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    A club well worth backing       From the Editor
   Thanks to our sponsors:
   Biggin Hill Airport                                      For those having eagerly followed current sporting
   Jack Petchey Foundation                                  events such as the Ashes contest, and with the
   So Clean                                                 new premiership and football league seasons well
   and to many other generous                               established, yet another major sporting event has
   individuals who offered backing                          gripped the attention of the sporting public and
   and assistance.                                          three years on from the London Olympics athletics
                                                            fans have no doubt enjoyed several days of high
     	CONTENTS                                              class opposition. This for the club’s members and
     	Interview                     friends was made equally exciting by the prospect of seeing our two
     1	Interview with              representatives Dina Asher-Smith (in the 200 metres and the sprint relay)
                                    and Lorraine Ugen (in the Long Jump), and despite the disappointment of
         Dina Asher-Smith           Adam Gemili being forced to withdraw from the Championships due to the
     5	 Your new Vice Presidents    hamstring injury he incurred in June.
     	 Athletics Reports            To mark her inclusion in these games the Gazette is running a feature
     8	 Senior men                  on Dina which follows pretty much the interview she gave me in June.
     12	 Senior women               Readers will no doubt have had a chance to read the full text of the
     14	 Junior men and women       interview on the club website. Doubtless it may confirm what many
     16	Young athletes at cross    know of her already but it will also reveal certain aspects of intellect and
                                    character which the excitement of contest and her athletic achievement
         country championships      can easily obscure.
     22	 The Kent League            As the Championships have recently taken place as this issue goes to
     29	Running for school and     print they will not be covered this time around. The Gazette is not so
                                    much a newsletter for up to the minute news coverage but more of an
         county                     archive reviewing what has gone on in the season preceding the current
     30	Relays on the road and     issue so there will be a more detailed account of what will be happening
                                    at Beijing later this year.
         over the country           After the events earlier in the year regarding the issue of the move of the
     36	Masters                     club headquarters to Norman Park there have been small developments
     38	 Tri club                   but no great news so this development is just taking its course.
     40	 Bennett Cup                Another development for the future which deserves a further mention
     	Features                      at this stage is the proposed celebrations for the club’s forthcoming
     43	Behind the scenes          150th anniversary in 2019. Already an Ad Hoc group to organise these
     45	A year in the life of a    celebrations has been formed and had already considered various
                                    proposed activities including an exhibition of club history in local
         President's wife           libraries, some short special athletic events and a celebratory dinner
                                    dance. So watch this space.
     	Obituary                      Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following for
     47	 Ron Chambers               willingly providing articles for this issue:
                                    Andy Rayner, Carol Penlington, PP Anne Cilia, Paul Austridge VP, Andy
                                    Frankish VP, Deniz Mehmed VP, Sheila Griffin VP, Adrian Stocks VP,
                                    Maz Turner VP, Jackie Montgomery VP, Tim Ayres VP, and others.
                                    The next issue covering the summer 2015 season is due for release from
                                    January 2016, and the deadline for submission of material is Mid December.
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