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Last updated 30 October 2000

Unofficial results from the Seven Sisters Marathon 28/10/00

Always tough - this year no one broke 3 hours and only 14 inside 3 and a half hours.

1st Danny Woods 3h 3m
49 Mark Ellison 3h 51m
97 Will Slack 4h 5m
98 Dave Ellison 4h 5m
  Peter Lovell 4h 15m
  Richard Hill 4h 18m
  John Leeson 4h 32m
  Mike Gasson 4h 43m
  Richard Long 4h 44m
  Chris Hall 4h 46m
  Dick Griffin 4h 57m
  John Reynolds 4h 58m
  Colin Poole 5h 8m
  Brian O'flynn 5h 20m
  Steve Partridge 5h 48m
More to come...


Mike Peel's photos from the Seven Sisters Marathon 28/10/00

The start... 500 runners, 500 joggers and 500 walkers begin their journey over 26.2 miles of beautiful Sussex countryside.  Nice up-hill bit, with 19 miles of undulations, then all of the Seven Sisters;  finally, a jog over  Beachy Head to the finish.  Marvellous!


The Seven Sisters and angry sea Dick stops for a photo call. A few of the supporters - Terri, Sheila, Jenny & Val all wrapped up against the gale-force wind.
Peter Lovell on his way to 4h 15m Mike Gasson 4h 43m Colin Poole 5h 8m
Prospective new member Colette Dennigan ran an impressive 4h 3m. New man Richard Hills - still waiting for his Club Kit!  Finished in 4h 18m. You always get one... this year it was Phil Taylor.

Cheer up!... Mark Ellison was our fastest on the day 3h 51m. That's better... can't beat a nice cuppa after all that work....

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