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The Southern Men's League (Senior, U20 & U17 Men) for 2007

We are in Div 3(South) for the Southern League

4 August 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Mile End  5-08-07
14 July 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Deangate 16-07-07
23 June 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Norman Park 24-06-07
2 June 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Ashford 9-06-07
5 May 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Battersea Park  7-05-07

31 August 2007

Hi guys

My last email of the season - I apologise it didn't come sooner after the last match at Mile End on 4th August but I am sure that by now you will all have learned that we didn't get promoted. It was a very close final match in which VP&TH pulled out all the stops, fielding some fantastic athletes. For just an indication, they're B string High Jumper cleared 1.90 which really is British League Standard! Unfortunately, I was not able to secure the individual performances, but I would like to thank all the athletes who took part, especially Stephen Timmins who was our man of the match, competing in 5 events and breaking his PB in the Shot Putt! Overall in the Southern League, Adam Atkinson took part in more events than any other, was the highest points scorer, and the most readily available to do extra. For his efforts, Adam will be awarded the newly created Jim Day Memorial Cup for athlete of the Southern League. My congratulations and thanks to him!

I think that although we didn't get promoted from the SL, a lot of positives can be drawn from the way the club acquitted itself this year over that of previous years. Firstly we filled all but one event over the whole season, secondly there was a huge improvement in the team spirit and thirdly, I feel that there was greater participation with more athletes taking part this year than in previous years. This all bodes well for next year when I'm sure we will secure promotion!!

However, after a good deal of thought and reflexion on this year, I have decided to stand down as Team Manager of the Southern League as I do not feel that I can team manage the Southern League effectively as well as compete at the British League. I will of course offer any help that I can to whoever agrees to take over and make myself available for selection if I am not required for the British League.

I would like to thank everyone who took part this year for all of their efforts and hard work, and for making it such an enjoyable season. There are too many people to name, but I hope you know how much I (and the Club) appreciate all that you have done this year! I also hope that with the World champs on that you are all inspired to run/throw or jump better next year, and that some of the more mature faces may stave off retirement once again and compete next year. For those who will be competing in the Cross-Country season or training down at Norman Park I will see you soon. For the rest of you, I hope to see you next summer.

My thanks again


4 August 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Mile End

Photos from Tom Phillips

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14 July 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Deangate

Photos from Tom Phillips

Just to report on yesterdays match - we won! Despite being injury ravaged and having the smallest team turn out of the Southern League this year (we only had 2 sprinters), 15 absolute legends took on and destroyed the opposition at Erith.

The match started with John Robinson filling in at the last minute in the Pole Vault, finishing third. Tom Robinson duly entered the competition an hour and a half later to seal his third consecutive victory in the A string with a 4 metre vault in blustery conditions. At the same time, Alistair Williamson threw a senior PB to annihilate the opposition in the Hammer with a throw of 55.55. Tim Ayres also won the B string, and both teamed up again to come 1st and fourth in the discus.

In the Long Jump, Dale Willis hurt his Hamstring on his first Jump, an injury which forced him to pull out of the event finishing 2nd with Ian Holder also placing 2nd in the B string with respectable jumps. Dale went on to win the B string 400 hurdles and clear 1.40 in the high jump through sheer determination and necessity for the club - Dale, I appreciate you putting your body on the line for us, you are a legend!

Dan Mckeown also pushed himself through a pulled hamstring to finish the 4x100 relay after placing second in both the 100 and 200 A races, and second in the B triple jump, a true Spartan!

Aston Stockdale, though disappointed with his performances, ran well in his first Southern League, finishing second in the B 100, and 3rd in the A 400 and leading the 4x100 off to come second, all very good performances as Aston is a junior.

Richard Holt pulled out all the stops, winning both A hurdles events as well as finishing only ten centimetres off second in the B string discus and running a storming leg of the 4x400. Ian Holder won the B 110 hurdles, showing good form, as well as joint third in the A High Jump.

It was a clean sweep of the middle distance events with Martin Airey (hardly fresh from the new arrival to his family last week) cruising the 800 in 2.01, with Adam Atkinson close behind to take the B string. Alex Gibbins and Andrew Conway stormed a tactical 1500 with Alex Bruce-Littlewood running well to separate them as a guest. Alex went on to win the A Steeplechase almost immediately afterwards and run an impressive 4x400 leg.

Chris Daniels, a veteran of 6 Southern League campaigns placed second in the B 400 managed to complete a solid Steeplechase and a useful A jump in the triple Jump after throwing up. Adam Atkinson, another true hero placed third in a tough Javelin competition directly after his 800, and won the A shot with a throw of 9.58.

Two man-machines recovering from long term injuries both blew away the 5000 metes opposition. Andy Rayner won the A comfortably in 15.42 and Johnny 'Mad Dog' Thorpe was only 2 seconds off his PB with 16.00. Both also galantly offered to fill in in other events, but by that point we were two decent relay performances away from victory which included sights of Dave Griffen and Tom Phillips.

I really couldn't pick a man of the match as everyone gave 200% and truly earned their vests!

I have attahed the individual results and the overall league results. As you can see, we are in joint third place with Bexley, with only two teams going up, and one match to go. In that match we will take on both the teams above us in what has been tipped as the athletics event of the century! Any two of the top four teams can go up which means that all of our opposition will have their best teams out to beat us. This will make our match at Mile End a 3 way cup final so we will need our best squad out. To get promoted, we will have to win the match AND score more points than Bexley do in their match, or win our match AND beat VP&TH by 16 points. Both these tasks are no easy feat which is why I am begging everyone to keep 4th August free. I have also been told that the league rules have changed so that there can be opens in every event. I will of course confirm this, but if it is the case, it would be great to get a lot of people out to guest who could fill in if necessary.

As this is the big match, I am going to start putting the team together soon so please let me know if you are available. Even if you can't make it, I would be grateful if you could let me know. We will also be organising a social night out for the team which will incorporate some awards for our outstanding athletes which will be confirmed soon.


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23 June 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Norman Park

Excellent performance today, we won the match comfortably in the end and are now currently lying in third place in the league with (I believe) the top two to get promoted. We face both the teams currently above us on the last match of the season, so even if we take maximum points from the next fixture (14th July), it may be a 3 way cup final at Mile End on 4th August. I would therefore be very grateful if everyone can keep these dates free so that we have the best possible team!

Todays tactic of handing out beer for those who won seemed to act as some inspiration for a few of our athletes so I may have to consider this for the next two fixtures. That said, I will (with the help of the lovely Richard Hall) be organising some sort of social at the end of the season to (hopefully) celebrate our promotion, and give out a few awards. I'll update you on this situation as it unfolds. (Note - Aemon has to run at at least one match to be invited!)

I would like to thank all of the officials, timekeepers, judges for all of their hard work today and all of our travelling supporters who will no doubt make the trip to the next match! I have attached the results which have been put together at an amazing speed - proof of our club's amazing efficiency!

A big well done again to everyone today, there was a great team spirit with plenty of cheering and heckling and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves - except the other teams. Team report below.

Oh relay splits for the 4x4 - Joe Godsell - 52.3 Scott Jared - 52.3 James Summersby - 54.2 Scott Blackwell - 55.2

Let me know if you're available for the next match.


It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the atmosphere was electric, and Ken had forgotten to fill up the waterjump with water!

On the forgotten side of the track, Alan Hardy jumped well to finish second in the pole vault, and is considering putting off an operation to compete in the next two fixtures - what an absolute legend! Tom Robinson proved that his PB equalling jump at Ashford last match (after 7 months out) was no fluke, and duly entered the competition after everyone else had finished to secure 1st place with a vault of 4.20. Jim Day's 40th track season was unfortunately marred by injury, but he informs me that he will be back again!

The sprints were completely dominated by B&B with Scott Blackwell, James Summersby, Joe Godsell and Scott Jared completely outracing the other teams. Dan McKeown was only just nudged out in the 'B' 100 by an athlete who was blatantly on drugs.

The throws were hotly contested and the standard was very high, but Daniel Ridge performed admirably in the Discus and Shot, whilst Tim Ayres gained PB's in the Hammer and Javelin, despite only recently returning from a broken leg.

Richard Daniel pulled out a season's best to finish in second place in the 800 'A' string with Matt Hill close behind. Adam Atkinson pulled out an excellent P.B of 2:01.9 to win the guest race before throwing 37metres in the Javelin.

'Mad Dog' Jonny Thorpe showed he was well and truly back from injury by storming the 5000m just to teach me a lesson for not selecting him. Danny Brewer and Neil Humphreys however won both the 'A' and 'B' races in fine form, with Chris (the hogster) Hogg and Richard Daniel both running well in the Steeplechase.

Andre Okla debuted with a respectable 24.45 metres in the Hammer, the first of hopefully many Southern League Matches that he will compete in, and the veteran Chris Daniel came second in the 'B' long jump!

Steve Cooper, filling in at the last minute, ran excellently in the 400 hurdles finishing second in the 'A' string which will hopefully be an incentive to do a bit of track work so that he can get back to the glory days which weren't so long ago!

Special mention should be given to Michael Champion who was seen jogging back and forth between the high jump and the long jump which took place at the same time. He won the 'B' High jump and was second in the 'A' Long jump despite jumping further when he was a foot away from the board than when he was on it.

Scotty Jared as usual was awesome, and Richard Hall did a fine job as team captain!

The match was finished off with two relay wins, though the 4x100 did look a bit shaky with team B&B looking more like team USA for their changeovers.

The Man of the Match was very hard to call as Scott Blackwell won the 'A' string 400, 100 and both relays - showing his class, but in the end, the man who deserved it most was Dale Willis who won both hurdles events (despite throwing up between the two) and jumped well in both the High jump and Long jump. Dale even cleared 1.80 in a warm up jump which would have equalled the winning height had he replicated it in the match.

Well done all and I apologise if I missed anyone out!


100M Scott Blackwell 11.3 Dan McKeown 12.0
200M James Summersby 23.2 Joe Godsell 23.7
400M Scott Blackwell 51.0 Scott Jared 52.7
800M Rich Daniel 2.01.2 Matt Hill 2.04.9
1500M Alex Gibbons  4.06.2 Andrew Conway 4.11.2
5000M Neil Humphreys  16.41.6  Danny Brewer  16.51.3
110MH Scott Jared 21.2 Dale Willis 17.8
400MH Steve Cooper 63.1 Dale Willis 58.5
3KSC Rich Daniel 10.54.3  Chris Hogg  11.19.9
DT Dan Ridge 28.46  Tim Ayres 15.9
HT Andre Okla 24.45  Tim Ayres 16.07
HJ Dale Willis 1.65 Michael Champion 1.65
JT Adam Atkinson 37.0  Tim Ayres 24.98
LJ Michael Champion  5.73NWI  Chris Daniel  5.40NWI
PV Tom Robinson 4.2 Alan Hardy 2.4
SP Joe Godsell 8.81 Dan Ridge 8.14
TJ Dale Willis 12.23  Dan McKeown 11.01
4x100M Relay 44.5 1 Dan McKeown 2 Michael Champion  
    3 James Summersby 4 Scott Blackwell  
4x400M Relay 3.34.0 1 Joe Godsell 2 Scott Jared  
    3 James Summersby 4 Scott Blackwell  
Team Manager: Dave McKinlay      
Official 1 John Robinson 2 2 John Robinson 2  
Official 3 Pip Norris 3 4 Pip Norris 3  
Official 5 John Baldwin 6 Margaret Baldwin  


100 Graeme Hogg EBR 12.0

200 Max Richardson B&B 23.9
Eddie Bayne LHS 25.9

800 Adam Atkinson B&B 2:01.9

5000 Jon Thorpe B&B 16:13.6

1500 Alex Littlewood B&B 4:11.3
William Storey SMR 4:33.2
Con Griffin B&B 4:43.3

LJ Daniel Guandoh SMR 5.30

B&B 148 5
SM Richmond 130 4
Eastbourne 129 3
London Heathside 89 2

Position Club Agg scores Points
1 VP&TH 444 14
2 HHH 402 14
3 B&B 431 13
4 Bexley 425 13
5 SM Richmond 409.5 13
6 Ealing 413.5 12
7 London Heathside 384 12
8 Paddock Wood 352.5 12
9 Eastbourne 361 10
10 HayH/Lewes 368.5 9
11 M&M 210.5 9
12 SLH 363 8
13 TWL 345.5 8
14 Serpentine 336 8
15 Havant 265.5 7
16 Hastings 184.5 6

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2 June 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Ashford

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't sent an email round about the results before this, I have only just managed to get hold of them thanks to the good work of Joe Camacho and Richard Hall.

Firstly, a big thank you to Rich who filled in for me at Ashford, you are a legend! Secondly, well done to everyone who made the trip down. Speaking to Rich after the match, he picked out some good performances, notably:

Neil Francis doing the 100, 200 and both relays Richard Holts advice and willingness to muck in. Dan Brewer doing the chase just after the 1500. Alex Gibbins doing the 5k and the chase. Terry Hawkey making out like he was still a junior and doing the middle distance double. Adam Atkinson with the hammer, Triple jump. Javelin, both relays and a non scoring 800 Matt Hill for finishing the 800 and then breaking up a fight between and runner from Havent who took offence at the Hastings runners tatics.

Looking at the results, I would also like to congratulate Daniel Ridge, Tom Robinson and Alan Hardy for good performances. Neil Francis, Tom Robinson and Alex Gibbons all received a mention in Athletics Weekly so well done for that as well!

Rich was also very impressed by the level of team spirit and togetherness that there was at Ashford, and the willingness to 'muck in' to fill the events. I also noticed this at Battersea at the previous match. It is really great to know that we have a great set of talented guys who are willing to take one for the team when needed and it makes my job a lot easier. I also feel that as a club, we bond a lot better than many of the other clubs out there which is really great too! To show my appreciation of the outstanding commitment and team spirit displayed by our athletes over the last two matches, I have decided to get a trophy for the B&B Southern League Athlete of the Season. The difficulty will be in picking a winner with so many good performances. Me and Rich will review the performances after the last fixture so hopefully that will keep you all relatively enthused so that you'll all be up for turning out at our last 3 must-win fixtures ;-)

Right, back to business. The next fixture is on Saturday 23rd June at Norman Park. We will be hosting the current league leaders, London Harriers, and the team who are occupying 3rd spot, SM Richmond. Eastbourne (who are joint level on points with us) will also be making up the numbers. Needless to say, this match will prove very difficult to win, but win we must! I have attached the current league standings which show us occupying 6th spot. A win at the next match would take points from those above us and could jump us up a couple of positions. As it is the home fixture, this is our best chance of doing some real damage so I am expecting a big turnout! That way people will hopefully not have to do hundreds of events.

If you could let me know if you are available, I will start to put the teamsheet together.




Race Name Time Position  
A N Francis 11.4 1  
B D Mckeown 11.6 1  
A N Francis 22.8 1  
B D Parsons 23.2 1  
A T Hawkey 02:01.3 1  
B D Griffin 02:04.2 2  
N/S A Atkinson 02:05.1    
N/S M Hill 02:08.4    
A D Brewer 4.22.9 1  
B T Hawkey 4.24.1 1  
A A Gibbins 15:56 1  
B A Camp 16:50 1  
110 H        
A R Holt 17.7 1  
400H R Holt 59.9 1  
R Hall 73.8 2 Includes a fall at hurdle 6
3000 s/C        
A A Gibbins 10.17.8 1  
B D Brewer 11.03.3 1  
D Mckeown 46.6 1  
R Holt      
A Atkinson      
N Francis      
4*400     1  
A Atkinson 55.2    
R Holt 53.6    
D Parsons 51    
N Francis 50.6    
High Jump      
A D Mckeown 1.4 2  
B R Hall 1 2  
D Mckeown 11.2 3  
A Atkinson 8.91 3  
Long Jump      
A D Mckeown 5.33 3  
B D Brewer 4.69 2  
Pole Vault      
A T Robinson 4.3 1  
B A Hardy 2.6 1  
A A Hardy 7.87 4  
B D Ridge 4.03 3  
A D Ridge 30.62 1  
B R Holt 20.04 2  
A A Atkinson 38.7 2  
B T Hawkey 9.81 4  
A A Atkinson 12.06 4  
B R Hall 9.06 4  

Bexley 152 5
B&B 145 4
Havant 92 3
Hastings 88 2


Position Club Agg scores Points
1 London H 295 10
2 Bexley 298 9
3 SMRichmond 279.5 9
4 VP&TH 276 9
5 HHH 262 9
6 B&B 283 8
7 Ealing 272 8
8 Eastbourne 233 8
9 Paddock Wood 236 7
10 HayH/Lewes 244.5 6
11 TWL 240.5 6
12 SLH 230.5 5
13 Serpentine 227 5
14 Havant 165 5
15 Hastings 179.5 4
16 M&M 64 4

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5 May 2007 - Southern League - Div 3S - Battersea Park

Hi guys

Hope everyone is still fit and healthy and looking forward to doing one better that last time by winning the match at Ashford on Saturday June 2nd? We are competing on the underscore (unfortunately) of a div 1 match so it will give us an excellent opportunity to check out some of the opponents that we'll be facing over the next two years ;-) . The teams that we are competing against this time are:

We are currently lying in 6th place in the league – a position which we will obviously need to improve upon if we’re to get promoted. Serpentine mucked up the results last time so we actually finished only 10 points behind Ealing and not the 16 which I previously reported!

Like last time, it would be great to field a full team and also get back some of those top quality athletes (who through no fault of their own) were unable to compete last time for one reason or another. I have noted down all those who said that they'd compete for me this time so no excuses!


Neil Francis 11.3 - 2nd
Dan McKeown 11.7 - 1st
Neil Ives (Guest) 15.0

Neil Francis 22.8 - 2nd
Alex Cooper 23.7 - 1st

James Sommersby 52.4 - 1st
Scott Jared 53.9 - 1st

David Mckinlay 2:01.1 - 2nd
Martin Airey 2:03.1 - 1st (despite injury)

John Vinter 4:11.9 - 2nd
Matt Hill 4:29.9 - 1st

3km S/C
David Mckinlay 10:26 - 1st
Alastair Cliff 10:32.4 - 2nd

Chris Hogg 17:32
Steve Hough 18:41

110 Hurdles
Scott Jared 20.8 - 3rd
Ian Holder 20.8 - 1st

400 Hurdles
Scott Jared 60.2 - 1st
David Mckinlay 63.0 - 1st

Long Jump
Ian Holder 5.00 - 3rd
Neil Ives 3.40 - 4th

Triple Jump
Dan McKeown 11.64 - 2nd
Adam Atkinson 10.38 - 3rd

High Jump
Michael Champion 1.65 - 2nd
Ian Holder 1.45 - 2nd

Adam Atkinson 38.29 - 2nd
John Vinter 28.31 - 3rd

David Mckinlay 11.90 - 4th
Michael Champion 7.43 - 3rd

Shot Putt
Adam Atkinson 9.04 - 1st
John Vinter 7.43 - 3rd

John Vinter 18.02 - 4th
Matt Hill 11.24 - 4th

Pole Vault
Michael Champion 0.96 - 4th
David Mckinlay 0.96 - 2nd (joint)

Dan McKeown 44.8 - 1st
Alex Cooper
James Sommersby
Neil Francis

Jonathon Regis
Adam Atkinson
James Sommersby
Alex Cooper

Ealing 148 5
B&B 138 4
TWL 119 3
Serpentine 99 2

Position Club Agg scores Points

1 London H 155 5
2 VP&TH 148 5
3 Ealing 148 5
4 SMRichmond 139.5 5
5 Bexley 146 4
6 B&B 138 4
7 HayH/Lewes 136.5 4
8 HHH 119 4
9 TWL 119 3
10 SLH 113 3
11 Paddock Wood 111.5 3
12 Eastbourne 108 3
13 Serpentine 99 2
14 Hastings 91.5 2
15 Havant 73 2
16 M&M 56 2

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