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Last updated 30 July 2017


100 km -  You will be pleased to hear that they succeeded in their quest... in the amazing time of 21 hours 51 mins.


Full results now out.

They were the 43rd team to finish and 1st Men's Vets team!!! Next Vets team was 1hrs 48 mins behind them in 23hrs 39mins.

Only 204 four man teams finished and three of those were outside the 30 hours limit. 396 teams started

They wish to thank all of the sponsors who helped them to better their target - amount currently stands at nearly £3,000.


They would particularly like to thank Dave Cordell & Terri Shotton who supported them all from 6:30 on Saturday morning, all though the day and night and got them home safely at 10:30 Sunday... Also to Anne Cilia and John & Margaret Baldwin who all drove down to support at the end of the epic journey.


Apparently only 1365 participants crossed the finish line inside the 30 hours and only 50% finished a full team of 4. So our boys did well with a combined age of 264!
















What is Trailwalker?

Trailwalker was originally started by the Queen's Gurkha Signals Regiment over 30 years ago as a training exercise to test soldiers' stamina and teamwork skills. The challenge is to complete the 100km Trailwalker trail, across the South Downs, in under 30 hours in teams of four. Is it tough? Of course. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Trailwalker is an epic endurance challenge for teams of four (plus support crew) This July, 550 teams will attempt to trek 100km within 30 hours across the stunning South Downs National Park. And one of the teams will be The 'heathens.


The 'heathens are all members of that famous athletic club Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC. All passed their sell by date but still hanging on. Now aiming to walk the 100k inside 24 hours, yes, 100k!


Who are these people? Team leader is the club treasurer, Dave 'Apples' Appleton, and his crew are: Andrew 'Drew' Grace, John Butler, Mike Peel, Colin Rowe and Dave Cordell


Six old blokes trying to do something for others! Can you, will you, do something to help?


If you care to sponsor The “heathens”  your donation will benefit Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust - if you want more info see Apples, Mike, Drew, John, Colin or Dave C. on any Wednesday evening at the clubhouse.


The 'heathens getting in some training with their coach, Terri



Just to give you an idea of what 100k looks like!



Please sponsor The “heathens” in their epic task...

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