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The British League (Senior Men) Results for 2007

We are in Div 1 of the British League for 2007

British Athletics League Squad 2008 1-11-07
October 2007 - British Athletics League – Push For Promotion 12-10-07
18 August 2007 - British League - British Athletics League Men's Cup Final 2007at Bedford 23-08-07
4 August 2007 - British League - Copthall 10-08-07
7 July 2007 - British League - Windsor 18-07-07
2 June 2007 - British League - Picketts Lock 5-06-07
5 May 2007 - British League - Cardiff 8-05-07

October 2007


Dear squad member,


British Athletics League – Push For Promotion.


Whether we had survived in Division One or not this year, it is clear that we need to make some changes in the way that we operate at Senior level at the Club. With both the men and women being at the same level in their respective National Leagues it is time to put together plans to, in the short term, gain promotion for both teams next year, and, in the medium term to win promotion to the top divisions of the National League.


To do so we will need not just the support of all Senior athletes but also the Club as a whole. The vision of us being a top Club has to be shared by all.


As a start a group is being put together to co-ordinate an action plan. Myself, Bridget Benneworth, Mike Skinner, Liz Hughes and David McKinlay have all agreed to be part of this section and we would be delighted to hear from any others who would like to be part of it. Alternatively, if you are unable to be contribute to this group on an ongoing basis, but have ideas that you feel could be of use to the Club, then please get in touch. Don’t hold back.


We have so far had a couple of informal meetings and have thrown around a lot of good ideas and will now concentrate on their development and implementation, but it will take a little time. These have included a team bonding weekend away; Athlete Of The Match Awards; unique Senior National League kit; and travelling to National Championships as a team. Further details will be sent to you soon.


The Club website and regular e-mail/snail mail will be used more extensively to keep you updated and to keep the rest of the Club informed of our progress. I will be aiming to send a monthly letter to the BAL squad and the website will be updated on an ongoing basis. We are aiming to have an expanded area of the website for Seniors, and one of the first improvements you will see will be a gallery of squad members with best performances and profiles. You are very welcome to submit your own profiles.


In order to facilitate communication your up to date e-mail address is important. If you receive this letter by snail mail, please send your e-mail address to me as I haven’t got it.



Returning to the season just gone, it was obviously a big disappointment to get relegated.  We actually beat six of the other teams in the Division at various times, didn’t finish bottom in any match and came 6th in the Cup Final, having knocked out Premier Division teams on the way. We have a good squad but it counts for nothing if athletes are not available for matches.


As I have said elsewhere the last time that we were relegated to the third division of the National League we responded by being promoted two years in a row. We are good enough to do it again.


There can be no complacency, however, as both Edinburgh and Bedford who went down last year went down again this. I cannot see there being a big drop in the standard of competition. For example, Cardiff came down with us and they have good athletes across the disciplines. In 2007 there were eight athletes in one match over 50 metres in the Hammer and the standard over the season was better than Division One.


The teams we will be up against are Cardiff, Basingstoke, Derby, Herne Hill, Southend, Notts AC and Swansea all of whom have some strong events. We can expect two trips away.


The BAL AGM will be around soon and I will keep you updated of anything which may be of interest.


As you know David McKinlay has stepped down as Southern League team a manager, which is a great shame as he has done a very good job. Richard Hall has said he is prepared to help look after the team but doesn’t want to do it on his own so… any volunteers?


Best wishes for your Winter training   


Pat Calnan


Head Of Athletics/British League Team Manager

18 August 2007 - British League - British Athletics League Men's Cup Final 2007at Bedford

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4 August 2007 - British League - Copthall

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7 July 2007 - British League - Windsor

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2 June 2007 - British League - Picketts Lock

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5 May 2007 - British League - Cardiff

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