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Welcome to the Masters Section for 2010

SCVAC Kent Division Time table etc 20-02-10
A message from Tom & Anne 2-03-10
11/12 September 2010 - British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships at Oxford 16-09-10
5 September 2010 - SVAC Inter-Club Final - Ashford 6-09-10
9 July 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park 16-07-10
3/4 July 2010 - BMAF National Championships - Cardiff 6-07-10
28 June 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford 1-07-10
20 June 2010 - SW Vets - Exeter 23-06-10
14 June 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford 16-06-10
17 May 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Erith 31-05-10
7 May 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Canterbury 31-05-10
23 April 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Sutcliffe Park 31-05-10
13 March 2010 - National Masters Cross Country Championships in Belfast 16-03-10
13 March 2010 - Belgian Masters Indoor Championships  15-03-10
1-6 March 2010 - World Masters, Canada 9-03-10
14 February 2010 - SCVAC Indoor Track and Field Championships 15-02-10
12 February 2010 - Athletics Weekly has just published the UK "Top 3" Masters 15-02-10
1 February 2010 - Italian site interviews world’s fastest masters photographer 1-02-10
24 January 2010 - Scottish Athletics Masters Indoor Championships - Kelvin Hall 29-01-10

Full results of all SCVAC Track League appear on the Power of 10 website

11/12 September 2010 - British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships at Oxford

Clem Leon took part in his first full Decathlon on 11 and 12 September, and in so doing, set a Club M50 record of 4,652 points. This was a great performance considering we'd used him for about seven events at the SCVAC Finals the weekend before! Consider it a good warm up, Clem, and think yourself lucky we didn't have to use you for the 1,500m then! Clem's inaugural decathlon came at the annual British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships at Oxford.

Day 1 was always going to play to Clem's strengths, with only the shot being unknown territory, but Day 2 would be a test, with no familiar events. So, imagine Clem's delight, and the great delight of spectators, as he inched his personal best pole-vault from a lowly 1.10m to the very, very respectable 2.30m. This is way above "entry level" for very respectable M50 Masters pole vaulting, let alone a performance in a decathlon. I'd be the first to acknowledge how tired Clem looked as he hauled himself around the final 1,500m of the weekend. Well done, mate.


Photos from Tom Phillips

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5 September 2010 - SVAC Inter-Club Final - Ashford

PDF results are here...

Team Captain Tom Phillips writes:

Well, I never thought we'd be here at the end of the season, reflecting on "what might have been" if we'd managed to get a full strength squad out at the League Final. Why? Because I never thought we'd even qualify for the Final this year! But there you go, huge credit is due to those who pulled out all the stops, and won us the Kent League again, when we thought it was safely in Ashford's pocket. To win it in front of a vociferous home crowd was doubly sweet. That was an evening only soured by injury to our new sprinter Ben Williams, and the scoring error which, for 24 hours, had the ladies team thinking that they would be joining us at Ashford in the Final.

Preparing for the Final was one of the most hair-tearing experiences Peter Hamilton and I (neither of whom boast a huge amount to begin with) could have had this year. Late season is never safe from injuries and holidays, and we had these, and other no-shows in abundance. Nevertheless, the determined and talented squad we did get to Ashford again did us proud. Herne Hill won the Final again, by a slightly bigger margin that last year, but we were safe in second again, having once crept to within ten points of the lead during the day. Our Kent League friends from Ashford AC can also be well proud of their third place in the Final, this being the first occasion on which they have made it there, by virtue of being our runners up in the Kent League..

I'm not going to do a full run-down on the day - the results tell their own story, but I'll name check a few. Sam Bobb turned 35 a few days before the Final (phew!) and jumped a huge 14.36m in the triple jump. We don't yet have an established set of M35 records, but this would surely have been one. It was way beyond the 13.79m that won gold for a Spanish jumper at the European Masters in Hungary this year. If only you'd been born a couple of months sooner, Sam!

Clearly inspired by Sam, Clem Leon promptly followed up by breaking is own Club M50 triple jump record twice! He finished with 11.21m, to obliterate the previous record of 10.79m. This was on top of doing six other events that afternoon, as a prelude to tackling his first decathlon in a week's time.

Three outright wins in the javelin competitions, for Mike van den Dobbelsteen, Steve Langdon and Colin Brand loaded good points on to the day. Great also to have Michael Champion, Nigel Keogh and Simon Tolson back from injury etc, and competing for us again.

And let's remember - the SCVAC Final is regarded as probably THE top Masters inter-Club competition in the country.


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Javelin, Steve Langdon 5th with 47.81

100m ht 4th Tom Phillips 13.13
200m ht 2nd 26.25
semi 5th 26.02

5000m 5th Bill Foster 16.42.90

800m ht 1st Ken Daniel 2.29.75
final 4th 2.22.22
1500m ht 3rd 5.02.40
final 5th 4.59.35

ht 4th Bob Minting 5.06.35
final DNF

10000m 5th Peter Hamilton 42.22.69

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9 July 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Norman Park

10-07-10 I am sorry to have to be the bringer of bad news, but I have just has a ‘phone call from Arthur Kimber, who organises the Kent Masters League. There was a scoring error within the provisional results announced at Norman Park last night, which when corrected means that our plucky Ladies team actually finished 3rd again in the League by a tiny margin, rather than second.

Sadly, this means that the Ladies Team won’t be coming to the League Final after all.



Huge congratulations to this evening’s team of stars, who clinched us the Kent Masters League title. This is surely one of the most prestigious Masters crowns in the Country, given the overall standard of performances.

We’re going to have to wait for the official results (again) and I’ve been warned that I may not have them before I leave for the European Masters in Hungary next Tuesday. Hopefully, Anne will get them while I am away and get them posted on the Club website.

It seems invidious at times like this to single out individuals, but I can’t ignore Dennis Wallington’s Club M60 long jump record, which beats one of the late Jim Day’s great records. Nor Ken Daniel, setting a new M60 PB (happy birthday for yesterday!), Adrian Stocks for demolishing his 800m PB, and Gary Bishop for not one, but two great 800m performances in the evening.

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Peter Hamilton, who has backed me up throughout this difficult summer, and taken care of the minefield that is middle distance selection! Thanks Peter.

Thanks also to those of you who came to support tonight, although you were not competing. There was a real buzz the whole time, and the wall of sound along the finish straight was spine-tingling!

The icing on the cake is, of course, that the ladies team came second in the League overall, and will be joining us at Ashford on 5 September at the League Final. This is great news.

Finally, my personal thanks to Mike Davies, for supplying our commitment of officials this season, and for making sure tonight went so smoothly. And big thanks to our President, Richard Coe, who has been a faithful supporter of the Masters squad throughout the summer. To know that we are recognised as one of the success stories in our Club is great. It hasn’t always been so.

Right then. You can all have the rest of the day off, so long as you promise to be in good shape for 5 September. I will supply full details about the League Final match as soon as I have them, but don’t panic if you hear nothing for a fortnight, because I will be away. At present, assume that you are needed, whether you have competed for us this season yet or not. Participation in a League match is not a pre-condition of being in the League Final team. I’m looking forward to selecting a great and strong squad from the array of talent we have.


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3/4 July 2010 - BMAF National Championships - Cardiff

Full results are at 

100m Shirley Rowbotham 4th

200m                 “ “               7th


Shot Barbara Terry 2nd

Discus     “ “             2nd

Javelin     “ “             1st

Hammer  “ “             3rd

Weight     “ “             2nd


These two were our only women’s representatives in Cardiff.


400 Hurdles Richard Holt 3rd


100m Clem Leon 5th

200m     “ “             8th

400m     “ “            4th

Long jump “ “        4th

Triple Jump “ “      1st

High Jump “ “        2nd with new PB

Javelin Steve Langdon 2nd

5,000m Bill Foster 1st


100m Tom Phillips 3rd

200m     “ “               5th


5,000m Peter Hamilton 5th

3,000m walk Roger Michell 1st

5,000m walk          “ “            1st and just 0.01 away from Club record, which was not an electronic timing. Deserves to be recognised as equalling it.


3,000m walk Peter Hannell 2nd


Shot Colin Brand 2nd

Discus       “ “        1st

Hammer    “ “        5th

Javelin       “ “        2nd

Weight       “ “        4th


 Shot Gordon Hickey 2nd

Discus          “ “           5th

Hammer       “ “           5th

Javelin          “ “           1st

Weight          “ “           3rd


That’s just 12 athletes, but 7 Golds, 9 Silvers and 4 Bronzes between them.



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28 June 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford

Hi Guys,


We’ve reached a key situation with the Kent Masters League.


Results supply has been very bad this year, and it has been impossible to do timely reports, but the Men’s Masters squad is currently tying with Ashford in first place in the League, and on Monday night, the ladies team won its way to second place in their League.


We have the final, and decisive, meeting of the Kent league at Norman Park on the evening of Friday 9 July. Both teams need to win to be certain of making it to the League Final at Ashford on 5 September. The men’s squad also want to win the Kent League outright, and retain a virtually unbroken record.


It would be good to have as many supporters from the Club there to cheer us on, and to enjoy an evening of top class Masters athletics. The meeting starts at 6.45 on 9 July.



Hi Lovely Ladies
Very well done to everyone for their hard work and brilliant results on Monday eve, a real case of "every point mattered". The result has put us back in contention for the final but it will all be down to the outcome of the last match. as you can see there is just 1 point between the top 3 teams, Cambridge, Dartford and us as the outcome is based on the total match points, if there is a tie the total points come into play.
So the next match is crucial, I know Justine and I are unavailable (I wouldn't have any impact anyway so that's no loss and we have a wealth of w35 middle distance runners and as Norman park is local I'm optimistic we can get a B string 800m runner out). Hopefully everyone else is available,
the events are 100m (a,b,50)
                      800m (a,b,50,60)
                      medley relay (2x200m, 1x400m,1x800m)
                      long jump (35,50,60)
Ideally we need to win the match but failing that we must beat Cambridge.
I will be in touch with a provisional team asap but please put the evening aside, it would be good to get a B team out too!!
Thank you for your hard work so far, particularly those of you who have made a real effort to get to those far reaching corners of Kent and those of you who have done events under duress (like carolyna's pole vault, what a star!!) and those who have turned out to every match with heroic reliability, brownie points all round!!!
See you all soon
Love Anne xx


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20 June 2010 - SW Vets - Exeter - warm & breezy

400m - M60
Championship Record 64.6 Standard 73.0
270 Minting Bob Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 58.6

800m - M60
Championship Record 2:19.9 Standard 2.48.0
270 Minting Bob Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 2.11.3

5000m - M60
Championship Record 18:16.0 Standard 24:00.0
139 Hamilton Peter Blackheath & Bromley 19.38.9

5000m - M65
Championship Record 20:03.5 Standard 00:26:00
272 Woodcock Chris Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 22.18.1

So we flew the flag quite well.

Regards to all

Chris Woodcock

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14 June 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Ashford

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17 May 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Erith


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7 May 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Canterbury

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23 April 2010 - Kent Masters' League - Sutcliffe Park

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13 March 2010 - National Masters Cross Country Championships in Belfast

Alan Camp represented The Club when he competed in the National Masters Cross Country Championships in Belfast on Saturday 13th March. Alan finished in an impressive 8th place, with only 9 seconds separating 4th - 8th positions in the race. Well established in his current age group, he showed he can still give those new M50s a run for their money. a fantastic result, well done Al.

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13 March 2010 - Belgian Masters Indoor Championships

The excellent Indoor arena in Ghent, Belgium, will host the 2011 European Masters Indoor Championships. BBHAC's Tom Phillips and Allan Williams were part of a Great Britain Masters squad who visited this year's Belgian Masters Championships to have an early look at the track, and spy out local hotels.

Sadly, a bicep injury prevented Allan from competing. It was also the reason he didn't travel to the World Masters Indoors in Canada recently. Tom had a good day, however, winning the M55 60m in 8.07, his season's best to date. He followed this later with second place in the 200m, in 26.04, behind a GB squad team-mate, and a very strong lead-off leg for a winning 4x200m relay squad.

Tom's verdict on the trip: "If you get a chance to race in the Ghent arena - take it! Once you're across the Channel, it's closer than many of the British stadiums."

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March 2010 - World Masters, Canada


Bill Foster won bronze in the M50 1500m final in 4:27.29 He'll be pleased.

The published results say Allan Williams didn't start the M55 pole vault. I've no background on that.

Clem Leon was part of the GB 4x200m M50 relay team that was 4th, and missed out on the medals. Clem was 7th in the M50 triple jump. His 10.62 best jump was (I think) his second best ever. Earlier in the week, he'd run an 8.19 60m, 27.16 for 200m, and 59.99 (phew!) for the 400m.


Looks like Bill Foster won the 3,000m at the World Masters Indoors in Kamloops, Canada, yesterday. They've been slow publishing the results. He's also qualified 4th fastest in the 1500m.

See  He ran 9.23.28 in the 3k.

The only two other Club members there are Clem Leon, who is doing a bundle of M50 events that I've been having trouble keeping up with, and Allan Williams, whose vault is today, but no results up yet.

On the track, I heard there had been problems with progression from heats and semis, as WMA appear to have forgotten their published rules on who goes forward, and were doing it simply on the fastest overall from the competitors. This is quite a controversial championships. Entries are tiny, because so few people wanted to go all that way to run on an un-banked indoor 200m track with lanes just 2 feet wide. The 200m times are desperately slow across the age groups as a result of the sub-standard facilities.

Helen's W55 60m WR seems to have survived the championships unscathed.


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SCVAC Kent Division Time table  etc

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To all Masters Athletes and would-be Masters Athletes

Summer season 2010 – Important information
The dates and venues have now been set for the Kent Masters Track and Field League for Summer 2010. If you intend to compete this year, please put these dates in your diary:

Friday 23 April – Sutcliffe Park
Friday 7 May – Canterbury
Monday 17 May – Erith
Monday 14 June – Medway Park, Gillingham (a new track)
Monday 28 June – Ashford
Friday 9 July – Norman Park

All fixtures will begin at 6.45pm.
If we get that far, the League Final will be on Sunday 5 September, at Ashford.

Final details of which events will be held at each fixture will be available soon, but for now, assume that it will be broadly as per last year’s fixtures, so you can check the events from last year’s results, which are all on the Club web site.

Most of last year’s fixtures were on a Monday evening. A number of our athletes said this was inconvenient. This year three are still Mondays, but three are Fridays. Remember that this is a Kent-wide League, and we cannot expect all of the fixtures to be close to SE London.

Your Men’s team will again be managed by Tom Phillips, and the Ladies Teams by Anne Cilia.

If you do NOT intend to compete in the League this year, please tell Tom or Anne as soon as possible. They do not want to spend time chasing up athletes who then say they are not going to take part this summer. If you can do some dates and not others, please let Tom and Anne know this as well – but remember also to tell them if your availability then changes.

If you have just turned 35, or will do so before any of the Kent League fixtures, and you want to compete as a Masters athlete, be sure to tell Tom or Anne, because you won’t be on their lists otherwise. They just don’t have time to track down everyone about to turn 35 and ask them! The same goes for anyone already over 35, who fancies turning out for the Masters squad and hasn’t done so before, or hasn’t competed for some time.

More details will be published here when we have it.

Tom and Anne  and

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14 February 2010 - SCVAC Indoor Track and Field Championships


Full results here...

Photos from Tom Philips


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Athletics Weekly has just published the UK "Top 3" in the Masters rankings for most track and field events.


Seven B&B athletes made it into the lists.

M35 hurdler Derek Paisley was third ranked over 400mH
M40 Dave Heath, racing in France, achieved top ranking at 1500m and 3rd over 5,000m
M45 Dave Taylor ranked 2nd at 1,500m
M55 sprinter Tom Phillips ranked 3rd over both 100 and 200m
M55 vaulter Allan Williams achieved top ranking in the pole vault
M70, Colin Brand ranked first in shot and javelin, and second in discus
M75 Gordon Hickey ranked first in shot and second in javelin.

The lists are taken from the comprehensive "Power of 10" web site data. The rankings are based on each athlete's single best performances outdoors in 2009.


Women's rankings will be published soon.


We had a number of athletes in the UK "Top 10", and Bill Foster ranked 4th at several events. However, AW only listed top 3's.

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1 February 2010 - Italian site interviews world’s fastest masters photographer

The US Masters Track & Field have run the interview, first published in Italian, on how Tom Philips juggles racing and being an official photographer at the big Masters meets. Read it here...

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24 January 2010 - Scottish Athletics Masters Indoor Championships - Kelvin Hall

I've just returned home with two Scottish Masters titles under my belt. I don't, as far as I know, have any Scots ancestry, but the Scots have made their Masters Championships an Open event, and it seemed like a good idea. I'm about as far off doing speed training at the moment as it's possible to be, but gladly so, it seems, was everyone else.

I won the M55 60m after snoozing on my blocks, and dead-heating on the line. The verdict was given to me by a few thousandths. I've learned to dip since Lahti last summer! 8.20 was a slow season's opener for me, but like I said, it's all been strength and endurance work lately.

The Kelvin Hall track has mountainous bends. I was glad to get lane 2 for the M55 200m, and ran a technically pretty proficient race, to win very easily in 26.83. Again, no great shakes, but it made the weekend away very worthwhile.

I'd commend the Scottish Masters to anyone fancying an early indoor leg-stretcher next year, and I know of a couple of good hotels within five minutes of the track.


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