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YA Awards 25-11-07

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Young Athletes Excellence, Colours and Merit Awards 25 November 2007

Photos from Mick Jones

Mick says "...with so many people in the room it was difficult to get good shots of the athletes..."

I've done my best but If anyone wants their photo removed just tell me.

Four of the Clubs Internationals Past and Present helped present awards at a Young Athletes Presentation at the Club house on the 25th November.

Fresh from securing selection for the Great Britain team for the European Cross Country Championships Michael Skinner joined three of the Club’s Olympians to help present Awards.

Jack Braughton was in the Great Britain team in the 5000 metres the last time the Olympics took place in London in 1948. To compete at Wembley he had to take a half day off work and catch the number 12 bus to the stadium!

Twenty four years later Margaret Baldwin ran in the 800 metres at the 1972 Munich Olympics. More recently Club 100 metre record holder Dwayne Grant was at the 2004 Athens Olympics as part of the 4x100 squad.

The Club’s Young Athletes were crowned National Champions in 2007 and each member of the squad received a special medal from the Club.

It was also an opportunity to present Excellence, Colours and Merit awards for the season plus certificates for those who contributed to the Club winning the Kent Young Athletes League.

Finally Jack Petchey Foundation medallions were presented to Aston Stockdale and Sarah McLellan. Each month the clubs selects one young person, in the 11 to 25 age group to receive an Achievement Award. The month's winner receives a framed certificate and a cheque (payable to the club) for £200 to be spent on a club project of the recipient's choice. Aston was the Award winner for September and Sarah for July.

Pat Calnan PP

The criteria for the awards:

1st to 6th National
1st to 3rd Regional
1st in County Championships with a grade one

7th to 8th National
4th to 6th Regional
1st County Championships (no standard required) Grade One standard

Example and team contribution.


Dan Putnam – 1st in Kents in grade one
Stephen Cavey – 1st in Kent in grade one
Andrew Jordon – 1st in Kents on grade one
Marcus Morrison – 3rd in English Schools

Isobel Ivy – 1st in Kents in grade one
Sarah McGuire – 2nd in South Of England Championships
Banke Jemiyo – 4th in English Schools
Katherine Jones – 5th in English Schools
Katrina Cosby – 6th in English Schools
Chelsea O Rawe Hobbs – English Schools International

Tom Bensted – 2nd in South of England Championships
Ben Hopkins – 1st in South Of England Championships

Jessica Nicol Smith – 6th in England Athletics National Championships

Aaron Lloyd – 1st in Kents in grade one
Anton Daly – 1st in Kents in grade one
Ashley Bryant – 1st in Kents in grade one
Adam Willis – 1st in Kents in grade one

Frances Read – 1st in Kents in grade one



Lemar Charles – 6th in Regional Championship
Jake Haylock – 5th in Regional Championship
Kelly Davey – 5th in Regional Championship
Jermaine Alexander – 7th in English Schools
Daniella Annon – G1 100/200/300
Grace Sheppard – G1 100
Jessica Saville – G1 300
Danielle Critchley – G1 800
Jessica Matthews – G1 HJ/TJ
Lara Lalemi – G1 HJ
Leah Forbes Morris – G1 LJ
Jessica Moore – G1 LJ
Letitia Noel – G1 SP
Dina Asher Smith – G1 150
Matthew Fletcher –G1 100 LJ
Stephen Camacho – G1 200
Matthew Walters – G1 400
Ben Parkin – G1 400
Christian Britton – G1 800
Phil Sesemann –G1 3000
Eddie Otoyo –G1 LJ
Eddie Ekanem – G1 SP
Mehmet Takpak – G1 SP
Jesse McDonald – G1 LJ



Amy DeMatos - all matches in NYAL
Katie Vistuer – all matches in NYAL
Rebecca Cook – all matches in NYAL
Jessica Harding – good effort in all her events and team contribution
Rebecca Smith – doubling up in 1500/3000 despite not needing to
Chloe Shaw – team contribution, always willing to fill in when needed.

Nenisha Nelson Roberts – team contribution and an ever present in the NYAL
Sian Hurlock – team contribution in NYAL and KYAL
Christine Lyston – team contribution
Amy Mitchell – team contribution in KYAL
Michelle Fewster – team contribution

Hannah Cook – team contribution and all matches in NYAL
Jessica Jones – team contribution and Kent relay gold
Nancy Carney  – team contribution and Kent relay gold
Holly Fletcher – team contribution and Kent Relay gold
Eliza Sargeant – team contribution and Kent relay gold
Georgina Middleton – team contribution and Kent relay gold

Simon Lloyd – team contribution
Danny Piggott – team contribution
Aston Stockdale – inspirational leadership and team contribution
Alex Blair – team contribution

Oliver Taylor – team contribution, ever present in the NYAL
Hector Kurtyanek – team contribution, ever present in the NYAL
Charlee Debolla – team contribution, ever present in the NYAL
Kieron Daly – team contribution
Mark Longhurst – team contribution, a man of many parts
James Clack – team contribution

Alex Lister – team contribution, ever present in the NYAL

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