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Interview                           1

Dina Asher-Smith...
our rising star sans pareil

She is already well known    Having interviewed Dina           didn’t mind coming second
outside athletic circles as  Asher-Smith recently I            to Daphne who is an amazing
well as inside but perhaps   admitted to her, somewhat         athlete.” She wasn’t happy
not yet a household name;    tongue in cheek, that I           with certain technical aspects
she is young and a student   wanted some permanent             of the race but acknowledged
of life, yet she is already  record of where she is at now     that in such a high pressure
a veteran of the track in    before athletic fame takes        situation as this she could end
serious competitions; she    her from us and gives her to      up running it quickly. Besides,
is one of UK Athletics’      the whole world. She replied      she dwelt instead on the fact
rising stars and yet so far  with guarded modesty that         that her time was a new British
as Blackheath Harriers       we should have to wait and        record and a personal best for
is concerned she is our      see what happens and take         which she was ‘very grateful’
very own darling sans        nothing for granted. At least it  If these and other potential
pareil.                      shows that she is not one to be   frustrations facing an athlete,
                             overwhelmed by the transient      particularly a sprinter, might
                             lure of fame and celebrity        be dispiriting, then she is not
                             and is realistic about her        likely to be phased by them.
                             prospects at the highest levels   Last year she sustained a
                             of international athletics.       hamstring injury just before
                             Yet it’s hard to ignore the       a key race. “The hamstring is
                             calibre of the person you’re      one of the most problem areas
                             interviewing when since 2009      because of the nature of our sport
                             she’s been setting records and    and the nature of the movements
                             gaining titles at all age levels  that we make” she comments.
                             including European Junior         But by being aware of it and
                             Champion in 2013, World           taking necessary precautions
                             Junior Champion at 100m in        she could have some degree
                             2014, and then last month at      of control over limiting the
                             Hengelo, although finishing       damage; “when you listen to your
                             second to Dutch sprinter          body you’ll know there’s something
                             Daphne Shippers, breaking         wrong and is heightening but you
                             the British 100 metres record     still get over it.”
                             held by Montell Douglas in a      But if accepting that these
                             time of 11.02 seconds. In her     setbacks are likely to happen
                             opinion it had not been a great   sometime in your career, it
                             race but despite this she was     is still vital to realise your
                             able to see beyond the surface    potential to the full when
                             of what for others might seem     circumstances permit. Winning
                             to be a disappointment.           she says is not everything but
                             “The way I ran the race wasn’t    to win convincingly certain
                             ideal” she says “or the way       criteria need to be met and
                             I’d like to run 100 metres,       ‘doing things properly’ to
                             and there were lots of things     attain technical proficiency is
                             I could improve on, but I         for her more important than
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