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VP's Supper 2009

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Last updated 17 December 2015

VP's Supper 9 October 2009

Vice Pesident's all...
Richard Coe, Gary Spencer, Len Dalmon, Dick Griffin, Brian Hartley, Denis Lawrie, Peter Long, Jim Phelan
Terri Shotton, Ray Gibson & Antony Pontifex

Gordon Brooks, Theo Mantoura, Diana Mantoura, Ian Dibbens, Rob Brown, David Liston, Andy Tucker, Steve Hollingdale
Nick Brooks, Steve Freemantle, Costas Karageorghis

Paul Byfield, John Lindblom, Bob Minting, John Copley, Nigel Keogh, Richard Holt, Mark Purser
Brendan McShane, Kate Pratten, Nick Gasson, Roy Smith, Tom Phillips

John Lindblom, Chairman for the Night, President Alison Brand and the Organiser of the Supper, Antony Pontifex

And Past President, Mike Martineau and Past President Colin Brand attend to their needs...

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