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Kent Young Athletes League (U15 & U13 Boys & Girls) Results for 2015

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5 July 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Erith 10-07-15
14 June 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Norman Park 16-06-15
10 May 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Medway Park 11-05-15
19 April 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Ashford 23-04-15

5 July 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Erith

Full results on KCAA website

Match Report - KYAL July 5 at Erith

A wet and windy Erith Stadium was the venue for our last match of the Kent Young Athletes league for the 2015 season.

I turned up early to see Dave building the edifice that is known as the Blackheath tent with Paul working on putting one of the walls in place. He didn’t seem to appreciate the offer of a spirit level . . . but it was great to be able to get out of the driving rain!

We had a number of athletes missing either due to having competed the previous day or due to competing at the London Youth Games (and many thanks to Jay for my numerous team changes – the league were grateful for the additional paperwork!) so a number of boys were given the opportunity to try new events. Despite this, the boys in the team did themselves and the club proud! I provided numbers, pins and asked them to do their best. They did – once again, we had numerous personal best performances across the whole of the day.

Two individuals though stood out for me on the day – Rico and Nor. Rico has been quietly training with Paul and made his debut in the 80mh where he ran an outstanding 13.49. I asked him if he would mind doing the high jump “for a point”. With expert coaching from Pedro and Caelan he jumped 1.55m – an outstanding debut performance. Not to be outdone, Pedro also jumped a new personal best of 1.65m to move into the top 80 in the UK.

In the javelin Nor showed his undoubted ability by throwing an outstanding 41.28m to move to 20th in the UK rankings for the year. There was also a personal best in the javelin for Cameron who also ran a pb in the hurdles.

In the shorter events we competed strongly. Although times were down on individual best performances the athletes weren’t helped by the conditions which were for the most part cold and wet. Ben made a great debut in the 100m and long jump as well as a strong leg in both relays showing the class and ability he brings to the club. He was more than ably assisted the other boys who performed extremely well.

Ollie and (the other) Ben also competed well by running a sprint and 800m double. This selection decision was shown to be the right call as they both ran strongly and surprised athletes from other clubs with their versatility.

We were also strong in the throws where we only dropped one point in the whole match. In addition to the strong performance from Nor Nathan took to the hammer in the quiet, unassuming and competitive manner showing himself to be a strong addition to the squad in all of the heavy throws. James was also outstanding yet again in the hammer.

We were equally strong in the jumps where we were either first or second in both disciplines in both matches – fantastic strength from the team on the day.

With this scoring, any concerns that we wouldn’t finish in the top four in the division one match were quickly dispelled which allowed us to claim the league title. We did this comfortably by winning the overall match by almost 80 points from Tonbridge, our fourth win out of four.

In division two we were too far behind Cambridge Harriers to win the league but were outstanding on the day to push them into second place. This allowed us to finish the league in second and promoted to division one next season. It will be an amazing experience to see BBHAC athletes competing at this level and a tribute to the work, commitment and talent of the athletes.

Apologies to anyone who I haven’t named!

To close out the KYAL season I would like to say a huge thank you to the boys who will be unable to compete in this league next summer as you move up to the U17 age group. It has been a pleasure being allowed to be called your team manager this year.

The Youth Club are hosting a BBQ on July 17 from 19:00 – 21:00 at the Club House in Bourne Way. It would be great if as many of you as possible are able to attend. There have been emails being sent out by Claire Austridge so please let her know if you are planning on being there.

Nick Swatton

U15 Boys Team Manager


Blackheath and Bromley HAC young athletes proved they are the best team in Kent by winning the Kent league title at Erith yesterday and such is our strength and depth that our second team also gained promotion to the top league.

After four matches throughout the summer the U13 and U15 combined boys and girls team finished firmly at the top of the Kent Young Athletes League. In addition our division 2 team finished second in the table and so gain promotion to Division 1, making for an interesting season next summer with lots of head to head encounters to look forward to.

The day started off more reminiscent to a cross country fixture with heavy rain showers but these passed relatively quickly (but not quick enough for the hurdlers who got the brunt of the rain) leaving perfect competition weather!

The U13 boys were once again a solid team and were bolstered by debut performances from new boys Kyron Morgan and Alex Sibley.

Kyron, having only just joined BBHAC, had a busy day sandwiching his athletic events in between dance performances at Crystal Palace in the London Youth Games. Having won the Kent schools 100m, running for Bromley, it was no surprise to see Kyron win the 100m in a fast 12.68 and the 200m (his very first 200m) in a comfortable 27.29. Showing his versatility he then put the shot over 9m, placing him firmly inside the top 10 in the country.

Alex Sibley, in his first club race and in his first year in the age group showed great character and strength as he held of fierce competition at the start of the 800m. Alex could have easily been daunted and knock off his feet as the eight runners bustled for position on the first bend but instead he fought like an experienced middle distance racer using strong arms and elbows. Pleased with a personal best he then ran a good leg in the winning relay team.

Harry Cowie had another busy day in the field throwing two new personal bests in winning the B string discus and in the shot. His third place in the A string hammer was just short of his best but still won valuable team points.

Michael Burfoot added nearly a meter to his shot put best winning a tough shot competition and his 9.68 places him equal 12th Nationally. Michael made it a clean sweep winning the A discus just 10cm short of his best.

First year in the age group Thomas Penlington had his busiest day yet starting with a 2nd place debut in the hurdles, a PB in the long jump and remarkable one, one hundredth of a second off his best in the 800m. Finishing his great day with a leg in the relay.

Also in his first year and having a busy day was Sam Reardon. A strong 2nd in the 200m, a gutsy win in the 800m followed by a PB in the high jump, rounded off with the lead out leg in the relay.

Sean Lancaster, also in his first year scored great points in the field placing 2nd in the shot put and 3rd in the discus.

Tareq Bannour continued his impressive consistent form winning the 100m in 12.75 and the 200m in 26.06 then ran a quick final leg in the 4 x 100m relay.

Ethan Kitteridge started his busy day hurdling then jumping 1.30 in the high jump before running the third leg in the 4 x 100 relay.

Leo McCallum, recently back from injury, showed great form sprinting down the track in both the 100m and 200m and lead the team home to victory in the relay.

Next seasons U13 boys are looking good as yet another first year Barnaby Corry also had an event filled day. A PB equalling 100m sprint followed a half a metre improvement in the long jump, just below his best in the high jump and a good start off leg in the relay. I’m not sure who was more tired at the end of the day his 5 year old sister Luna or his dad Nic!!

Jacob Byfield was due to compete all over the arena but a sore knee after a fall and the prospect of a big primary school meeting on Monday saw him only compete in two events. However, a great PB run in the 200m and a fast back straight leg in the relay kept him busy enough.

Being champions of Kent is fantastic but we hope to go higher and become Southern champions. Our next meeting on Saturday 18th July in the National league is an important step closer. If we finish in the top two we will go on to compete in the National final where we have a great opportunity to show that we could be the best club in Britain.

U13 Boys Team Manager

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14 June 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Norman Park

Full results on KCAA website

Norman Park was packed with athletes, officials and spectators as Blackheath and Bromley HAC hosted the third fixture in this season Kent young athletes league. Many great performances ensured BB finished on top winning three of the four age groups contested by U13 and U15 boys and girls.

You only have to look at the determination on the faces of our athletes in the following photos to see how committed they all are.

The U13 boys dominated in many areas getting clean sweeps in the discus, 1500m, and 200m and achieving loads of personal best throughout the day.

Michael Burfoot, on only his second appearance for the club had a great day winning the discus with a great 24.35, putting the shot 7.57 and launching the javelin 15.07. Michael is a great new addition to the team.

Harry Cowie also had a great day in the field, despite having his biggest discus throw ruled illegal as it landed just outside the sector. However, Harry still won the B string with 20.96, threw 7.87 in the shot and 22.16 in the Javelin. It was good to see Harry and Michael practising their long and triple jumps in between their throws ready for other competitions to come!

Sean Lancaster was just short of his best in the discus and shot but still had a good series of throws in the discus 17.73 and shot 4.72.

Jacob Byfield began his busy day with a new personal best in the hurdles knocking half a second off his time. Jacob then threw himself over 4 m in the long jump and 1.25m in the air over the high jump bar for another great PB. His last effort of the day was part of the winning 4 x 100m relay team.

Ethan Kitteridge also had a busy but successful day getting two PBs and equaling another. He began with a new best in the hurdles breaking 16 seconds for the first time before clearing 1.30 in the high jump, matching his best. The high jump started late and so overlapped the javelin competition and the relay but Ethan just about had enough time to throw a big new best of 18m but then dashed off again to run in the B team relay.

Jake Leng bounced back to form also breaking 16 seconds for the first time in the hurdles. He then had a gutsy run in the 1500m, the first time over the distance in a BB vest. Jake also played a part in the relay B team leading the team off.

Another busy athlete was Barnaby Corry competing in four events, starting with a determined run over the hurdles, a consistent series of leaps in the high jump and a rapid sprint in the 100m dash. Barnaby completed his day running the second bend in the B team relay.

Tareq Bannour was head and shoulders above the opposition in the 100m and 200m running very near to his best and had the lovely job of bringing the team home to victory in the relay.

It was great to have Leo McCallum back in the team after a few weeks off with injury and he hasn't lost any form sprinting down the home straight in the 100m just outside his best ever. Leo also ran the last leg of the B team relay and seems now to have fully recovered from injury.

Exam season ties many of the athletes up but it was great that Archie Shipley could mix both and turned up to compete in the long jump posting three consistent jumps all over 4m with the longest being 4.20 just shy of his best.

Thomas Penlington threw himself in the deep end running in the 1500m and the doing the long jump, both at the same time. However, the task didn’t bother him as he ran a very strong personal best in 1500m and managed to get a jump in either side of his track race.

Sam Reardon continues to race well as he cruised to a strong new personal best and victory in a closely fought but tough 1500m. Sam never seems to give up, as his competitors found out, as they tried to out sprint him the home straight. Sam also used his sprint legs winning the B string 200m and leading the relay team off in their winning run.

Rowan Fuss, despite a recent illness showed his class in the 1500 m leading from gun to finish, equalling his best and strengthening his grasp on top of the National rankings. Rowan also showed his sprinting prowess powering round the bend in the 200m and down the straight in a rapid 28.40. Rowan was also part of the victorious relay team and managed the get a javelin big throw in as well, 24.07 to win the A string.

There was also a PB at the Tuck Shop where the Leach family took over £1300!! A great result and service by Wendy, Trevor, Dan, Amy and the parent helpers.

With one fixture left in this league BBHAC are looking good to continue as Kent’s strongest club but the real test will be in the UKYDL league match on Sunday 21st June in Reading.

We are currently top of this league but need to keep up the momentum if we are to secure a place in the prestigious finals in Birmingham later this summer.



Photos from Jay Galley

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10 May 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Medway Park

Full results on KCAA website

Blackheath and Bromley U13 and U15 boys and girls were once again triumphant in Sunday’s Kent league, fixture No2, at a sunny but blowy Medway Park.

Our President and first lady, Dave and Hanna Cordell were at the track early and selected the best possibly site for the club tent, out of the wind but with a great sunny aspect.

On to the action and loads of great performance contributed to BBHAC comfortably winning the overall combined match by over 80 points.

The U13 boys produced 17 personal best performances, had two boys competing on the track for BBHAC the first time and were top of the U13 boys league table.

Harry Cowie was first to compete and started his day well with a personal best 18.05 to finish 3rd in the hammer. This was followed by another personal best coming 2nd in the shot before finishing the day winning the Javelin B string with a throw of 19.09.

Field events are often over shadowed by the more visible track races but Harry’s performances prove how important they are as he scored 26 points for the club, nearly 20% of the total points scored.

Sean Lancaster continues to score valuable points for the club putting the shot just shy of his best.

Archie Shipley tried his hand at hurdling for the first time and was rewarded win a win in the B string. Archie then produced another personable best, shaving a couple of tenths off his 100m time, placing second in the B string.

A good series of jumps with a best of 4.17, was good enough for 3rd in the long jump and Archie finished his day with a rapid sprint down the back straight as the relay boys posted their fastest time of the year and a win.

Jacob Byfield improved his 75m hurdle best by over a second (he must be getting some great coaching?), was just short of his best in the long and high jump but had a great second bend in helping the relay team to victory.

Tareq Bannour ran two great new personal bests in the 100m (12.52) and 200m (26.05) to place himself 2nd and 3rd in the National rankings, not bad for a 12 year old. Tareq also used his strength to put the shot a good distance but was marked down as a no throw on a technicality! With a throw that could have put him in the top 20, we will definitely be working on that one!

Tareq made up for the shot disappointment by storming down the home straight on the final leg of the relay.

Sam Reardon made up for his disappointment of being knocked off the top of the Parkrun grand prix league table (by a girl!) by running two new personal bests in the 200m sprint and the tough two lap 800m. Sam knocked well over a second off his 200mm running a rapid 27.88 and had a strong race winning the 800m in 2:27.87. Sam was also the lead off leg in the relay team and had a good series of jumps in the long jump.

Rowan Fuss had a busy hour and three quarters squeezing in three events, starting with a second place in the 200m before dominating the 800m and running a strong but totally controlled 2:22.46. After barely catching his breath it was over to the javelin where he manged to get in a fantastic 25.90 on his second attempt, also finishing second.

Ethan Kitteridge had another busy day starting with a personal best in the 75m hurdles ( could be the coaching!) . A timetable clash again gave Ethan the difficult job of doing both the 800m and high jump at the same time but with the 800m completed, just out side his best, it was straight over to the high jump (after a fast number change). A couple of clearances later but a slight disappointment for Ethan just below his best. It might be good one day for Ethan to high jump on a fresh pair of legs and with a steady pulse!

Barnaby Corry, in his first year was another busy athlete starting his day early with a good run over the hurdles followed by a PB in the 200m and a big 5m improvement in the javelin.

Jake Leng made his debut on the track despite taking most of the skin off his knee and elbow in training on Thursday when a hurdle got in his way! Jake’s only concern as he hobbled his way over to the compassionate Ken Daniel (our first aided, amongst other things) was that he would still be able to hurdle at the weekend. So lining up on the start, with fresh scabs aplenty, it was great to see Jake finish safely and in a very good time. Jake also ran a very competitve 800m finishing with speed down the home straight in 2:36.18.

Thomas Penlington was also making his track debut for the club and was also involved in the 800m running a very good 2:35.54 in his ver first club track race.

With a great number of U13 boys competing for the club we were able to field a second 4 x 100m relay team, so it was great experience for Ethan, Barnaby, Jake and Thomas as they safely and skilfully got the baton around the track in a very respectable time.

With loads of parents, grandparents and siblings supporting, team spirit in the camp was high and it was little wonder that the team tent was disassembled, packed away and delivered to the presidents car in record time, a final PB to end the day.

The next two fixtures are both home matches at Norman Park. The UKYDL on Saturday 30th May and the Kent YAL on Sunday 14th June.

Paul Austridge


Photos from Jay Galley


Photos from Rod Harrington

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19 April 2015 - Kent Young Athletes League - Ashford

Full results on KCAA website

The new track season kicked off in style at the Julie Rose stadium in Ashford with the first track and field match of the Kent league 2015. Blackheath and Bromley HAC had eight boys competing in the U13 boys age group, 6 of whom were making their club track debuts.

Tareq Bannour dominated the sprints, comfortably winning both the 100m and 200m and also brought the relay team home to victory. Tareq’s 200m performance was a grade 1 standard run and currently places him 2nd fastest boy in the country. A fantastic early season achievement and a great debut.

Rowan Fuss also ran a grade 1 performance, winning a very controlled and evenly paced 1500 m in 4:39.6. Earlier in the day Rowan had clocked 15.1 in the 75m hurdles showing his range of talents.

Leo McCallum was having a great morning, running close to his best in the 100m and jumping a personal best in the long jump, but a swollen ankle forced Leo to reluctantly pull out of the 200m and relay. Leo wasn’t concerned for himself but he didn’t want to let the team down. Hopefully Leo will recover quickly and we look forward to seeing him competing again very soon.

Sam Reardon had a busy debut day having first played for his local football team in the morning. Sam, a first year U13 ran a strong 1500 m winning the B string in 5:01.7, broke 30 seconds for 200 m coming 2nd in the B string, managed to squeeze in one jump in the long jump and finished his day with a great leg in the victorious relay team.

Jacob Byfield, another first year U13 making his debut showed great promise, (as did his dad Paul 30 years ago !). Jacob began with a strong run over the hurdles coming 2nd in the B string, jumped an impressive 3.82 in the long jump and ran the third leg in the winning relay team.

The U13 boys team is full of talented, enthusiastic athletes, all willing to give events a go, if required and Barnaby Corry was a fine example of this doing everything asked of him and more. Barnaby, first year U13 started with his debut run over the hurdles, stepped up to throw a javelin to gain extra valuable points for the team before being involved in an exciting high jump competition that had been delayed for an hour and half, due to an athlete needing medical assistance on the high jump fan. Unlike most events the high jump finishes on a failure so athletes are often dejected but Barnaby should be very pleased with his performance and his great team spirit.

Ethan Kitteridge, on his debut was also involved in the delayed high jump competition and with good numbers watching enjoyed success up to 1.15 just clipping the bar at 1.20. Ethan did well to get off the ground at all having run the 75m hurdles in the morning and the 1500m in 5:29.0 shortly before the high jump. Ethan finished his day with a great second leg in the winning relay team.

Sean Lancaster in his first year made a great start to his athletics career coming second in the A string discus and showed great team spirit having a go at the shot despite never lifting a shot before, but gained more valuable points for the club.

Blackheath and Bromley U13 boys were second on the day just 6 points behind Tonbridge AC but when combined with the U15 boys and girls teams we came out on top winning the first fixture by over 24 points.

It was great to have our newly appointed president David Cordell in attendance support the young athletes, he was seen throughout the stadium officiating at various jumps and throws and even raking the sandpit (rather professionally!)

The U13 boys next fixture is the UKYDL at Southampton on Saturday 2nd May.



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