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Fund Raising

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Last updated 17 June 2020

Fund Raising

We run several regular fund raising schemes and they are open to all members.

The Bonus Ball
A weekly draw based on the 49 numbers in the National Lottery. Tickets cost 1 a go and are sold on Wednesday evening at the clubhouse. The winning number is the following Saturday's Bonus Ball. You have a 1 in 49 chance of winning 30. The club has the balance which amounts to around 1,000 per year. If you cannot get to the club on Wednesday you can pay several weeks up front and pick a permanent number - just contact Terri Shotton or one of the wine Committee.

The 300 Club
Limited to 300 participants and open to all including non-members - it only costs 24 a year or 12 semi annually. This is a valuable contributor to Club funds. Monthly prizes - for eight months of the year are 1 x 75, 1 x 50 & 1 x 25 then there are two months of biggies - 300 and 2 x 100; one in the summer and one at Christmas - in March & September 150, 100 & 50.  All proceeds are for the benefit of the Young Athletes travel. Full details from Anthony Pontifex 07963738452.

The National Lottery Syndicate raises funds for the Club and gives the subscribers the opportunity to benefit if or when we are fortunate to have a big win. It has been running for 14 years and over that time has raised over 7,500 for the club.  Cost is 10 per quarter by standing order (40 per annum). Small wins go direct to the club large ones are split 25% to the club with the remaining balance split between the subscribers (currently 60). Details from David King

On 3 September 2005 we had a big win! We were lucky to get 5 numbers and the bonus ball on a week that paid out more than normal.  The Syndicate won 313,770.  This means that the Club received 78,000 and the Syndicate members shared the balance. Most of the members have been in from the beginning (some 10 years ago) and had not received a penny up to that point - but had invested 400.

Why not sign up and see if the odds change...


Fund Raising Dinner 28 September 2007

European Champions Clubs Cup for Juniors 16 September 2006 + Fund raising

Fund Raising Dinner 10 March 2006

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