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Tri Results 2013

Information on and from the Blackheath & Bromley Tri Club...

22 September 2013 - Crawley Sprint Tri 29-09-13

14 September 2013 - World Triathlon Age group Championships - Hyde Park 19-09-13

18 August 2013 - Salford Triathlon Olympic Distance 21-08-13

14 July 2013 - Challenge Roth Ironman 15-07-13

7 July 2013 - Frankfurt Ironman European Championship 15-07-13

2 June 2013 - Chester Deva Triathlon  3-06-13

19 May 2013 - Crystal Palace Triathlon  21-05-13


22 September 2013 - Crawley Sprint Tri

Simon Tolson - Results from Crawley Sprint Tri 22nd September 2013

1Hour 24Min 46sec. 47th out of 151. 15th in age group.
Splits: 600m swim 10m 23 secs (11th), Bike 25K 39m 22 secs (38th) Run 6k 30m 39 secs (81st)

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14 September 2013 - World Triathlon Age group Championships - Hyde Park

The World Triathlon Age group Championships were held in Hyde Park commencing with the Aquathlon on Wednesday September 11th and climaxing on Sunday 14th with the Age group Olympic distance races followed by the pro men's final. Friday 13th featured the Sprint Triathlon races and Blackheath & Bromley's Maureen Farish put in a fine performance in the Female V70 category, despite the inclement weather, and she crossed the line in 6th place. The 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run all taking place within the confines of Hyde Park.

The female elite race on the Saturday was subject to such atrocious weather conditions that the age group race on Sunday had the swim distance halved by the ITU to 750m in case of any cold related mishaps, as the races started from 7.00am. Blackheath & Bromley Tri were represented on the day by two of their senior athletes Nick Kinsey and Jim Phelan. As it turned out, they had the best weather conditions of the weekend and the sun was out for Jim's start at 8.00am, Nick followed some 40 minutes later and after the swim in the Serpentine, the 40km bike took them on a lap of Hyde Park and a trip around Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and the Embankment, turning at the Tower of London before returning to the park for a second lap. The final discipline, the 10km run was three times around the lake before finishing in front of the grandstand where spectators were out in force. Thanks to all those who came and cheered us on, it was a fantastic event with 2,600 Triathletes doing just the Olympic age group race.


SPRINT TRIATHLON Friday 13th: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.
FV70 6th / 8 2.17.56 SWIM 18.25 / BIKE 1.09.22 / RUN 36.06 4th GB

OLYMPIC TRIATHLON Sunday 15th (short swim 750m), 40km bike, 10km run.
MV 50 Nick Kinsey 20th / 156 1.59.50 SWIM 11.56 / BIKE 1.01.28 / RUN 40.17 6th GB
MV65 Jim Phelan 14th / 70 2.27.00 SWIM 14.34 / BIKE 1.13.53 / RUN 49.58 5th GB

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18 August 2013 - Salford Triathlon Olympic Distance


Jim Phelan 29.44 Swim / 1.17.59 Bike / 56.35 Run
1st V65 250th / 522


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14 July 2013 - Challenge Roth Ironman


Some of the finishers of Challenge Roth from Blackheath teams 1 and 2 waiting in the stadium for Pete, Beardy and Jim to finish.


LISA PAGE 1.20.24 / 5.52.17 / 4.06.36 = 11.32.20 (26W40 / 136W))
KEVIN MAY 1.04.31 / 5.02.15 / 3.43.10 = 9.59.34 (34M45 / 345TH)
GARY SMITH 1.12.54 / 5.09.24 / 3.35.49 = 10.02.24 (83M40 / 367TH)
PAUL TUCK 1.02.29 / 5.32.00 / 3.44.28 = 10.28.47 (92M45 / 622ND)
MARK SKELLY 1.12.05 / 5.57.37 / 3.52.23 = 11.13.19 (224M45 / 1199TH)
MARK NICHOLLS 1.17.35 / 6.02.42 / 3.59.10 = 11.32.55 (283M30 /1425TH)
GARETH GRIFFIN 1.23.07 / 6.13.49 / 4.09.29 = 11.57.26 (323M45 / 1744TH)
IAN MONTGOMERY 1.34.14 / 6.29.40 / 4.52.29 = 13.09.48 (481M45 / 2231ST)
PETE BURFORD 1.28.26 / 6.39.18 / 4.57.48 = 13.14.48 (54M55 / 2257TH)
JIM OSMAN 1.36.58 / 7.31.36 / 4.57.38 = 14.18.35 (541M40 / 2242ND)


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7 July 2013 - Frankfurt Ironman European Championship


NICK KINSEY 59.46 / 5.01.50 / 3.39.19 = 9.45.53 (5TH M50 / M238TH overall)


Last week I finished 5th in my age category (300 in this cat) at the European Ironman Championships in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany in an overall time of 9hrs 45 minutes.

More than 2,500 athletes from 51 nations faced the challenge of the Frankfurter Sparkasse IRONMAN European Championship. 2,4 miles swim in Waldsee Langen, 112 mile bike in the surrounding countryside of Frankfurt and a 26.2 mile run on the banks of Mainz River with a finish on the famous Römerberg

For those who are not familiar with the European Ironman circuit of races and courses this course is probably the 3rd fastest behind Klagenfurt, Austria (fastest) and Roth, Germany (2nd fastest), in Frankfurt the bike route is relatively flat with just a couple of climbs called ‘The Beast’; ‘The Hell’ and ‘Heartbreak Hill’ all of which are not nearly as fierce some as they sound, ( less than a kilometre long and not too steep at 5-8% gradient). I chose it because I hadn’t raced ‘long’ for over a year and didn’t want to kill myself and remembered the atmosphere as being second only to Hawaii at finish line Römerberg ‘old town Frankfurt’, where the organisers build one of the biggest football stadium type grandstands for the masses of spectators.

As race day dawned it was clear we were in for another blistering hot day as temperatures had been building all week. So it was shorts and T-shirts and onto the bus for the 20-30 minute ride down to the lake and T1 where we had racked our bikes the previous day. In total nearly 3000 athletes were due to toe the line.

At 06.45am exactly, the ‘Pro’ men and women (and 350 top age groupers) set off in the first start, followed at 07.00hrs by all the remainder ……great fun……..a proper race, head to head.

Luckily I got an early start in the first (faster) wave and had a ‘great’ swim. ‘Great’, not because it was particularly fast, but because it felt so easy, I was using the new Blue Seventy Helix suit and I reckon it made 2-3 minutes difference over the previous incarnation because for the first time (probably ever) the super new stretchy neoprene on the shoulders didn’t restrict my natural swim stroke. So I literally glided around at the back of a large pack of swimmers to finish in 59:45, the water was cleaner/ clearer than I remembered I from my last visit in 2007, it was a nice cool light blue colour too! ……good start, just under the hour.

Now …….come on Nick………quick through transition with helmet and shoes and all nutrition already on the bike, what is there to do? Just find my bike and GO!!!!!!

Well its quite a long run up from the lake up a mega hill (because the lake is an old disused sandpit excavation), you have to collect your bike bag (even if like me….nothing was in it) as your wetsuit/goggles/ swim cap are put into this bag and deposited with the helpers…… this all takes time with another 200-300 metre run to the cycle ‘mount line’……….I am saying to myself…..’remember Nick don’t do a Jonny Brownlee’ and hop on too early……..and Go! Go! Go! all took 3mins 41 seconds…..I’m off.

The bike route comprises of a 10km ‘tail’ into central Frankfurt to the start/finish area and T2 (based directly beside the river Mainz running through the city) and then two big 85km loops out into the countryside and back over the aforementioned hills. Generally it is big flat fast roads and is fairly safe with a slick bump free road surface. Because I had been in the smaller first wave it was not too congested with riders well-spaced out, making it less of a chore avoiding the dreaded overzealous draft buster (marshal’s) who show the yellow card to any rider breaking the rules. I saw a few issued and they were well deserved………I would have issued a few more!!

Obviously we are riding on the right hand side and one of the ‘obvious’ things you have to do after an overtaking manoeuvre, to avoid a penalty, is to move back into the right hand side so others may pass you if they can. But I often saw cases of ‘Blocking’ where the rider moves out to the left to overtake and then stayed out in the middle of the road. I saw 3 penalties issued for this, one to an Italian rider who should have known better as it was normal for him to be riding on the right (he then proceeded to argue with the marshal that he’d done nothing wrong. For Brit’s I can kind of understand them getting confused after all we are used to being on the left.

My ride was pretty smooth, keeping ‘aero’ and reminding myself to consume my hydro gels and rehydration solution and energy drink……..what a lovely picnic!!

The whole bike ride I was feeling pretty fresh, clear headed and ready for the marathon but had a slight stomach ache, which I had attributed to too much caffeinated drink on the morning of the race (two strong black coffee’s and a tin of Red Bull). Maybe at 5am this was just too much. A fun moment happened halfway through the ride, as I was chased by the Devil up the cobbled climb (The Hell) in the village of Hockstadt, it made me laugh so much……I was telling him to ‘go away I needed ‘Angels’ not his help……

This than turned out to be true, an angel was definitely required to get me through the marathon run. My transition was lightening (1:17) and I was soon heading out with the crowd bellowing my name Go Nicholas! Go! (our names were written on our numbers….it helps!!)

But pretty soon I realised all was not well, in fact as soon as I dismounted I felt rough, very stiff and locked from the bike crouched position and worse than that my stomach felt ‘blocked’. I decided to run a while and see if the jogging action would shake my stomach into life.

After 2km I shot into a porta-loo and the funniest thing happened…..I cramped in both legs immediately as I sat down……I had to straighten my legs to stop the muscles ripping, I sat there in excruciating pain wedged against the front door…… am I going to run a bloody marathon like this? If anybody could see me now…….it was crazy, but kind of funny too! My race to ‘win’ was over it was now a case of run and survive.

So I got out and got running…..the next 40km was just a survival exercise, concentrating on getting in electrolytes and trying to cool as the temps rose to 35 degrees. I had some tummy issue’s and pain for the whole marathon. Nothing was going down well. I was like a semi blocked drain, with everything gurgling and burping. So no energy was coming through and I had held back on the bike ready for a fast run…….shame. John Wayne would have been proud of me as ‘True Grit’ kept me running but Mo Farrar would have been very disappointed in my speed! 3hrs 39 mins, my slowest ever…..ah well next time will be better!

Although I did qualify for Hawaii (slots went to first 10), I decided…….No Hawaii World Championships for this year……I will wait till next (maybe) when in the 55-59 cat.

Best wishes


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2 June 2013 - Chester Deva Triathlon

Three of us did the Chester Tri today. It was a qualifier for the World Championships to be held in Hyde Park in September. To qualify we had to finish in the top 5 of our age groups... we all qualified!

5th overall: Colin Norris 4th in his age group 25-29: 23.59 swim/1.03.05 bike/34.51 run= 2.04.08
162nd Nick Kinsey 5th in age group 50-55: 28.44 swim/1.04.38 bike/40.21 run= 2.16.22
691st Jim Phelan 2nd in age group 65-70: 33.33 swim/1.17.30 bike/50.00 run= 2.45.18

Over 1000 started, 973 finished


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19 May 2013 - Crystal Palace Triathlon


I did the Crystal Palace Triathlon on Sunday May 19th ... here's my result.

750m swim 14.47
20k bike 40.45
5k run 23.28
Total 1.23.02
160th / 600+ starters
1st V60

Cheers. Jim Phelan


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