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The Southern Athletics League Div 1 (M&F - Senior, U20 & U17)
Results for 2018


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18 August 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Eton 19-08-18

14 July 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Colchester 16-07-18

23 June 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Norman Park 26-06-18

20 May 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Batersea Park

14 April 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Norman Park 15-04-18


18 August 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Eton

Southern Athletics League Match 5 Report

Provisional Results

1. BBHAC 226
2. Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow 215
3. Bracknell 195
4. Marshall Milton Keynes 153

Our final match of the season was, on paper, probably the hardest of the season as we had the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th placed teams in a 16 club league meeting with WSE pushing really hard to chase us in second place.

We arrived at Eton (one of my favourite tracks for some strange reason) to find our coach access to the carpark barred. Maybe this was the WSE secret weapon prevent us from competing!

With this sorted out the athletes started to focus on what really mattered, a day of great athletics!

The team was robbed of a number of athletes to the Diamond League in Birmingham with team stalwarts either competing (in my dreams!) or spectating. However, such is the strength in depth that this was an opportunity for others to show what they can do.

The early events also involved a number of last minute changes as that massive carpark also known as the M25 delayed a couple of athletes from one of their events. The team spirit is such that when others were asked to step in at the last moment to cover there was no question, only when is it!

It’s hard to call out everyone on the day but a few of the highlights for me were:

• Niamh for an outstanding 800, 1500, 3000 treble. After spending her afternoon doing that I was asked why she hadn’t been asked to compete in the 4 x 400 as well!
• James for an outstanding series of throws in the javelin, won with a throw of 75.27m, 30m further than the second placed athlete
• Kelechi for yet another 2.05m high jump – real consistency now
• Alex “points” Pope who kept himself busy all afternoon
• The men’s 1500m where the B string beat the A and the non-scoring athlete was in the mix all through the race as well
• A return to competition for Josh in the triple jump after missing almost a year due to illness and injury – welcome back!
• The standard of the women’s sprints where Rachel, Louise, Holly and Krystal were mixing it with some of the best in the country
• Ellie and Lois in the pole vault – totally dominant!
• Zoe for her first half heptathlon in a SAL
• The blanket finish in the men’s 4 x 100 where we clocked 42.76 for our fastest time in the SAL this year
• Last and definitely not least an outstanding piece of front running from Morgan in the women’s 2000 steeplechase where she finished in a time of 7:02.17. This puts her top of the 2018 U17 rankings by 35 seconds, 9th in the all-time U17 rankings, would rank her top 5 in the U20 rankings and top 20 in the UK this year.

Sorry if I haven’t mentioned you by name as I appreciate the reason why we won the match was because of the contribution you all made so thank you!

As the season draws to a close I wanted to thank a few people:

• All of you athletes who have competed throughout the season. Whilst we don’t know where we finished it will be at worst second in the league. A testimony to the talent and commitment of all of you.
• All of the officials who have attended matches. They contribute 10 points each match and have been fantastic throughout the whole season.
• The coaches who work with the athletes and who come along on the day to support you
• The club for arranging coaches for two of our away matches. Doing this contributed massively to the team spirit you have developed
• The banter boys who contributed to a bit of fun on their way to Eton, Heathrow, Colchester, Chelmsford or wherever it was they were headed
• Parents, supporters and anyone else I have forgotten.

Thank you and see you next season!


Nick Swatton


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14 July 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Colchester


Photos here...


Provisional result
1. Colchester & Tendring 241
2. Blackheath & Bromley 240
3. Bedford & County 141
4. Dartford Harriers 131


The penultimate SAL match of the season tool place in baking heat at the Garrison Track in Colchester. On a typical British summer’s day (i.e. the M25 was closed) we arrived to find little shelter from the sun and only one Dartford Harrier. Not being sure whether this was the only athlete they had we soon discovered most of their team were held up in the massive traffic jam that was forming so agreed that the match could start 30 minutes late.

Not only this but we also found that the sand pits hadn’t been watered and the ground staff didn’t work on Saturdays and hadn’t left the key to the cupboard that contained the blocks.

Our coach ride to the venue was made more fun for the team manager when a number of athletes who shall remain nameless (although we all know one of them as Aim Tyres) decided to tell everyone they were on their way to Windsor. After being picked up from the floor he realised that he had been “had” and managed to focus on the day ahead.

The team sprit on the day was amazing. We had a number of enforced changes during the match due to illness, injury on the day and car breakdowns and it was fantastic the way in which everyone else was prepared to step up and help fill the gaps. The highlight for me on the day was Donelle volunteering to do a 5000m and steeple chase double to make sure we won every single point available. The mission to stay ahead of the athlete in the green vest was accomplished with the rest of the team cheering on the athletes in the black vests.

Once again there were too many great performances to call out both on the track and field but I wanted to say a massive thank you to every single athlete and official who contributed to the day.

We had one of those days where we won a lot of events with Colchester just behind us in second place. In the events they won we were generally 3rd or 4th so we were never able to pull away from them in the overall match score so all was very tight until the last events of the afternoon.

The final relays were really exciting with the mission being simple – beat Colchester. This was highlighted with Shamar running an outstanding leg in the 4 x 400. His 50.2 split suggests he’s likely to be asked to do this again.

The official results aren’t available yet (and I will be making sure that the numbers tally!) but every single athlete gave their all.

Many thanks to all of you for a great day – here’s looking forward to the final match at Eton (according to Tim this is near Colchester) on August 18.


Nick Swatton


Photos from Rachel Yeldham


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23 June 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Norman Park


Photos start here...

Southern Athletics League match 3, June 23 at Norman Park
Final Result:
1. BBHAC 233
2. City of Norwich 210
3. Southampton 168
4. Nene Valley 154

We went into the third match of the season knowing we were up against City of Norwich, unbeaten in the SAL so far this season, fellow BAL Division 1 team, Southampton AC and last years’ SAL champions, Nene Valley Harriers so knew we would have to be at the top of our game to maintain our strong start to the season. To come away with a win, as we did, is a tribute to all of the athletes, coaches, officials and supporters who have worked so hard to get us ready for the season.

On the day, we had great conditions, sunny but not too warm, hardly any wind and no rain. As in previous matches we had worked really hard to get a blend of younger athletes, experience and commitment. Whilst we had a number of later withdrawals due to injury we were always in with a good chance of doing well.

We started the match strongly in the 400mh events with good points being scored and a theme emerging which continued throughout the day – the team manager making calls on scoring/non-scoring athletes and consistently getting it wrong!!!! Oh well, who’d be a team manager anyway!

Throughout the day, we scored well with a number of great performances, too many to call them all out. Special mention must go to “evergreen” Richard Holt who ran strongly to make the UK rankings for the 400mh for, in his words “too many years to mention”.

Once again, the women field eventers were outstanding, particularly in the throws and every athlete stepped up and performed at their best. The hammer was a really strong event with four athletes throwing over 42 metres and three over 48 metres, Victoria being beaten into 3rd place by only 1cm.

A huge thank you to Hannah, Eloise, Carys, Victoria who made a huge contribution to our final points tally.

In the men’s throws a combination of Luc, Alex, James and Kieran all scored well to continue to build on the foundations already laid. James started his season well after being hampered by injury by throwing over 72m in the javelin whilst Alex continued where he left off in the last BAL by scoring well in every event he competed in.

In the vertical jumps Kelechi and Lewis competed well with Kelechi being close to 2.00m yet again (it will come!) whilst Allan scored well in the PV maintaining his position as one of the best Masters pole-vaulters in the UK. Thank you also to Pat, Dylan, Callum, Kyron and Alex (again) for the contributions they all made.

On the track there were highlights galore. Thank you to Tim for stepping up to run the chase. It was rumoured that Vinco were going to come down to film this but they realised the park gates are locked at 22:00 and weren’t sure they’d be able to get out before he finished. Joking aside, a massive thank you to Tim for filling the gap.

In the sprints we consistently scored well. The highlight races for me were the women’s 400m where Krystal and Rachel ran outstanding races and were a whisker apart as the cross the line way ahead of the field, an extremely mature run from Jess in the 1500 (ably supported by Bethany) where she ran from gun to tape in a determined fashion to blow away the rest of the field, the women’s 100mh where Isabella stormed away to finish two flights ahead of the second placed athlete followed closely by Ella and Holly who chased each other down the straight.

In the men’s events we had Tremayne and Duane dominating in the short sprints and a blanket finish in the 800 were both Ollie and Matthew ran new PBs.

There too many other great individual track performances to mention everyone so a massive thank you to all who competed.

The final events on the track were the relays where we won all four. Last minute juggling due to injury in the men’s relays resulted in a great win with Callum, Tremayne, Rico and Duane storming round to edge us further ahead of Norwich.

In the women’s 4 x 100 Zsariah, Magda, Katia and Isabella ran extremely well to finish 3 seconds ahead of Southampton with slick changes at every handover.

In the men’s 4 x 400 late injury withdrawals saw Henry make his debut over the one lap event but the team of Henry, Adam, Kyron and Ollie raced well to seal the win.

Last but no means least was the women’s 4 x 400m relay where Krystal, Holly, Megan and Rachel were simply outstanding. We are lucky to have a group of such talented 400m runners at the moment and we were hoping that they would be able to break the club record of 3:44.5 which had stood since 1987, before any of the quartet was born.

Conditions were perfect. Each of the athletes had warmed up well with wins in their individual events. There was a sense of quiet anticipation as they were called together to start the race. Krystal ran leg one and ran a controlled leg to come in way ahead of the second placed athlete and, importantly inside the split time we were hoping for. Holly went next. What a run from a first year U17 athlete to pull us further ahead and, again to get us even further ahead of schedule handing over to Megan who continued in the same vein. As the baton was handed over to Rachel it was looking possible. The last leg was another lesson in high class 400m running, controlled aggression and grace as she powered down the home straight to cross the line in an amazing time of 3:42.29, more than a second inside the existing record and 25 seconds ahead of 2nd place Norwich.

Congratulations to each of them and their coaches, Roy and Jay – a great way to finish the match!
Here’s looking forward to the next one on July 14 in Colchester. Please let me know if you’re available to compete in this one.

Nick Swatton


Photos from Jay Galley

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14 April 2018 - Southern Athletics League - Norman Park


Final Result
Crawley AC 201
Thames Valley Harriers 142
Reading 122

The sun shone on a great team performance as a youthful Blackheath & Bromley team closed out a comprehensive victory in the first SAL of the season. The match started in a positive fashion on the track with 3 first places and a second in the 400mh and closed with a fantastic league record in the women's 4 x 400 with Louise, Megan, Rachel and Maya taking 3 seconds off the record set in 2011.

There were so many outstanding performances throughout the day so I will let you all look on the SAL website to see who did what but would particularly like to call out a number of outstanding performances:

Carlotta, Amy and Donelle in the women's 3,000 for a 1,2,3 - amazed that none of the other clubs entered athletes but you can only beat who's there

Oscar and the evergreen Richard in the 400mh where Oscar ran ever closer to the European U18 qualifying time and Richard showed just what experience can bring to the event

The women's sprint squad who won every single event from 100 - 400m, the sprint hurdles and both relays - the quality of their performances was amazing and culminated in a great season opening time of 4.56 in the 4 x 100 and a fantastic league record in the 4 x 400 in a time of 3:49.05

Tim Ayres for convincing those around him to get him out of some of the events he was selected to compete in

Pedro for yet another PB in the pole vault and three extremely close attempts at the club record - it'll come this season

Morgan for an outstanding debut in the 2000 s/c which was just outside the club record.

The women throwers where you all competed fantastically well and finished first or second in every single event they competed in including a senior debut for Daisy in the javelin with a fantastic personal best

All 4 men's relay teams for strong performances, particularly the 4 x 100 team who ran close to going under 43 seconds even though they eased up over the final 30 metres.

All of our middle distance runners (most of the U20 or younger) who showed the other clubs that we won't be a push over for many years to come

The team spirit shown by every single athlete as they cheered and supported their fellow athletes in all of the disciplines. Although athletics is very much an individual sport you were all fantastic in the support you gave each other to compete at this level.

The officials and ground staff for all of their hard work. Without them we wouldn't be able to have the league so a huge thank you for your hard work.

Apologies if I haven't called you out specifically but I would like to thank every single athlete for their performance today - a great way to start the season.

Nick Swatton, SAL Team Manager



Photos from Jay Galley



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