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Tri Results 2010

Information on the Blackheath & Bromley Tri Club here...

5 December 2010 - The 3rd Blackheath and Bromley Virgins Knee Trembler Duathlon 10:30 - Information

10 October 2010 - The Fast & Furious Duathlon 10-10-10

22 September 2010 - Relay Channel Swim 19-10-10

12 September 2010 - Triathlon Report 14-09-10

22 August 2010 - The 2nd Blackheath and Bromley Virgins Knee Trembler Duathlon 16-09-10

15 August 2010 - Ironman 70.3 European Championships Wiesbaden 4-10-10

18 July 2010 - Conquers Challenge Roth 5-08-10

4 July 2010 - The Steelman Triathlon at Dorney Lakes - Olympic Distance 9-09-10

27 June 2010 - The Blackheath and Bromley Virgins Knee Trembler Duathlon 28-06-10

20 June 2010 - Ironman 70.3 UK Wimbleball 4-10-10

6 March 2010 - Spring Ballbust Duathlon, Box Hill 9-03-10

21 February 2010 - Mud and Mayhem Duathlon in Thetford Forest 29-03-10


10 October 2010 - The Fast & Furious Duathlon

The Fast & Furious Duathlon was again held at The Anthony Roper school in Eynsford, Kent on Sunday 10th October. Perfect weather conditions met the athletes for a very good mornings racing. Triathlon royalty, in the shape of Richard Stannard, 1st out of the water for 10 years at The London Triathlon, competed to add a bit of glamour to the occasion. In the process he created a new course record of 1:04:13. Not to be outdone, our own athletes put in a stirling effort, recording some very impressive times including Anne coming 1st in her category.

Mark Ellison 1:18:15 4th Male senior vet
Anne Cilia 1:26:38 1st Female senior vet
Julie Reynolds 1:26:51 4th Female
Justine Eastbury 1:32:24 8th Female

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22 September 2010 - Relay Channel Swim

Just in case you find yourself with 10 minutes free.... I've posted a couple of videos of the recent Channel swim on YouTube...



John, Clayton, Nick, Deniz & Jim

On Wednesday September 22nd 2010 a five man relay team of Senior Triathletes from Blackheath & Bromley Tri Club successfully swam the English Channel.

Having booked the only available spot, 4th on the neap tide of September 14-22, a year in advance, training had been stepped up throughout the year culminating in swim sessions of up to 5 and 8k. At 8.45 am Clayton Aves, Nick Kinsey, John McConville, Deniz Mehmed and Jim Phelan met their pilot, legendary 'Queen of the Channel' Alison Streeter, in Dover Harbour setting sail on the good ship Roco on a beautiful sunlit morning. Alison has superb credentials for the job holding the record (43) for the number of times she has swum that stretch of water.

As the strongest swimmer, Nick set off first from Shakespeare Beach at 9.05 and swam for an hour, being followed in succession by Jim, Deniz, Clay and John. The tides in the Channel run from west to east for 6 hours, then reverse completely for the next six, so having negotiated the English shipping lane and swum several miles to the west of Dover, we crossed mid Channel and picked up pace as the tide brought us Atlantic bound along the coast of France. Weather conditions were almost perfect, with just a slight wind and a rolling swell with glorious sunshine. After two shifts of one hour each the sun went down, we put on our glow-sticks and continued in night swimming mode. We reduced rotation to 40 minutes each as we closed in on Cap Griz Nez and from the bright full moon we could see the nature of the sea change as the tide turned for the second time while still a mile from France.

Thanks to excellent navigation, the Queen landed us well inside the Cap among the sand dunes between Le Chatelet and Wissant at 22.42. The total swimming time was 13 hours and 37 minutes and distance covered 34.34 miles. Having cracked the champagne we began to realise the enormity of the task, especially for the solo swimmers, as the return journey to Dover took us almost 3 hours at full speed. Thanks to the bobbing nature of a slow small boat, diesel fumes and copious salt water, there was some sickness aboard, but in the water everyone put in solid swim legs and it was a magnificent team effort.

Having reached the safety of the shore, we were in complete agreement that it had been a fantastic experience, that we had been extremely fortunate with the weather, and that we would never ever contemplate a solo attempt!

Billy the Fish

Photos from Jim Phelan - No photos of Jim, he was behind the camera!

Our vessel, Roco, piloted by 'Queen Of The Channel' Alison Streeter, who has swum the Channel 43 times!

Alison's co-pilot, Den looking apprehensive!

Johnny & Deniz

Nick & Nick

Nick & Deniz

Clayton & Johnny

For detailed explanations of the route.... get your boring lecture from Jim... it's all to do with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun,
the Tides and syzygy. I kid you not. 13.37 swimming time, 34.34 miles covered.

We've done it! 13 hours and 37 minutes... 34.34 miles covered in total.

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12 September - Triathlon Reports


Damaged Preistly Takes B&B Honours at Reading Triathlon

Five of the B&B triathletes competed in the middle distance event at Reading. In good conditions Roy survived a big crash 2 miles into the cycle and with a cut knee, scuffed bike, wonky saddle and high pitched voice managed to complete the 28.5 mile cycle in under 1h 26 and finish 46th overall including a 39 minute off xc 10 run.

The rest of the field were not quite so elite but put in very good performances to finish in respectable places in the leaderboard. Kate managed to thrash the other B&B boys by some margin and can be pleased with 11th Female overall and a good summers triathlon season. Mark and Adrian both had very differing swims and cylces and decent runs but Mark just managed to beat Stocks in his first triathlon by just under a minute leaving Goldenballs Stocks to wonder where that time was lost.

Anne put in blistering swims and cycles and would surely have won best in age category had it been published.

Elsewhere Debutants Justine and Carolyna were up very early to get to St Albans with their coach Katy Jinks for a briefing for a sprint triathlon. Despite putting on running shoes instead of cycling shoes during T1 she managed to recover and put in a stellar performance and finish 4th in age category and ahead of Justine in 8th. Both showing their class in the 5k run and posting the best times of the group by  a considerable distance.

At Dorney Lake Kate Jones and Zoe Wood flew the Blackheath flag and performed well in the HSBC Olympic distance triathlon to finish 207th and 288th overall.

The good performances, camaraderie, pleasant sunshine, bbq and many post race celebratory beers enjoyed back in Bromley by all the "athletes" coaches and supporters bodes well for plenty of Triathlon action next season and the Blackheath Tri Club growing in size and reputation.

Reading Triathlon 12 Sept 2010                      
Pos Bib Fullname Class Race SwimTm T1Tm BikeTm T2Tm RunTm TotalTm      
46 110 Roy Priestley M Olympic 25:22.2 02:28.1 01:25:58 02:02.8 00:39:29 02:35:21      
124 319 Kate Pratten F Olympic 26:54.6 02:27.3 01:33:00 01:42.4 00:46:27 02:50:31      
141 15 Mark Ellison M Olympic 34:51.3 02:41.7 01:30:14 01:55.1 00:44:55 02:54:37      
146 181 Adrian Stocks M Olympic 25:30.2 02:45.0 01:41:29 01:16.5 00:44:24 02:55:24      
170 270 Anne Cilia F Olympic 27:18.2 02:20.3 01:32:48 01:41.9 00:56:05 03:00:13      
St Albans Sprint 12 Sept 2010                      
Race No First name Last name Gender Wave description Gun time Finish time Overall Pos Cat Pos Swim 400m T1 Leg Time Cycle 20km T2 Leg Time Run5km
55 Carolyna Jones-baldock Female Wave55 06:43:30 01:30:49 120 4 00:12:03 00:03:42 00:49:36 00:01:55 00:23:30
48 Justine Eastbury Female Wave48 06:41:45 01:34:36 138 8 00:13:02 00:03:59 00:52:34 00:01:10 00:23:49
HSBC Triathlon - Standard (1500 swim/40k bike/10k run)
Status Pos Overall Bib Athlete   Finish Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run    
1 207 1087 Kate Jones 02:42:41 00:33:07 00:02:20 01:19:27 00:01:22 00:46:22    
Finished 1 288 1092 Zoe Wood 02:51:32 00:33:43 00:02:22 01:25:29 00:01:40 00:48:15    

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22 August 2010 - The 2nd Blackheath and Bromley Virgins Knee Trembler Duathlon

1st.    Dave Beadle.     1:24:41
2nd.   Mark Ellison.      1:25:43
3rd.    Andy Tucker.     1:27:45
4th.    Adrian Stocks.   1:33:03
5th.    Gareth Griffin.    1:35:57
6th.    Julie Reynolds.  1:36:10
7th.    Anne Cilia.         1:36:19
8th.   Justine Eastbury 1:41:37
9th.    Dick Griffin.        1:43:57

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15 August 2010 - Ironman 70.3 European Championships Wiesbaden

1.9k swim, 90k bike, 21.1k run

Roy Priestley - Overall Time 5.24.06 - Swim 35.59, Bike 3.03.39, Run 1.36.06
Kate Pratten - Overall Time 6.08.18 - Swim 39.05, Bike 3.35.16, Run 1.44.44

After blacking out with 1 mile to go in last years race Roy had some unfinished business in Wiesbaden this year. More importantly, Roy had to make sure that Kate collected the finisher's medal that she would have collected last year if she had not stopped to help the German Red Cross cart Roy off to spend a couple of days in the local hospital.

The conditions were in total contrast to last year - wetsuits should have been compulsory for the bike leg - it was wet, very very wet! At least there was no risk of dehydration this year. But fortunately after throwing everything she had at us on the bike course mother nature looked kindly upon us for the latter stages of the run. We were both ecstatic running into the finish - Kate was so excited that she ran the last mile grinning from ear to ear with her hands in the air waving at the thousands of spectators as though she'd won the whole race. And Kate had every reason to smile after clocking a fantastic run time.

This event is, as you'd expect in Germany, very well organised. We were even treated to isotonic german lager both before and after the race (sadly they weren't handing any out on the bike leg). The race is also brilliantly timed to coincide with the annual wine festival that takes over the centre of Wiesbaden and this time around we managed to take full advantage.

Roy and Kate

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18 July 2010 - Conquers Challenge Roth

Nick Kinsey-Conquers Challenge Roth in 9hr 40 minutes-2nd Place 50-54

An Olympic distance age category victory at the end of June, in Ellesmere, Shropshire indicated I was getting over the 3 week dose of bronchitis I had picked up on a flight to Mallorca earlier that month.


This qualified me for the Worlds in Budapest Hungary in September, and is I wasn’t booked in for our Blackheath Channel swim attempt, I would probably be tempted to take my place.

In July it was back to my natural habitat, long course racing and I was in Germany with a few of the Blackheath boys for one of the worlds biggest triathlon races Challenge Roth.

In my age group it was close racing, unfortunately I ended up in 2nd place ….just like in the football World Cup, this Englishman was defeated by a German athlete, ha ha….!  It was no white-wash though, with just 3 minutes between us after almost 10 hrs of racing!! He did 9hrs 37 mins and 9hrs 40 mins for me.

His name was Thomas, on the podium we spoke and he seemed like a nice bloke, but it was not a true race between us as he was in another wave start (there were 4000 starters so they sent us off at 10 minute intervals, fastest first) so actually I didn’t even know he was close to me, as he was not physically 3 minutes ahead on the road, and did not actually overtake me on the run. That would not have happened.

A bit ‘sneaky’ of him really….or bad organisation by the race officials…..he should have been put in the fast boy’s wave with me, and then we could have had a real race. But what a fantastic race the Challenge in Roth now is!! With its super new finish to the marathon………the course now goes right round the old town, before you come to the line. They estimated 150,000 spectators watched at various points around the course!

After a good swim, I had a small crash coming out of transition, starting the bike, my gels which were taped on, came unstuck in the cold wet morning air, and as I reached to keep them from falling off, I veered into the crowd lining the narrow exit road. It was just 5-10mph so no harm done but my bike hit some posts. Later it felt odd, so I stopped to check I didn’t have a puncture, but didn’t.  On the first hill it wouldn’t downshift on the front chain ring, and I saw the problem all along had been a bent rear mech. It was brushing against my disc wheel, and the chain was jumping around. I stopped again to straighten the mech and hanger with my hand, and at least got it working reasonably well.

After that my ride was uneventful and by the end of the 112 miles (5hrs 8 mins), By the end of the marathon (3hrs 27 mins) I thought I was a long way in front of my age competitors, and really I started messing about with the locals through the beer mile. I even stopped to talk in the Roth Town Square to old friend who I stayed with in 1988, my first ever Ironman. So I threw it away really, which is a shame….lesson learned!!

Sometime fun is more important than winning? We had a party afterwards too, cheering for the athletes further back the field. Fuelled by German beer and free Ouzo supplied by a Greek Taverna on the course at the 38 kilometre mark. We all had such fun, getting most athletes who were walking at this stage, running again, if only for 10-20 meters, and making many new friends. For Spanish athletes I encouraged them with recollections of Iniesta’s goal and the Championes del Mundo!!! They loved it! We got home to bed at 1.30am!! (We had started breakfast at 3.30am that morning before the race!!) for the 6.10 start. What a great day!!


Britain’s Chrissie Wellington set a new World Record for a women over the distance 8hrs 19 minutes. She is just fabulously fit, rumour has it that she ‘out biked’ a professional female cyclist from the Cervelo Team who had recently won the Giro Italia, and that girl was only doing the cycling section in a relay team! Can you believe it…..Wow!

Keep fit, see you all soon……in the mud on the country!!

Nick Kinsey

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4 July 2010 - The Steelman Triathlon at Dorney Lakes - Olympic Distance

When I did this event last year it was the South Eastern & London Championships... I entered direct through Human Race this year so I'm not certain that is the same for this year.... but if it is we have a few more London & South East Champions in the club... which is nice! I'll let you know when I find out. While I think about it.... I also did the Concept2 Challenge Rowing Series over the Winter, after the 7, monthly events I was narrowly beaten into 3rd place in a world wide field.


THE STEELMAN TRIATHLON at Dorney Lakes July 4th 2010 Olympic Distance

Roy Priestley 47th - 2:26:54 (30:59), (1:12:54), (39.23) 6th V40M
Trevor Simmons 99th - 2.34.12 (27.32), (1.14.43), (47.48) 1st V55M
Jim Phelan 182nd - 2.42.16 (29.14), (1.19.30), (49.25) 1st V60M
Sarah Dowling 195th - 2.43.53 (31.04), (1.26.34), (42.20) 2nd V40F
Kate Pratten 248th - 2.50.39 (32.57), (1.28.27), (45.01) 6th V35F

487 Started
482 Finished
Very warm and very windy

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27 June 2010 - The Blackheath and Bromley Virgins Knee Trembler Duathlon

1st. Dave Beadle, 85:14
2nd. Mark Ellison, 86:08
3rd. Kate Pratten, 93:15
4th. Julie Reynolds, 94:08
5th. Anne Cilia, 98:22
6th. Will Slack, 101:03
7th. Justine Eastbury, 101:59
8th. Steve Hollingdale, 106:23

Photos from Adrian Stock


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20 June 2010 - Ironman 70.3 UK Wimbleball

Roy Priestley - Time: 5.38.00 - Swim 36.49, Bike 3.13.34, Run 1.35.29

There were a lot of very nervous people at the start of this race. I was one of them. The mass tension was released by the 1500 competitors giving a rousing rendition of 'God Save the Queen' while they bobbed around at the swim start.

It was a gorgeous hot English summer day on Exmoor and this seemed to put smiles on everyone's faces despite the fact they were tackling the infamous 52 hills of the Wimbleball bike course. The heat (and the hills) meant that there weren't so many smiles by the time everyone hit the bumpy run course. As I got into my stride on the run I had another challenge to deal with. Each time I went past Kate who was spectating on the run lap she aimed a water bottle at me and yelled "slow down!" (not the conventional encouragement for a runner but definitely the best advice for a man who likes to finish the race in an ambulance). Anyway, I got through a painful last few miles when my tendonitis and knee injury kicked in and reminded me that it was only thanks to Nick Nuttall's handywork that I made it to the start at all. I was really pleased to finish in a good time and most importantly in one piece ready to take on Wiesbaden 70.3 again.


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6 March 2010 - Spring Ballbust Duathlon, Box Hill

8 mile run / 24 mile bike / 8 mile run (5 times up Box Hill)

1.      Andrew Mercer 2.47.40
6.      Nick Kinsey 2.58.16 1st V50 (48.45 / 1.14.53 / 51.53)
121. Jim Phelan 3.46.02 1st V60 (1.04.08 / 1.33.51 / 1.03.01)

Over 300 entered and 210 started

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21 February 2010 - Mud and Mayhem Duathlon in Thetford Forest

Overall position 19. Times below, can't remember the distances.

Run - 00:24:4
T1 - 00:00:14
Bike - 00:24:55
T2 - 01:28:10
Run 01:28:33 Overall 01:52:53

Sheridan Morris

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