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Welcome to the Masters Section for 2011

26 November 2011 - British and Irish Cross Country International - Bellahouston Park, Glasgow 28-11-11
2 October 2011 - BMAF 10k Championships at Exmouth  2-10-11
18 September 2011 - County Championships - Erith  19-09-11
4 September 2011 - SVAC Inter-Club Final - Ashford  6-11-11
25 July 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park 27-07-11
1 July 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford 3-07-11
25/26 June 2011 - BMAF National Championships - Birmingham 30-06-11
10 June 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park 13-06-11
28 May 2011 - Surrey Masters' Championships 3-06-11
23 May 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Canterbury 27-05-11
21 May 2011 - British Masters' Road Relay - Sutton Park 23-05-11
6 May 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Sutcliffe Park 18-05-11
18 April 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Dartford 23-04-11
Information & Time Tables for SCVAC League , Kent Divisions 2011 7-04-11
16-20 March 2011 - European Masters - Ghent 21-03-11
12 March 2011 - National Masters CC - Birmingham 13-03-11
26/27 February 2011 - BMAF Indoor Championships at Lee Valley 2-03-11
20 February 2011 - SCVAC Indoor Track and Field Championships 21-02-11
13 February 2011 - VAC Indoors with BMAF Pentathlon Lee Valley 14-02-11

Full results of all SCVAC Track League appear on the Power of 10 website

26 November 2011 - British and Irish Cross Country International - Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

Alex Gibbins finished 9th in race and 3rd in M35 and got team gold.  Keith (Ewing) got 9th in M50 and team gold. Alan (Camp) did exceptionally well  to start the race (a fall resulted in a very bruised /swollen knee) and got 9th. His team won gold but I cant confirm if, as a  fourth scorer, he gets  team gold. Myself in M60 I got 8th and team bronze, so three of us did really well while Alex did brilliant!  None of the four us coped well with the appalling conditions!  Torrential rain left underfoot conditions of ankle deep mud which Scottish athletes said  they had not seen as bad for more than two /three decades! The winds were 70mph!  

Paul Ross-Davis

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2 October 2011 - BMAF 10k Championships at Exmouth

Alan Camp was 3rd in M55 in 35.52, Keith Ewing was 4th in M50 in 35.12 (same time as 3rd) Peter Hamilton was 10th in M60 in 41.30. Chris Woodcock was 10th in M65 in 47.49.

Alan, Keith and Peter combined for 3rd team in the M45 - 54 category with an average age of almost 57.

The runs by Alan and Keith should see them selected for England in the Home countries cross country international.

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18 September 2011 - County Championships - Erith

Full Results here...

Yesterday a number of Blackheath & Bromley athletes competed in the Kent County Championships in Erith and these are the results of both Steve Timmins and myself. I am currently waiting for Alex Pope to get back to me with his results, but I know he has performed very well too.

Steve Timmins (M35):
Hammer: 43.60m (2nd place - silver)
Shot putt: 13.55m (1st place - gold - Championship Best Performance)
Javelin: 40.82m (1st place - gold - Championship Best Performance)
Discus: 38.63m (1st place - gold - Championship Best Performance)

Mike van den Dobbelsteen (M40):
Javelin: 53.74m (1st place - gold - Personal Best)
Discus: 29.86m (1st place - gold - Personal Best)

In the photo where we show off our medals, Steve only has his silver medal, as they had run out of M35 gold medals...

Mike van den Dobbelsteen

PS Alex Pope won the decathlon, another gold medal!

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4 September 2011 - SVAC Inter-Club Final - Ashford

Photos from Anne Cilia

Results (PDF's):

Both the men's and women's teams were a close 2nd - the men's team by just one point!!!

Both teams would have had gaps in their declaration sheets had it not been for the goodwill of those athletes who were already competing and filled in where needed. so all in all a good result for both teams with some excellent performances and highly entertaining competition.

On behalf of Tom and Anne huge thanks to everyone who competed for committed performances on the track and in the field and for everyone's willingness to fill those gaps and multievent. Everyone gave 110% and the results reflected this. you are fabulous!!!!

Anne x

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25 July 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park

Results (PDF's):

Well done and once again "thank you" to everyone who turned out to the relocated final vets match on Monday at Norman Park. A good solid performance from our 1st team saw us finish in 2nd place behind Dartford by just 4 points! sorry guys, if we'd had a half decent W50 Discus thrower we might even have won!!!

The overall outcome was a second place in the league which qualifies us for a place in the final at Ashford on Sun 4th Sept.

Congratulations too, to our Div 2 team who again managed 2nd place on the night resulting in an overall 2nd place. Ordinarily this would mean the team being promoted to Div 1 but we are not allowed 2 teams in the same division so Istead and Ifield will get promoted in our place. This does not detract from the fantastic efforts of everyone who competed for both teams and also a large contingent of non scorers. It is fantastic to see so many ladies getting involved.

Well done again and thank you, see you at Ashford!!!

Anne x

Let the celebrations begin.

There were apparently errors in some of the scores announced last night, but nothing that affected the overall results. We tied with Cambridge on match points but beat them handsomely on individual points.

Our philosophy has always been that every point counts, and this had proved it!

So, reflections on last night. I was surprised when we were announced as second placers, but when you study the results, you see that while Cambridge were in front of us many times, we were generally ahead of the rest, and neither Ashford nor Dartford dominated the other placings.

My "Man of the Match" goes again to Keith Ewing, for his spirited chase round two 800m races last night. Oh so close in that relay! Pity they then missed his name off the results and made it look like we beat the rest with just three men! I wish.

Keith also gets my "Man of the Season" award for unstintingly good performances through the whole League. He is closely followed by Clem Leon, who did more events than anyone else, more often, and better! Third place goes to Steve Timmins, whose Masters debut in the throws has been very impressive indeed.

Don't let these accolades go to your heads guys - it's double or quits on the League Final.

Would everyone on this mailing list now please drop me a line to confirm your availability for the League Final on 4 September. Can you please do this even if you can't be there, so we know not to trouble you if people drop out. And would you please do this even if you have not had the opportunity to compete in the Kent League fixtures that got us to the final.

The Final is an all day event at the Julie Rose Stadium at Ashford. I rate it as one of THE top Masters track and field events in the country. We have done well to get there, and we have won it before. Last time was two years back. Let's again give it our top shot.


A fairytale end to a difficult season.

Word at the end of the match tonight is that we have again won the Kent League!

As always with these things, I want to see the printed results first, but you will hear rumours before then, I'm sure. I will get the facts out as soon as I can.

Tonight was a nailbiter. Our squad was depleted where it really mattered, and Cambridge Harriers were on a bit of a roll. It looks like it is they who will accompany us as Kent League reps at the League Final at Ashford on Sunday 4 September.

More when I have it, and when I have had a chance to gather my thoughts properly. I've still not been back from the USA for a full week yet!

However, well done to you all. I am proud of every point won this season!


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1 July 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford

Results (PDF's):



From half way round the world, I am SO proud of you.

I have waited all day to get this news. Now going to sink a few beers in your collective honour (or, as they say here, honor).

Let's now really focus on the final match and look back on a season to be proud of.

Rob, big thanks. I will circulate the formal results as soon as I get them.


Hooray we won at Ashford!

What a fantastic team you are, with individual wins from Maureen, Shirey, Helen, Jennie, Rosie and Jackie and solid performances from Caroline, Nanette and Maz we managed a convincing win at Ashford on Friday night, it just shows how much I need you! Overall we remain 2nd but a win in the final match at Erith would probably see us sneak into the top position, barring a disasterous final match we should qualify for the finals in one of the top 2 places in the division.

Our B team of Justine and Lisa had a great night with individual wins for both ladies. The team finished 3rd but still hold on to 2nd place overall.

Thank you all so much for making the effort to travel the considerable distance to Ashford, hope to see you all at Erith!!

Anne x

Hi All,

In Tom's absence I have done some very quick calculations on yesterday's Kent Masters men's results.

The good news is that we fared much better than Tom had feared. Please do not treat this as gospel, but I believe that we were at least second. I have Cambridge about 4 points ahead of us but I couldn't find the pole vault results. I know we had a first and a fourth in that event so if Cambridge had a stinker we may have won the match, but more likely we came second and were miles clear of third. Another bit of good news is that Ashford had a shocker, very surprising as it was there home fixture. Admittedly they had a few good wins but seem to have fouled up in the 3k. They scored only 8 points out of a maximum of 24 whereas we scored 21 points. Don't shoot the messenger if I have got any of this wrong as it was a bit of a scrum after the match trying to see the results, but fingers crossed I have got the figures there or thereabouts.

Our winners on the day were Ken Daniel, Murray Hilborne and Steve Timmins so well done to them but it is a big pat on the back all round for a splendid team effort and thanks go to those that stepped into the breach at very short notice to score in every event, something Ashford failed to do. Apologies to Steve T and Graham Coates who both pulled muscles in the triple jump but they both got jumps in and scored 7 points out of 12 on the night. Considering it is not their natural event, I hope the good points ease the pain! Let us hope they both recover quickly.

If I have got my calculations correct, we have pulled away from Ashford and should have at least a 3 point lead going into the last match. No room for complacency though.

The final league match is Monday 25th July at Erith. More on that later.


Rob Brown

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25/26 June 2011 - BMAF National Championships - Birmingham

Steve Langdon & Mike van den Dobbelsteen

More photos to come?

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10 June 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park

Results (PDF's):

Difficult one for me. Here are Friday evening's results. We'd have won the match if I hadn't screwed up. As it was, we lost it by half a point to Dartford, in a match where six points again covered the top five teams.

We lead the League again, two league points clear of Ashford, but only ten match points up, overall. It was a good night for Dartford, who won both Div 1 matches.

I forgot to ask Colin to cover the M50 shot. I listed Simon for it in error, and not unreasonably, Colin thought I'd got someone else to cover. It's the first time in years that we've had an event with no athlete, and the effect is clear. Maddening, because Clem and I were right by the shot area, warming up for the 200, and annoying no one told me we'd got a named athlete who had failed to show. We may rue my mistake.

Mind you, everyone else pulled out the stops. I'm awarding Man of the Match to Adrian Stocks for his stunning 4x400 relay leg, which did far more than keep us in contention. That match result could have been so different.

I will be in touch in the next few days about the match on 1 July. I need to get over the beating I've been giving myself first.


All 3 teams managed 2nd place, 1st would have been better but it's good enough to keep both the men's and the women's A teams in contention for a place in the finals in September.

An excellent result for our B team which is getting stronger and stronger. Well done and thank you once again to the regulars who turned out to compete, your participation and success are essential if we are to qualify for a place in the finals.

We had some excellent performances but for me the highlight of the Women's competition was to have 3 teams in the relay (A, B and a non scoring team), our A team of Maureen, Shirley, Helen and Jackie completely anhialated the opposition and having enough ladies competing to enter a non scoring team too was fantastic.

We were delighted to welcome Nanette back into the team after her illness and she was as committed as ever competing in 3 events. Without this sort of willingness and committment shown by all our ladies we would not be looking at a place in the final!!!

We had 3 new ladies along to compete, Tina, Sue and Judy came along to see what it was all about and joined in the B team and non scoring events. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and we are pleased to have you as part of our team.

Thank you to everyone who ran, jumped or threw, you are all crucial to our success as every point counts.

As hosts of the match it was good to see so many B+B members officiating and supporting, thank you.

Anne x


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28 May 2011 - Surrey Masters' Championships

Keith Ewing won Surrey vets 800 (M50) on 28th May at Ewell in 2.09.4, a new county record.

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23 May 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Canterbury

Results (PDF's):

OK guys, prepare for a shock.

We were FOURTH in the match. Probably our lowest position for several years. We are now tied with Ashford at the top of the League, and find ourselves where we were last year at this point.

This is not good news. We know why: despite our winners, and despite every one of you giving 100%, we had too many absentees, too many athletes not doing their normal events, and so on. Please let this be a cautionary note particularly to those who did not get to Canterbury. We need our strongest team ever time these days. There is no longer any such thing as an “easy” Kent Masters League match any more.

OK, incredibly close fixture etc, with just six points separating the top four teams, and we still have five individual points in hand over Ashford, but one single event can alter that.

Can we please all be on top form at our home fixture on 10 June.

On a positive note, the ladies Div 1 team won their match.


I will send round the Canterbury results when I have them. Promised for the next 48 hours . I don’t personally think we came far from winning the match, but I’m not confident we actually won. There were interim figures at one stage that put us third, behind Ashford and Cambridge. Didn’t personally spot Cambridge winning too much myself. Dartford were stronger than of late, and stole points from us, though.

Well done to those of you who covered extra events. We were short of two sprinters (me +1) and it showed, because of the knock on effect in the 4x200 relay. We had some good wins, too.

Man of the match has to be Clem Leon, who did 100, 4x200, discus and long jump, without complaint! Good also to see Rob Brown running a blistering M60 100m, and closing in on Jim Day’s excellent Club M60 record. Needs recording that Dan Hassett also did three events last night. Colin Brand is also back! Nice to see you looking so well, Colin.

Now we need to focus on 10 June and Norman Park. We want to shine at our home fixture. 200m, 1500m and 4x400 on the track, javelin, shot and high jump as field events. Need to get a few more people out for that 4x400 commitment.

More soon.


AT LAST, our Division 1 team have won a match!! having come 2nd in matches 1+2 this season we have managed a win in match 3, thank you so much to all the ladies who made the effort to travel to Canterbury, always a bit of a challenge!

The points seemed to be spread quite well amongst the 5 clubs but our team of Barbara Terry, Maz Turner, Helen Godsell, Anne Cilia, Maureen Miller, Jennie Butler and Jackie Montgomery managed to beat Dartford by 5 points. The next match is at Norman Park so hopefully we can get a good team out for that one.

Well done everyone and thank you so much for coming along.

Our Division 2 team had another good match, being narrowly beaten into third place but Justine, Rosie, and Annie covered as many events as possible making their team very competitive in Division 2.

If we keep this up we might actually make the final this time!!!!

Love Anne x


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21 May 2011 - British Masters' Road Relay - Sutton Park

Full results here...

Once again we had teams representing the club at the 24th National Masters Road Relays in Birmingham on sat 21st May.

The W35 team of Sarah Dowling, Jane Bradshaw, Jennie Butler and Zoe Wood finished 7th, W45s Anne Cilia, Annie McDonough and Rosie Ferguson finished 8th and the M55 team of Alan Camp, Andy Lawes, Peter Burford and Ken Daniel finished 7th.

Jane, Jennie, Sarah and Rosie ran times featuring in the top ten for their legs and Alan running leg one ran the quickest time in the M55s in the opening leg.

Those who make the effort to get to Birmingham for these relays always enjoy the event, it is a good day out, as a runner and spectator. It would be so good to get other teams out next year (M35s and M45s). It's always around the 19th-22 May, so if you're 35 + put it in your diary and consider the opportunity.

Well done to everyone who ran, especially those running competitive times and thank you to everyone, especially those who filled in at late/ last minute notice. With the best will in the world we can't be competitive without a full team!!!!

Anne x

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6 May 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Sutcliffe Park

Results (PDF's):

The men have snatched 1st place for the second match running, so that's really good for them, making their 1st place overall so far that little bit more secure. Well done guys!

The ladies were a solid 2nd place again which keeps us in contention for the final, but an overall win would be a bonus.

Excellent performances on the track from Maureen, Jennie, Andrea, Helen and Maz in div 1 and Rosie, Justine and Annie in div 2. Helen and Caroline had good results in the triple jump and Jackie made her pole vault debut by equalling the w35 club record and filled in the hammer at short notice, Maz really proved her worth, competing in the triple jump for the first time and gaining valuable points there as well as in the 400m where she smashed her target time by 13 seconds!

In division 2 the team of Rosie, Justine and Annie finished in 2nd place by covering as many events as they could. Annie posted pbs in the triple jump and the hammer by competing in both for the first time as well as the 400 and 3000m.

Really well done to the whole team but it has to be said that we really missed Barbara and Beatrice in the hammer!!!

Next match Monday 23 May at Canterbury!!

Thanks again to you all

Anne x

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18 April 2011 - Kent Masters' League - Dartford

Results (PDF's):


OK guys, here’s the lowdown. We won on Monday evening, by six points. Well done to all.

I wasn’t sent the ladies results, so I don’t know how they got on.

This was a good result, but no more than we were always capable of doing. Had we not suffered late withdrawal from two events, and one relay leg, we would have done even better. We may yet regret the loss of those points if the season gets as tough as I expect it to.

Particularly well done to our middle distance crew, with a brilliant set of results, two wins, a second and a third place.

It is more important than ever that we cover every event. Part of our win was down to Ashford not having an M60 1500m runner, for example. We cannot bank on the failings of others to boost our chances. We very nearly went this way ourselves, being one shot putter short until the last moment. Then an injured Gordon Hickey turned up unexpectedly! This was much to the surprise of his physio, Simon Tolson!

Great job Mark Watling, putting in a sprint relay leg only minutes after his 1500m race.

Man of the match goes to Steve Timmins. He said he was injured – not promising for his first Masters competition – but threw 12.65m for a PB and immediate third place on the 2011 UK M35 rankings. Phew! More to come there.

Next match is FRIDAY 6 MAY. It is at SUTCLIFFE PARK. Say that to yourself a few times and let it embed! Events are:

400m (inc M60)

3,000m (No M60)

2,000m Walk

Triple Jump (Inc M60)

Pole Vault (No M60)

Hammer (No M60)

We can do well at this one if everyone gets there. I am about to disappear abroad until 30 April, which doesn’t leave long to assemble a team.

Can I therefore particularly ask for offers for M35-49 400m runners. Clem Leon for M50. Bob Minting or Rob Brown for M60.

Peter Hamilton will have a good selection of 3k runner to choose from. Don’t forget others can do non scorers if they wish.

Shaun, Peter H and Roger for the two Walk places. Can you please advise who will do what? (again places for non-scorers too)

TJ – I need an offer for M35-49 (one place) Michael Champion? , Clem for M50, and Dennis for M60?

Alan Hardy and Allan Williams for the pole vault please – Allan, this is on your doorstep!

Hammer – Steve Timmins, and an offer from someone to do M50 please. Dennis, perhaps?

Enjoy the Easter and other breaks. As a devout republican, I am off two nearby republics, but will have e-mail there.

Well done. Don’t let it go to your heads. Too early to rest on any laurels!



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Information & Time Tables for SCVAC League , Kent Divisions 2011

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16-20 March 2011 - European Masters - Ghent

The usual suspects were at the above and I guess you will pick up results from Power of 10 site. The only thing that may not be evident is I managed to sneak a bronze with GB team in o/60's cross country team (individually 10th, plus 3000m indoor 10th 11.04.51, 13th on aggregate of the 2 races). Present were Tom Phillips (who injured himself) Ken Daniel, Roger Michelle, Alan Williams, not sure about any others,

Peter Hamilton
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12 March 2011 - National CC - Birmingham

Keith Ewing was 5th in the M50 vets National xc in Birmingham on 12th March, 47 secs behind the winner.

Peter Hamilton
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26/27 February 2011 - BMAF Indoor Championships at Lee Valley

M55 Tom Phillips 60m B final 3rd 8.29

Clem Leon 200m B final 1st 26.9.1, 400m B final 2nd 59.98, HJ 3rd 1.50, TJ 3rd 9.94, LJ 7th 4.42

Alan Williams PV 1st 3.80

M60 Ken Daniel 800m 1st 2.26.64, 1500m 3rd 4.58.88

Peter Hamilton 3000m 2nd 11.20.67

M65 Peter Hannell 3000m walk 2nd 17.39.13

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20 February 2011 - SCVAC Indoor Track and Field Championships

Allan Williams broke the British M55 Pole vault record twice at the SCVAC Indoor champs at Lee Valley. Cleared 3.81 then 3.91 - full results here.

A small and yet perfectly formed turn out by our men at the SCVAC Indoor championships at Lee Valley on 20 February. Ladies, where were you? Star of the day was definitely Allan Williams, with two UK M55 pole vault records, clearing 3.81 and going on to soar over 3.91 shortly afterwards. Quite overcome, he was!

Elsewhere, a whole bundle of medals for a very in-form Clem Leon, and medals from his first ever indoor venture for Rob Brown. Scintillating racing from Keith Ewing in the M50 800m too. Bodes well for all in the BMAF National Championships next weekend.


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13 February 2011 - VAC Indoors with BMAF Pentathlon Lee Valley

Ken Daniel won o/60s 1500 5.08.06 (Peter Hamilton 2nd) PH won o/60s 800 2.37.70, Gordon Hickey was 2nd in M75 shot with 10.05m, but the BH star, if not the star of the meet was Keith Ewing who won a front running o/50 800 in 2.08.56, the second fastest time of the day, that is class and will be up near the top of the rankings for the year although he is likely to improve upon it. (Minting's club record is 2..05.01 - watch out!)

Clem Leon was 2nd in M 55 BMAF pentathlon with 3200 points (breakdown on power of 10 web).

Peter Hamilton

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