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Race Walking Information for 2016

Shaun Lightman (Blackheath & Bromley Harrier - 1968 Olympic Games, 50k Walk) has a coaching session at 5.30 pm at Norman Park on Thursday evenings.

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Congratulations to Izzy Bridge (U15 G) who has been selected to race walk for England against Ireland in the Nihill Shield at Hillingdon on October 2.  This caps a fantastic season for Izzy who is currently ranked 2nd in the UK for the 3,000m walk and is a just reward for all of the hard work she has put in over the course of the season. 8-09-16

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Report for 4/9/16 – Tonbridge Open Meeting 3/1 Km Walks,Tonbridge School (29/8), Jim Sharlott/BMAF 10km, Abbey Park, Leicester (3/9) and Wadelincourt 24 hours, Belgium (27-8/8):


Tonbridge AC held their usual August Bank Holiday Open meeting including a track walk. Shaun Lightman turned out mainly to support his Blackheath & Bromley coaching group. It was a bright warm summer morning as four competitors faced the starter. Christopher Hobbs (Ashford) went into a commanding lead from the gun and easily won the race. Abigail Smith walking 1km had a race long battle with Shaun Lightman  in the first part of his 3km. She finished in a time which equaled her personal best. Lightman continued and finished 2nd whilst Abigails' elder brother, Josh, brought up the rear to complete his first 3km race.


The big event this weekend was the traditional Jim Sharlott 10km which included the British Master’s championship. The course is a multi-lap oval in the park with a good surface and it’s natural beauty was only marred by the very light rain during the race. The shape means the competitors always have a good view of those up to half a lap ahead. Teams of four meant Surrey’s three did not score in the team race but were 2nd Masters team. Roger Michell was in good form and started strongly as he chased Peter Bosko (Birchfield) for the M65 group race. Although unable to hold his rival, the gap was only exactly one minute behind at the end despite Bosko having a great race himself for 3rd overall while Roger was up in 7th. Some way behind them was a group of four consisting of the whole M70 group and Sara Lightman who ended 4th lady. The others in the group included Surrey Walking Club’s Shaun Lightman and Peter Hannell. The two Lightman’s started behind the other two but passed by after a lap or two thus encouraging the others to hold on. On this occasion Shaun faded slightly as he returns from injury and Hannell was able to stay nearer to Sara and claim the M70 victory while Shaun just managed to hold off 3rd M70, John Borgas, by 2 seconds.


The previous weekend saw SWC’s indomitable pair of ladies, Sandra Brown and Kathy Crilley in Belgium for the bi-enniel 24hours where the initial temperature was 35 degrees and a steady start was essential. Sandra once again won the women's event with 109 miles and up in 5th place overall.Kathy was just outside of the medals as she completed over 100km.




Tonbridge Open Meeting 3/1 Km Walks,Tonbridge School (29/8):


1. C.Hobbs (Ashf M60) 15 min 56.09 sec; 2. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 19 min 20.86 sec; 3. J.Smith (B&B U15B) 21 min 55.89 sec.


1. A.Smith (B&B U13G) 6 min 18.21 sec.


Jim Sharlott/BMAF 10km, Abbey Park, Leicester (3/9):


1. M.Williams (Tam 1st M50) 52 min 26 sec; 2. D.Butterly (Leic WC 2nd M50) 54 min 16 sec; 3. P.Boszko (Bir 1st M65) 59 min 34 sec; 7. R.Michell (Sy WC 2nd M65) 1 hr 1 min 34 sec; 11. P.Hannell (Sy WC 1st M70) 1 hr 6 min 22 sec; 12. S.Lightman (Sy WC 2nd M70) 1 hr 6 min 39 sec.


1.A.Wheeler (Leic WC 1st W60) 1 hr 3 min 20 sec; 2. C.Dyall (Nun 1st W35) 1 hr 4 min 20 sec; 3. F.Bishop (AFD 1st W55) 1 hr 5 min 51 sec; 4. S.Lightman (Leic WC 1st W45) 1 hr 6 min 17 sec.

Wadelincourt 24 hours, Belgium (27-8/8):


1. M.Olivares 180.426 km; 2.P.Langlois 177.535 km; 3. P.Bunel 175.808 km.


1. S.Brown (SyWC W65 5th overall) 175.101 km; 2. M.Sonnois 155.566; 3. C.Bizard 144.282 km; 4. K.Crilley (SyWC W65 14th overall) 105.482 km.

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Report for 28/8/16 – London Inter-Club 5km, Allianz Park, Hendon (27/8) and Joint Veterans & Southern Counties AC T&F Championships 3km Walk (28/8):

The Bank Holiday week-end saw races every day while many of the potential competitors were away. This partially accounted for the low numbers at each venue. The LICC 5km is normally an opportunity to get a good time with large numbers over all standards. 17 is a fair number for a normal track race but low for these races and the spread of standard and the high temperatures led to generally slow times and only one personal best. The leaders certainly were competitive finishing only a second apart and among the best performances. Surrey Walking Club had three out with Dan Maskell in 5th man but with four women ahead as the fair sex seemed to deal better with the conditions. David Hoben’s recent long distance races in similar difficult conditions brought him among the best performances and near his normal time and thus much closer to several usually faster men. Among these was Shaun Lightman, recovering from injury and only 73 seconds ahead.

For the first time the two local Veteran’s area Clubs combined for their annual track & field championships. This should have meant larger numbers and, while this was the case for some events like the 5km and 200m runs, the walk was very poor with only 4 out. On the positive side this led to a very cheerful group despite the event being around 30 minutes late and all intended to give the crowd good if spread performances. The first home in a fair time despite the lack of competition was Penelope Cumming of AFD while first man, John Ralph, was out of form. SWC’s representative, Peter Hannell, was unsurprisingly last although near recent times after working hard to catch Fiona Bishop (Woking) who was pleased to just break 19 minutes.



London Inter-Club 5km, Allianz Park, Hendon (27/8):

Men (12):

1. G.Chapman (Head M60) 28 min 54 sec; 2. M.Culshaw (Belg M50) 28 min 55 sec; 3. J.Ralph (E&H M55) 30 min 48 sec; 5. D.Maskell (Sy WC M65) 32 min 31 sec; 7. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 34 min 8 sec; 11. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 35 min 21 sec.

Women (5):

1. P.Cummings (AFD W40) 29 min 39 sec;2. H.Middleton (E&H W50) 30 min 35 sec; 3. M.Noel (Belg W50) 31 min 5 sec.


Joint Veterans & Southern Counties AC T&F Championships 3km Walk (28/8):

1. P.Cummings (AFD W40) 17 min 6.25 sec; 2. J.Ralph (E&H M55) 18 min 8.8 sec; 3. F.Bishop (AFD W55) 18 min 56.98 sec; 4. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70) 19 min 23.24 sec.

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Report for 21/8/16 – Veterans AC 5 mile Summer League, Battersea Park (17/8):


The last of the 2016 season of the, historically, popular 5 milers in the pleasant surroundings of Battersea Park just went into double figures. The absent visitors missed a friendly race in fine sunny late summer conditions.


Mark Culshaw had yet another win for this season while second placed David Bowker from marathon orientated Fairlands Valley Spartans appeared for the first time in a creditable second place.


Fiona Bishop saw a return to pre-injury form, with the best performance of the night only half a minute behind Belgrave’s Maureen Noel.


Centurian’s Captain and Surrey Walking Club member, Kathy Crilley, made a brief departure from her long distance regime to take part just before an imminent 24 hour road race and not long after another distance event. Despite her natural weariness she was in fact a minute or so ahead of recent times for these races. There were three men from Surrey also out and in fact they together with Kathy and a novice comprised the whole of the second half of the finishers. Mick Harran was the first of these  and though his time was modest he worked hard to keep close to the illustrious Arthur Thomson who came past mid-race after a slow start.



Veterans AC 5 mile Summer League, Battersea Park (17/8):


1. M.Culshaw (Belg M50) 48 min 57 sec; 2. D.Bowker (FVS M55) 52 min 18 sec; 3. A.Thomson (E&H M80) 53 min 23 sec; 4. M.Harran (Sy WC M75) 54 min 19 sec; 5. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70) 55 min 1 sec; 6. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 58 min 18 sec.


1. M.Noel (Belg W50) 52 min 37 sec; 2. F.Bishop (AFD W55) 53 min 9 sec; 3. K.Crilley (Sy WC W65) 1 hr 0 min 55 sec;


P.Hannell – Press Sec. 21/8/16

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Report for 7/8/16 – British Masters 10km Track Championships, Birmingham (31/7), Redcar National 100 miles (6-7/8), Kent Young Athletes League, Medway (7/8), Southern Counties Veterans League, Wimbledon (11/7) and Woodford Tuesday Walks (19/7):

Although the National Masters 10km Track Championships were poorly attended, all of the top walkers turned out in their age groups. Among these were Roger Michell competing in the M65 group against world age group champion Ian Richards. Although, inevitably, some way behind Ian, Roger’s time was a season’s best for 10km.

This year’s National 100 miles was held up in Redcar in the very North of Yorkshire and four SWC members attended although only Sandra and Richard Brown attempted the full distance with Sandra successful and only a few minutes behind her 2015 time. David Hoben went for the 20 miles at a reasonable pace. Full report to follow.

Three of Shaun Lightman’s coaching group, who are members of Blackheath & Bromley, took part in the latest Kent Young Athletes League. Isabelle Bridge went with Jack Childs in the Under 15 2km and built up a commanding lead over Andrea Arnold of Dartford to win by over a minute. Josh Smith walked a sensible race to come through strongly in the last 200m to finish in 13m 33 having just overtaken Rowan Burford (Dartford) 13m 34s and Annabel Arnold (Dartford) 13m 34s by the line. This was a personal best. Abi Smith, in the U13 1km went with the leader for the first 100m but dropped back slightly down the field and gamely kept a third position to finish in 6m 16.7s - a personal best by more than half a minute. Also racing for Blackheath was Habbnah Clark who finished in 7m 47s.

Two earlier results have come to light – the regular Tuesday race at Woodford in July included another come-back race from Steve Crane as he boosted a rather small field but was well placed in 3rd in a time in line with his form before his break.

The South London section of the Southern Counties Masters league saw three Surrey Walking Club members out for their track clubs. Ian Statter had raced very little for a few years so found the speed difficult but was well under 13 minutes. Not far behind was new member and newcomer to race walking, Jules Williams, improving her previous times.


British Masters 10km Track Championships, Birmingham (31/7):

1. F.Reis (SCVAC M55) 50 min 48.2 sec; 2. I.Richards (Steyn M65) 52 min 16.2 sec; 3. M.Williams (Tam M50) 53 min 53.7 sec; 5. R.Michell (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 2 min 12.6 sec.

Redcar National 100 miles (6-7/8):

1. F.Van Der Gulik (Holland) 20 hr 30 min 56 sec; 2. C.Vesty (Leic WC M50) 20 hr 39 min 44 sec; 3. J.Millard (Holland) 21 hr 2 min 25 sec; 4. S.Brown (Sy WC W65) 21 hr 10 min 6 sec.

20 miles race:

D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 4 hr 34 min 2 sec.

Other SWC partial completions in the 100 miles were:

Richard Brown 66 miles in 14h 21m 34s.

Chris Flint 32 miles in 8h 27m 42s.

Kent Young Athletes League, Medway (7/8):

1km – Girls U13

3. A.Smith (B&B U13G) 6 min 16.7 sec;

2km – Girls U15

1. I.Bridge (B&B U15G) 12 min 26.2 sec.

2km – Boys U15

1. J.Smith (B&B U15B) 13 min 33 sec.

Southern Counties Veterans League, Wimbledon (11/7):

4th M50. I.Statter (Croy/Sy WC M55) 12 min 52.8 sec; 1st W35. J.Williams (Croy/Sy WC W45) 13 min 4.8 sec; 4th M35. D.Hoben (C Stri/Sy WC M60) 13 min 42.2 sec.

Woodford Tuesday Walks (19/7):

1. S.AllenB (Barn M60) 17 min 15.8 sec; 2. G.Smith (E&H M55) 17 min 26.8 sec; 3. S.Crane (Sy WC M35) 18 min 14.5 sec.

P.Hannell – Press Sec. 7/8/16

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Report for 24/7/16 – British Milers Club 1 mile Walk, Sutcliffe Park (20/7/16):

The prestigious British Milers Club event was, once again, generous enough to permit a one mile race walk (1km previously). A field of 11 was respectable and the event had a full quota of judges acting under the higher international set of rules. There were no disqualifications and most of the youngsters achieved good or even best times on a warm evening. Surrey Walking Club’s Shaun Lightman and Peter Hannell took part to support the event with other established walkers and were pleased to see that youth and enthusiasm won the day as the most of juniors pulled away. Even the youngest of them, Under 13 Abi Smith of Blackheath & Bromley and coached by Shaun, made a good effort in only her second race, to hold Geraldine Legon despite her age and size.

 3 members of Surrey Walking Club completed the 100th edition of Nijmegen Marches, which was started in 1906 by the Dutch military to keep their personnel fit after the introduction of motor transport. There were a number of new features to mark the occasion, including a return to the 55k a day distance for the first time since 1966 when it was the minimum distance for men under 50. The most high profile of the celebrations was probably the longest lap of honour in recorded history of 50k, a lap of honour so long it went into the night and out into the following day, and that was fitted in-between the normally planned 4 day marches for 3 of the 4 days. Kathy Crilley from Surrey Walking Club and also Captain of the Centurions ultra-distance organisation was selected to take part in this. Each afternoon a different group of 25 set off, on other days there were teams from the military, police, Olympians. In all, over 4 days, a total of 100 took part to fit in with the theme of 100th celebrations. Kathy completed 55k a day for the marches as a member of the Metropolitan Police Walking Club team.

Fellow Centurion and SWC member Chris Flint also did the event in his capacity as member of the Metropolitan Police Walking Club team in full police uniform covering 160k in all. In addition David Hoben covered 55k a day as civilian. All four days had extreme heat with temperatures into the 30s, with some torrential rain and electrical storms on Day 4.

The other celebratory features planned in this part of Holland, better known for its part in Operation Market Garden, were extensive changes to the route including some villages that it had never visited before, a number of 100 year old cars, a ‘passport’ into one village with officers in period costumes. Also, on the last day, it was attended by Netherland’s King Willem-Alexander at the finish and at the bridge over a major river that is constructed by a different army each year.


British Milers Club 1 mile Walk, Sutcliffe Park (20/7):


1. L.Legon (Camb H U20 M) 7 min 32.32 sec; 2. C.Hobbs (Ashf M60) 8 min 1.06 sec; 3. M.Smith (Ashf U17B) 8 min 8.81 sec; 5. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 9 min 51.01 sec; 6. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70) 10 min 22.71 sec.


1. E.Ghose (Ton U20W) 8 min 23.2 sec; 2. E.Butcher (Camb H U17G) 8 min 24.61 sec; 3. B.Fury (M&M U15G) 9 min 17.53 sec; 4. G.Legon (Bexley W55) 10 min 52.37 sec; 5. A.Smith (B&B U13G) 11 min 51.25 sec.

 Peter Hannell – Press Sec. 24/7/16

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