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Welcome to the Vets or Masters SCVAC Results for 2002

Results for:

1/09/02 - The Final at Battersea Park - Photos and more...
5/08/02 - Ladywell
22/07/02 - Norman Park
8/07/02 - Ashford
17/06/02 - Erith
17/05/02 - Dartford
26/04/02 - Deangate

SCVAC Final 1st Sept 2002


A fantastic overall team effort on the day helped Blackheath Veterans team to a victory at the SCVAC League Final against 6 other teams representing the cream of veterans athletics across the south of England.  In glorious sunshine, the team performances also shone, apart form your team captain, who had a day of season's worst. Full results are attached.

I don't want to single out individual performances because I consider this very much a team effort, however I would like to mention Malcolm Cannon, who will be a new name to most, but is a long time member, no resident in Scotland. Malcolm flew down for the event, took part in 5 events, with one 1first, 3 seconds and a third to his name......and then flew home. We hope to see Malcolm at future events next year

I would like to say a big thank you to all the team on the day and all those who have supported the Veterans team in reaching the final and of course the officials who have turned out to time us and measure our efforts. I am assured by Anne Cilia, that next year Blackheath will have two veterans sides competing at the final.

John R Turner 5-09-02

Photos of the day are here...and here...

Battersea 1 September 2002
MEN'S MATCH   1 Blackheath Harriers   241
  2 Barnet & District   226
  3 Oxford City   210
  4 Havant   195
  5 Epsom & Ewell Harriers   170.5
  6 Eastbourne Rovers   150
  7 Hillingdon   98.5
100 metres M40 A 1 B Morris E'bne 11.8
  4 N Ayrton B'hth 12.3
  7 M Howard Hill 14.5
M40 B 1 S Davis Havant 12.5
  5 K Aaron E'bne 13.1
  6 J Turner B'hth 13.2
M50 1 D Wallington B'hth 13.4
M60 1 B Arriss Havant 13.7
  5 J Day B'hth 15.9
200 metres M40 A 1 B Morris E'bne 23.9
  3 N Ayrton B'hth 24.5
M40 B 1 S Davis Havant 25.6
  5 J Turner B'hth 27.4
M50 1 T Ryan Barn 27.1
  3 D Wallington B'hth 28.4
400 metres M40 A 1 B Morris E'bne 53.2
  3 N Ayrton B'hth 53.9
M40 B 1 A Cunningham Barn 55.4
  2 M.Watling B'hth 57.4
M50 1 B Minting B'hth 58.1
M60 1 C Antoniou Barn 66.4
  6 J Clare B'hth 76.5
800 metres M40 A 1 D Wilcock Barn 2:06.8
  2 M Watling B'hth 2:08.7
M40 B 1 A Cunningham Barn 2:12.0
  2 J Morland B'hth 2:14.9
M50 1 B Minting B'hth 2:14.6
1500 metres M40 A 1 D Wilcock Barn 4:18.2
  5 M Watling B'hth 4:28.4
M40 B 1 A Kelleher Barn 4:20.2
  2 J Morland B'hth 4:31.9
M50 1 K Daniel B'hth 4:35.0
M60 1 M Shipway Oxf C 4:58.1
  5 J Clare B'hth 5:49.7
3000 metres M40 A 1 B Green Oxf C 9:23.3
  3 T Soutar B'hth 9:43.0
M40 B 1 D Wheeler Oxf C 9:46.4
  3 M Ellison B'hth 10:00.8
M50 1 D Michael Barn 10:04.3
  2 P Hamilton B'hth 10:06.1
M60 1 M Shipway Oxf C 10:38.2
High Jump M40 1 M Cannon B'hth 1.70
M50 1 B Minting B'hth 1.55
M60 1 R Bruck Barn 1.35
  3 J Day B'hth 1.25
Pole Vault M40 1 A Hardy B'hth 3.40
M50 1 J Day B'hth 2.60
Long Jump M40 1 B Morris E'bne 5.58
  3 M Cannon B'hth 5.20
M50 1 D Wallington B'hth 4.96
M60 1 R Bruck Barn 4.21
  5 J Day B'hth 3.46
Triple Jump M40 1 P Ilo Barn 11.48
  3 A Hardy B'hth 11.01
M50 1 G Page E&E 10.40
  3 D Wallington B'hth 10.10
Shot M40 1 B Slaughter E'bne 11.26
  5 A Hardy B'hth 8.53
M50 1 B Coates Havant 9.63
  4 D Wallington B'hth 9.30
M60 1 G Hickey B'hth 11.33
Discus M40 1 B Slaughter E'bne 32.13
  4 J Turner B'hth 25.56
M50 1 M Bennett Barn 34.94
  6 D Wallington B'hth 24.53
Hammer M40 1 K Pullen Havant 34.99
  7 J Turner B'hth 16.84
M50 1 K Prior E&E 38.86
  3 G Hickey B'hth 28.89
Javelin M40 1 B Slaughter E'bne 41.34
  2 M Cannon B'hth 37.69
M50 1 M Bennett Barn 42.24
  3 R Coe B'hth 37.06
M60 1 G Hickey B'hth 30.82
2000 metres Walk M40 A 1 G Chapman Oxf C 9:41.4
  2 P Hannel B'hth 10:16.9
M40 B 1 R Brown B'hth 11:49.4
M50 1 S Lightman B'hth 10:00.1
4x100m Relay Men 1 Barnet & District   49.0
  2 Blackheath Harriers   49.7
4x400m Relay Men 1 Barnet & District   3:44.4
  2 Blackheath Harriers   3:44.7

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Vets Meeting 6 - Monday August 5th


The Blackheath Veteran men's team rounded of a victorious season with another winning fixture at the Ladywell track. Out of 6 fixtures this year, Blackheath dropped only one point. Once again, the strength in depth of the side carried us through, and we won quite comfortably, despite not having many first places on the night. There wee no really outstanding performances on the night, just a solid all round team showing.

My thanks to all those who competed on the night and who have come out during the season, both to participate, to officiate and to assist in any way. See you all at the final.

Battersea Millennium track Sunday 1st Sept. John R Turner 13-08-02

At LADYWELL V40   V50   V60  
800m   WATLING 2.16.ISH (2) DANIEL 2.17.4 91) ns  
  HAMILTON 2.20 ISH (2)        
100M   TURNER 13.3 (3) COATES 13.9 (4)    
  PHILIPS 13.1 (3)        
RELAY   4.00.5 (2)          
HIGH JUMP   HARDY 1.40m(3) DAY 1.20m ( 4)    
JAVELIN   TURNER 29.48 (3) BRAND 37.55 (1) HICKEY 27.40 (2)
SHOT   HARDY 9.06 (2) BRAND 8.51 (2) HICKEY 11.49 (1)
  CAMBRIDGE 63   DARTFORD 26.5 (287)    
  DARTFORD 60   CAMBRIDGE 23 (244)    
  INVICTA 49   INVICTA 17.5 (263)    
  BEXLEY 42   BEXLEY 14.5 (240)    
  SEVENOAKS 40   SEVENOAKS 9.5 (212)    


BLACKHEATH MEN'S VETERANS TEAM REACH LEAGUE FINAL - After a number of years of rule changes the Blackheath Men's Veterans side has again qualified for the southern league final. This year this will be held at the Millennium stadium, Battersea, on Sunday Sept 1st. We will need our strongest possible team to challenge for first place and a number of officials to support the organisers. More details to follow.  If you would like to take part in any way, please let me know. John R Turner 5-08-02

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Vets Meeting 5 - Monday July 22nd

The men's team continued their winning ways and took themselves to an unassailable lead in the league. It is not possible for us to be caught in the final match of the season at Ladywell, so we can begin to plan for the league final on Sept 1st at Battersea.

A strange mixture of events saw a number of different Heathens making an appearance in the team, with our three walkers invincible on the night. Neil Aryton continued his blistering season with a 53.2 s 400m and "silky " Daniels at last found a distance he could be beaten in. The ladies team had 3 representatives and came a creditable 3rd on the night.

Thanks also to officials and helpers on the night.

At BROMLEY V40   V50   V60   LADIES  
2000SC M WATLING 7.12.2 (2) JIM PHELAN 8.12.4 (3)        
400M N AYRTON 53.2 (1) KEN DANIEL 61.3 (3)     ANNE CILIA 78.1 (3)
  J TURNER 58.8 (2)         CATH MESSENT 99.1 (2)
  TOM PHILIPS guest 61.1            
2000M WALK PETER HANNELL 10.10.9 (1) SHAUN LIGHTMAN 10.16.3 (1)     CATH MESSENT 13.37.5 (2)
  NOLAN SIMMONS 11.39.7 (1)         ALISON JELLY 14.34.8 (1)
Overall BLACKHEATH 29 (327) BLACKHEATH 12 (192) 4th
  DARTFORD 22.5 (267)  
INVICTA 14.5 (214)
BEXLEY 12.5 (197)
SEVENOAKS 8.5 (172)

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Vets Meeting 4 - Monday July 8th

In contrast to the previous matches the weather in Ashford was dreadful; the pole vault and the later track races taking place in monsoon conditions.

What didn't change was the winning ways of the men's team and the solo efforts of the ladies team in the form of Anne Cilia. Neil Ayrton continued his dominance of the longer sprints clocking a very impressive 24.5s into a stiff headwind.

A greater surprise was in store in the B race when the captain ran through strongly to win . There were strong performance all round from the jumpers, vaulters and the 1500M runners, including a typically cheeky cat and mouse performance from "silky" Daniels.

Our throwers were detained elsewhere so yours truly had the chance to show why he has been training to run for 20 years, by coming second in the Discus and Rob Brown had his first ever throw to record a point.

The evening was rounded off by a pretty swift 4 by 400, where Cambridge showed us a very clean pair of heels, despite a fastest split of 53.7 from Neil, in conditions more conducive to the swimming leg on a triathlon.

Overall this performance has maintained the Blackheath lead in the league and we can now begin to plan for the league final on Sept 1st at Battersea.

If any athletes wish to be considered for this event, please let me know asap.

Thanks.  John R Turner


Ashford V40   V50   V60   Ladies
  NEIL AYRTON 24.6s (1)          
200 M   J R TURNER 27.1s (1) COLIN MONKS  27.6 (3)      
1500M   JOHN MORLAND 4.35.0 (2) KEN DANIEL 4.49.5 (1)     ANNE CILIA 6.17.0 (2)
  MARK WATLING 4.35.8 (2)          
4x400M   TURNER            
  WATLING 3.52.4 (2)          
POLE VAULT ALAN HARDY 3.45m(1) JOHN ROBINSON 2.00 (3) JIM DAY 2.40m (1)  
DISCUS   JOHN TURNER 27.76 (2) ROB BROWN 13.24 (6)     ANNE CILIA 11.88 (3)
  Match  BLACKHEATH 65       BLACKHEATH 18 (4TH)
    DARTFORD 59        
    CAMBRIDGE 49        
  Overall BLACKHEATH 23 (265)       BLACKHEATH 10 (4TH)
    DARTFORD 18 (217)        
    CAMBRIDGE 16 (201)        
    INVICTA 11.5 (171)        
    BEXLEY 8 (147)        
    SEVENOAKS 7.5 (140)        

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Vets Meeting 3 - Monday June 17th

On the hottest day of the year so far, the Blackheath veterans produced some scorching performances to win the 3rd of this years six meetings by a comfortable margin and maintain their overall lead of the competition.

 The ambition to reach the southern final looking easily achievable. We had a number of notable victories, including Neil Ayrtons vets V40 league debut over 800M in a fine 2.05.6, silky Ken Daniels return to the same distance in a winning 2.17.2 and a club record in the 4 x 200M , won in 1.41.8. The latter was particularly exciting as all our sprinters had been beaten by athletes from Cambridge Harriers, but our squad won by 2 seconds.

The ladies team is now more than just Anne Cilia and with a couple more runners and a thrower, could begin to compete.

V40   V50   V60
J R TURNER   13.3s (3)   DENNIS WALLINGTON 13.0s(2)   JIM DAY 16.5s (3)
TOM PHILLIPS 12.8s(2)        
NEIL AYRTON  2.05.6 (1)   KEN DANIELS 2.17.2 (1)    
MARK WATLING 2.13.0 (2)   Match result 
Guest PETER HAMILTON  2.23.3 Blackheath 72
    Cambridge 56
TURNER,PHILIPS,WALLINGTON,AYRTON  1.14.8 (1) New club record Dartford 49
    Bexley 43
    Invicta 42
J R TURNER  32.04M (2)   COLIN BRAND 38.39M(1) Sevenoaks 30
    Overall result
ALAN HARDY 8.56M(2)   COLIN BRAND 9.38M (3)    
    Blackheath 17 /190
ALAN HARDY 5.02M(2)   DENNIS WALLINGTON 4.86M(1) Dartford 13/158
    Cambridge 12/152
    Invicta 8.5/126
Ladies: Anne Cilia     Sevenoaks 6.5/106
100M 16.3/Javelin16.28/800M 3.05.1/Shot4.34/Long jump3.35 Bexley 6/110
Julia Harrington 800M 2.57.4      


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Vets Meeting 2 - Dartford - May 17th

On another windy night the Veterans team had to be content with second place on the night due to some last minute withdrawals.

Once again the strength in depth and the ability to pull as a team delivered the points. Highlight of the night for the men's team was a blistering 54.6s, 400Metres from Neil Ayrton in beating Cambridge's Ray Daniel ( no relation) into second place. The 800M, in the next event, promises fireworks.

Once again Ann Cilia was the ladies team ( 400M 83.6, High jump 1.10, Hammer!! 10.42 ,5000M 23.13.5) actually managing to come 3rd, all by her self.

The next meeting is at Erith on June 17th and I am looking for a V 60 100 metre runner and the meeting after that we need a V 60 200M runner. Finishing the race and scoring points is more important than time.  Please make yourself known. We need all the possible points to make the final.

DARTFORD  MANAGER Con Griffin/Mike Martineau
EVENT   V40   V50   V60  
400M   NEIL AYRTON 54.6 ( 1ST) MIKE MARTINEAU 71.3 (6) PETER LOVELL 82.9 (5)
  MARK WATLING 59.6 (3)        
5000M   CLIFF KEEN 16.58.9 (3) PETER HAMILTON 18.18.8 (2)  
  MARK WATLING 18.06.2 (2)        
  MARK ELLISON 18.14.3        
HIGH JUMP ALAN HARDY 1.35(3) John Robinson 1.30 (4) JIM DAY 1.15 (4)
Match result Cambridge 59,B'Heath 49,Dartford 43    
Overall after 2 Matches: B'Heath 11 (118) Dartford 9 (109) Cambridge 7(96)    


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Results for the SCVAC meeting one @ Deangate on 26th April.

The men's Vets team resumed their winning ways on a chilly and blustery evening at Deangate and welcomed back old faces and welcomed new additions to the team. The team was a little weakened by the absence of some first team regulars, but as usual our strength in depth pulled us through, even if the team manager had to run a 1500m to score some points.

As the match results shows, competing and scoring in all events can be the key to success, so as usual a big thanks to all those who turned up. Special mention to debut from Neil Ayrton, who demonstrated were his son Dan got his speed, with a cruising win in the 1500 M and a blistering 2nd leg in the relay.

Mention too to the pole vaulters in very difficult conditions and to the throwers who were first in each age group until the last round, when Chris Ellis was beaten by one centimetre.

The results and the team for the next meeting at Dartford are shown below. For anyone who wants to take part, but is a little unsure, you can always run as a non scoring guest give it a try. If you want to take part and want to know the next step to joining a winning team, contact me" John R Turner

Match Result
1st BH,B 69 points
2nd Dartford 66
3rd Invicta 51

Results meeting 1: 26th April 2002 - DEANGATE    
EVENT V40 V50 V60
200M J R TURNER 26.4s (3) DENNIS WALLINGTON 27.3 s (1)  
TOM PHILLIPS  27.0s (2)    
1500M NEIL AYRTON 4m 41 .8s (1) PETER HAMILTON  4.53.5  (3) No scorer
J R TURNER   5m.33.5s (5) Ha Ha    
49.3s (1)    


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On Friday 25th of January 2002 I attended an ad hoc meeting of team representatives for the Kent Division of the SCVAC… that is the Vets Track and Field. At this meeting we made some minor amendments to the rules as they apply to the Kent Division and also agreed a provisional schedule of events for the forthcoming season. These are detailed below.

I would draw your attention in particular to the very welcome news that this year the SCVAC Final will be contested by the best individual Men's and Lady's sides from Kent and not a representative Kent side, as has been the case for the last few years.

1. The league will continue to be in two divisions for each Men and Women.

2. Medway and Maidstone and Rochester have now combined and will be known as Medway and Maidstone.

3. This has allowed the addition of one new club and Ashford has filled this vacancy. This allows the use of the Julie Rose stadium as a new venue.

4. Blackheath Men remain in Div 1 and the Women in Div 2.

5. For this season athletes in the 50 and 60 age brackets will be allowed to compete in more than one age category at any meeting, but not in the same event at that meeting.

6. There will be an A and a B string in all V40/ WV35 Track events and one competitor in all other events.

7. To reduce individual waiting times in field events, these will be run by division, at each meeting. i.e you only wait for 12 competitors, not 24!

8. The events at each meeting will be exactly as last year, except for the replacement of the 3 K with a 5 K race………steeplechasers I need to hear from you. Track officials will be under instruction to double up events whenever possible, to ensure full fields and a smooth running programme.

9. The proposed fixture list and venues are as follows:

DATE  VENUE  Host Club(s)
26th April  Deangate  Medway and Maidstone
17th May  Dartford  Dartford
17th June  Erith  Bexley
8th July  Ashford (Julie Rose)  Ashford with Invicta
22nd July  Bromley (Norman Pk)  Bromley with Blackheath
5th August  Ladywell  Kent AC
1st Sept  Battersea  SCVAC Final

All dates and venues subject to availability and confirmation.

I will be writing to all those vets whom I know wish to compete, as soon as full confirmation has been received.  In the interim, if anyone new to athletes, or officials/ helpers, would like to make themselves known to me, please do so. It would also be useful to be contacted by those athletes who consider themselves to old, injured or sane to be selected.

John R Turner

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