Taylor, Mike Winch, John Baldwin, Graham Botley & Mike Peel
Front row: Tim Soutar, Eddie Haynes, Andy Frankish, Mike Mahoney & Ian Wilson

This is from the 1969 Polytechnic Marathon run on 14 June which was a very hot day causing many retirements en route! The photo was taken soon after the start with Windsor Castle in the used to be on the wall at the clubhouse...BH runners shown are 7 Ian Wilson, 5 Alan Davis (28th, 2:46:13), 8 Ted Pepper, 9 Chris Haines (48th, 2:53:51), 172 Mike Willis. Others of interest are Dave Dellar (Cambridge H), 46 P Filler or K Jones (?) (Orion), 43 Lionel Mann (Belgrave) 47 Mark Shearman (Croydon..photographer) (elbow obscures Guy Ogden (Highgate) then 71 Don Thompson (Olympic Gold Medallist 50km walk Rome 1960) 156 Martin Craven (Kendal) 127 (SLH).  Also competing on that day (not shown) were Alan Domleo (Derby & County AC, second claim BH: 4th 2:29:14) and Nick Mandeville (11th, 2:38:23) Chris Haines and Ian Wilson

You may know her as PP Margaret Baldwin...

These two from around 1970 - note the Scottish Vest in the 2nd photo.

John Baldwin                                                         Bob Richardson

Peter Horwood (5)

Bob Richardson (5) - above photos taken at Crystal Palace
from Chris Woodcock

Bob Richardson (131), led by Harry Leeming             Alan Davis (17) & Ian Wilson (14)                       Joe Clare

Barry O'Gorman                                                      Chris Haines                                                Alan Domleo was in that race though for
                                                                                                                                                        Derby & County - he was also second
                                                                                                                                                        claim BH  - he's now Hon Treas of D&C

from Chris Woodcock

Chris Haines (17) & Nick Mandeville -  in the 1969 Maxol Marathon - from Chris Woodcock

10k - Ron Clarke leads Dick Taylor / Derek Clayton / Alan Rushmer but spot Bob Richardson in the black vest (4th from left)
- from Chris Woodcock

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