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Christmas Sat 02

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Last updated 15 December 2002

Eighty members and friends enjoyed the Annual Christmas Dinner - this year Duck a l'Orange.  The local farmers, Michael & Susan Dallyn and Peter & Adrienne Cresswell, joined us as our guests.

The singing theme for this year was We Three Kings of Orient Are - the guest conductor, as last year, was the Internationally regarded David Beales....

If you want to have an original contact me.  To see a full size version click on Pete's bow tie...

The Mantoura's popped in... A very dapper pair... Interesting table names...
Before the fray... Our Jolly Farmers... Vi & Joyce
What's the collective noun for a pair of President's? Peter, Maggie & Gillian Colin, Sheila, Dick & Shirley
Geoff & Joan Ian, Amanda, Mandy & Mark Ian, Phil & Mary
Margaet, John, Theo & Diana Too many to mention... Karen, Rita & Roger
Lots David, Barbara, David, Di Christine, June, Janet & Jean
 Peter, Paul, Ray & Judith  Doff, Sue & Steve  Jean
 Kevin, Geoff, Joan, Lyndsey & David  Some more...  and even more...
Question - How many different David's were present?



 David, Ian, Phil, Ian, Mark, Amanda  Roy, David & Ken  
The President spoke... Colin introduced... David conducted...
General Part of the Heavenley Hosts... Sing up...
Colin & Shirley Dvid conducts... We are...
Gill & Pat Gill & Peter Ingrid & Pat
Gordon worked hard at his bar duties... Johnny celebrates his 90th Birthday on Monday 16 December Doris, Johnny's wife
The Angels Still at it... ...and everyone enjoying it.
Alison spoke too.. In admiration of a job well done... Pat & Leana - how does he do it?
Mike & Alison David & Amir General
Doris & Colin Jean & Don The Innkeepers
Farmers, Michael & Susan Dallyn Sisters both... Farmers Adrienne & Peter Cresswell
Ken & Hilary Johnny still eating... The Tax Collectors
The Donkeys Lyndsey & Kevin Yes, the clock does say 2:10am...
Can I bore you again... Can we go home please... More Donkeys...
The Shepherds The Cherubs The Angels
Margaret, Derek & Vi Roy, Ken, Mike, Amanda & Peter (I think I'm in love...) Mum & Daughter (Vi & Ann)

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