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Press Releases for October, November & December 2013

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After the excitement of attending the BBC Sports Personality of the year, Dina Asher Smith was in action at the Crystal Palace indoor 60 metre races where she ran the fastest time by an under 20 woman this year. The Blackheath & Bromley athlete improved her best to 7.32 which is the 5th fastest Senior time in the country in 2013.

Plenty of other Club members set new bests and there was a big breakthrough for Toby Olubi. He clocked 6.82 the fastest time of the day.

Further bests came from Sheyi Cole, Jed Botham, Cheriece Hylton, Vivien Olatunji, Rachel Dickens, Isabella Hilditch, Megan Beaman-Browne, Natalie Jones, Anastasia Davies and Elizabeth Ibidunni.

Highlight of the Newham Athletics Network 60 metre Open Series was a new personal best of 7.53 for Serita Solomon. More bests came from Reece Young and Jahisha Thomas and a number of other athletes set bests for the year.

Outdoors, the atrocious weather conditions meant there was a low turn out for the Christmas Yacht Handicap at Hayes. With the slowest starting first and fastest last, in theory, all the runners should finish together.

This did not quite happen on this occasion as the race was dominated by the younger women from the Club with Naomi Kingston first over the line and Jessica Keene 2nd, Amy Leach 3rd and Maz Turner 4th. Fastest individual of the day was Tom Desborough in 34.32 with Neil Ayrton 2nd in 35.07. Jessica Keene was next quickest on 36.12 with both Georgina Taylor and Naomi Kingston timing 36.38.

This was the fourth contest in the Bennett Cup which is a handicap series of races which take place over the Winter months. Things could not be much closer on the leader board. Steve Pairman leads on 148 but joint second placers Scott Bulmer and Gareth Evans are just one point behind. With Austin Adams and Charlie Davis both also over 140 points the contest is wide open with five races to go. The next race is included in the Open 10km race at Hayes on the 11th of January.

Peter Hannell finished in 6th place in the Surrey Walking Club Christmas Cup 5km at Tonbridge. He timed 30.43 and had the satisfaction of winning the handicap contest. David Hoben was 10th in 33.59 and Shaun Lightman 13th in 35.44

Bromley : 1 Aleksander WILTSHIRE 00:18:16 6 Andy TUCKER 00:19:57 16 Andrew LAWES 00:20:35 18 Callum MYATT 00:20:40 26 Nick BARBER 00:21:42 30 Coleman CORRY 00:21:55 38 John FENWICK 00:22:15 39 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:22:17 42 Harrison PARKER 00:22:27 61 Alice PRENTICE 00:23:16
Delta Park Johannesburg: 65 Stephen HOLLINGDALE 00:29:50 (stinking hot but 40 seconds faster than previous)
Greenwich : 5 Niamh BRIDSON HUBBARD 00:20:57 37 Rich GRANT 00:25:38 52 Chloe HAFFENDEN 00:26:48 53 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:26:49
Orpington : 4 Joshua Henry DAVIDSON 00:20:32 6 Joseph GEORGIADIS 00:21:28 20 Joanna CLOWES 00:25:56 21 Andrew CLOWES 00:25:58 27 Billy KEENE 00:28:13 28 Harry William KEENE 00:28:13 29 Mick KEENE 00:28:17 30 Jessica Zara KEENE 00:28:18 53 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:36:35

Bexley : 8 Marco ARCURI 00:20:41 23 Barry WETHERILT 00:22:27 24 Jessica Zara KEENE 00:24:13 27 Mick KEENE 00:24:19 33 Harry William KEENE 00:25:30 36 Christopher PIKE 00:23:17 41 Billy KEENE 00:26:12
Brighton & Hove : 41 Bridget DAVEY 00:21:36
Coventry : 86 Jennifer SHEASBY 00:25:05
Crystal Palace : 3 Marco ARCURI 00:18:51 13 Kelsey FUSS 00:21:09 41 Nigel BULMER 00:24:03
Delamere : 62 Mike SIMMS 00:23:41
Dulwich : 9 David BEADLE 00:19:30 11 Fintan PARKINSON 00:19:39
Eastleigh : 47 Adrian HALEY 00:28:28
Finsbury : 31 Austin ADAMS 00:24:46
Greenwich : 5 Niamh BRIDSON HUBBARD 00:20:40 5 James PERRY 00:20:21 9 Robert PERRY 00:20:53 10 Steven PAIRMAN 00:21:01 19 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:21:58 35 Sally HAFFENDEN 00:24:49 56 Adrian PERRY 00:26:36
Little Stoke : 45 Joshua Henry DAVIDSON 00:21:51
Lloyd : 4 Andy TUCKER 00:20:27 20 Iain SWATTON 00:22:42
Orpington : 3 Thomas DESBOROUGH 00:18:55 8 James PERRY 00:20:15 11 Nick PERRY 00:21:23 15 Joseph GEORGIADIS 00:21:41 25 Jessica SELLAR 00:22:53 32 Harrison PARKER 00:23:26 40 Mick KEENE 00:24:22 46 Andrew CLOWES 00:25:36 47 Joanna CLOWES 00:25:37 49 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:25:57 50 Adrian PERRY 00:26:08 51 Sally HAFFENDEN 00:26:43 93 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:29

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Dina Asher Smith made the shortlist of three nominations, but, the Blackheath & Bromley athlete missed out on being named as the BBC’s Young Sports Personality Of The Year. The winner was Amber Hill who, at the age of 15, was the youngest winner of a senior World Cup in skeet shooting.

Dina had reached this stage of the award process after winning a bronze medal in the 4x100 metres at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow during the Summer. She is also the European Junior 200 metre champion. To be one of the final three was an astonishing achievement.

A number of the Clubs athletes were selected to compete in the South Of England Inter Counties cross country championships at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire.

Highlight of the day came in the under 15 girls race where Kelsey Fuss in 4th, Jessica Keene 5th and Georgina Taylor 6th were part of the Kent scoring team which won team gold. Naomi Kingston was 12th and Yasmin Austridge 17th . If B teams had scored Kent would have been 4th overall.

Niamh Bridson finished in a very good 10th place in the under 17 womens race while in the mens event Will Fuller was 29th and Richard Webb 54th.

Aleksander Wiltshire was 31st in the under 15 boys race with Marco Arcuri 69th.

In the under 13 boys race the Kent team won silver medals with Michael Eagling 14th, Peter Guy 17th and Henry James Cowie 18th all part of the scoring quartet. George Pope offered good back up in 63rd.

Kent won silver medals in the girls race with Millie Smith in 14th and Jessica Sellar in 35th.

Peter Tucker continued his remarkable sequence of victories in the Swanley Christmas caper winning the race for a third year in a row. He also won in 2008, 2006, 2005, and 2002. This year his time for the 5.1km course was 17.25.

Peter Hannell finished in 7th place in the Alf Palmer Memorial 5km race walk at Horsham. He timed 30.46.7 with David Hoben 12th and Shaun Lightman 15th.

Indoors, three Club members have been getting in some early Winter season racing on the boards. Multi eventer Mark Cryer timed 7.50 for the 60 metres at the Cardiff Met Grand Prix and he also ran 8.90 for the 60 metre hurdles. Closer to home at the Metaswitch Games at Lee Valley, Luke Smallwood ran 1.56.56 for the 800 metres while veteran 400 hurdler Richard Holt timed 2.18.45

Bexley : 24 Christopher PIKE 00:23:06
Bromley : 11 Coleman CORRY 00:19:33 12 Steven PAIRMAN 00:19:37 16 Andrew LAWES 00:19:55 18 Andy TUCKER 00:20:02 25 Alex LEGGATT 00:20:17 30 Shannon RISKEY 00:20:29 36 Iain SWATTON 00:20:46 40 Harrison PARKER 00:20:56 43 Barry WETHERILT 00:21:00 51 Glen READ 00:21:12 56 Callum MYATT 00:21:22 73 Tim WARD 00:22:08 88 Jamie MUIR 00:22:34 99 Nigel BULMER 00:22:55 128 John LEESON 00:23:56 166 Chloe HAFFENDEN 00:25:02 167 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:25:04 238 Zoe AUSTRIDGE 00:28:11 239 Claire AUSTRIDGE 00:28:12 300 Scott BULMER 00:37:00
Crystal Palace : 14 Lewis WARREN 00:21:53 24 Mary GUY 00:23:01 (FIRST WOMAN)
Greenwich : 17 Rich GRANT 00:22:24
Orpington : 55 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:36

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Dina Asher Smith is on the shortlist for the BBC’s Young Sports Personality of the Year. The Blackheath & Bromley athlete receives her nomination after becoming the second youngest female ever to have won a medal at the World Athletics Championships. She was part of the Great Britain 4x100 metres team who took bronze in Moscow earlier this Summer. She is also the current European Junior 200 metre champion.

Adam Gemili did not win a medal at Moscow but his performance in the 200 metres has won him the Athletics Weekly Breakthrough Award. He became only the second Briton ever to run inside 20 seconds when he clocked 19.98 in his semi final. He also finished runner up in the British Male Athlete of the year award behind double World Champion Mo Farah. Dina was third in the British Junior Female athlete of the year.

More National success came at the weekend as Gordon Hickey broke the British record for the over 80s throws pentathlon at the SECTA meeting at Ewell. He set a points score of 3211 to exceed the previous best of 3188. He threw 24.52 in the hammer, 9.62 in the shot, 22.20 in the discus, 21.64 javelin and 10.54 heavy weight.

He was pleased with his efforts though he has thrown further in training. “ The trouble with the smaller implements you use as you get older is they fall out your hands. I beat the lad who was the previous holder, though I’m not sure if it will all be ratified. If not I’ll have to do it again”. Reflecting on the success the Club has achieved at a younger level he commented “It’s nice an old ****er can still make the news”

Barbara Terry was 2nd in the womens over 65s event with 3137 points.

The Club over 60s team won gold medals at the Kent Masters Cross Country Championships at Danson Park. Graham Coates won the individual silver medal, the highest placed Club member on the day, with Rob Brown in 11th and Chris Pike 13th.

There were also two sets of team silver. In the womens over 35s race Carole Pennington was 5th , Jane Bradshaw 6th and Sara Elmquist 10th while the mens over 50s team was led home by Nick Kinsey in 5th with Neil Ayrton 8th and Steve Pairman 19th.

The womens over 45s team of Rosie Ferguson (6th), Claire Austridge (19th) and Anne Cilia (28th) was 5th. Annie McDonough was 13th and Maz Turner 15th in the over 55s race and Clayton Aves was first finisher for the Club in the mens over 40s race in 44th.

Still on cross country, there was success for one of the Club’s former members at the European Cross Country Championships in Belgrade. David Heath, who now lives in France, coaches the winner of the Senior Womens race Sophie Duarte. Club member Bill Foster coaches Lauren Deadman who was part of the British winning squad.

Samantha Milner won the shot at the Loughborough Students Open meeting with a throw of 11.27.

Shaun Lightman finished in 14th place at the Hillingdon & British Masters 20km race walk. He timed two hours 17 minutes and 50 seconds. In the accompanying 10km open race Roger Michell was 8th in 1 hour 1 minute and 24 seconds with David Hoben 16th in 1.10.21.
Last weekend Shaun was 7th in the Bexley League and VAC Championships. Over a 5km course he timed 30.02 with Peter Hannell 8th in 30.32. They were first and second in the over 70s race.

7/12/13 There was a notable turn out of youngsters in the Bromley event. Marco Arcuri won the race and Jessica Keene was first woman. Niamh Bridson Hubbard was first woman at Greenwich
Bromley : 1 Marco ARCURI 00:17:35 4 Aleksander WILTSHIRE 00:17:57 6 Bailey STICKINGS 00:18:02 7 Charlie DAVIS 00:18:03 11 Rowan FUSS 00:18:44 12 Jessica Zara KEENE 00:18:47 14 Naomi KINGSTON 00:19:12 17 Kelsey FUSS 00:19:25 20 Andy TUCKER 00:19:34 21 Georgina TAYLOR 00:19:39 28 Lewis STICKINGS 00:20:12 34 Harry William KEENE 00:20:30 39 Harrison PARKER 00:20:39 41 Tammy FALSHAW 00:20:46 47 Arthur CAREY 00:21:12 52 Alice PRENTICE 00:21:31 74 Tim WARD 00:22:21 76 Mike SIMMS 00:22:33 103 Stephanie TAYLOR 00:23:38 129 Richard GRIFFIN 00:24:17 135 Austin ADAMS 00:24:30 201 Adrian PERRY 00:26:53 220 Mick KEENE 00:27:40 221 Peter LOVELL 00:27:41
Greenwich : 2 Niamh BRIDSON HUBBARD 00:19:58
Killerton : 17 Bob MINTING 00:21:11
Orpington : 65 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:31
Bromley : 6 Rowan FUSS 00:19:06 9 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:19:35 29 Iain SWATTON 00:21:23 35 Glen READ 00:21:42 52 John FENWICK 00:22:15 68 Nick BROOKS 00:22:44 71 Tim WARD 00:22:52 99 Richard GRIFFIN 00:23:35 122 John LEESON 00:24:24 125 Claire SPRINGETT 00:24:30 154 Jackie MONTGOMERY 00:25:24 251 Claire AUSTRIDGE 00:28:42 258 Mike SIMMS 00:29:04 297 Anthony PONTIFEX 00:30:40
Eastleigh : 38 Carolyna HALEY 00:25:00 77 Adrian HALEY 00:28:34
Great Lines : 10 Jason SHORT 00:21:40
Killerton : 19 Bob MINTING 00:21:09
Leamington : 4 Georges VACHAROPOULOS 00:17:55
Lloyd park : 3 David BEADLE 00:20:11
Orpington : 19 Andrew CLOWES 00:23:09 26 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:24:23 36 Sally HAFFENDEN 00:25:32

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Blackheath & Bromley athletes were out in force at the Kent Cross Country League races at Sparrows Den and they produced many fine individual and team performances. For the younger age groups this was the last race of the season and so it decided many of the overall titles. To add spice to the event it was also the Club Cross Country championships for the youngsters.

The results saw five members win overall titles for the season, the Club were top team in two age groups and second in the remaining ones.

Will Fuller won the under 17 mens race and in so doing secured the individual title. Third place in the race was Richard Webb and this gave him second overall. Tom Desborough completed the scoring in 16th leaving the Club second on the day and for the season.

Niamh Bridson Hubbard replicated Will’s victory in the womens race and took the title. With Charlotte Rhule 4th and Anna Myers in 7th they won the team race and Leah Everson also made the top ten. They were second in the overall standings.

The under 15 girls won as expected placing five athletes in the top ten led home by Jessica Keene in 2nd with Naomi Kingston 4th, Yasmin Austridge 5th, Georgina Taylor 6th and Kelsey Fuss, despite a fall, 8th. They dominated the individual placing for the season with Naomi 1st, Yasmin 2nd, Kelsey 3rd and Georgina 4th.

More fine packing in the boys race saw Marco Arcuri 5th, Aleksander Wiltshire 6th, Charlie Davis 7th, Jake Potter 8th and Joss Barber 9th securing 2nd place in the team contest and second overall. Marco finished third individual for the season.

There was a one-two in the under 13 boys contest courtesy of Michael Eagling and Peter Guy and with Henry James Cowie 5th they secured the team race on the day and overall. Good back up came from Coleman Corry with his best run of the season in 7th and from George Pope whose 8th place meant he was 4th individual of the year. Michael and Peter were winner and runner up.

Millie Smith won the girls race and is champion for the season. With Grace Scopes 5th and Alice Prentice 7th they were second in the team and overall silver medallists. Lauren Goddard in 9th also made the top 10. New member Jessica Sellar, competed as a guest and was the 2nd Club member across the line.
Will Ruiz was 2nd in the under 20 mens race and Kate Curran was similarly placed in the womens contest. Bethony Frost’s 8th place meant she was second overall and with Holly Fletcher 10th the Club were 2nd on the day and for the year.

Impressively 40 youngsters across these age groups competed in all four races this season.

The afternoon also featured the third Senior Mens race of the year. Alex Gibbins led the Club home in 14th place with Danny Brewer 18th, Gareth Evans 22nd and Jon Vintner 49th. The team were 5th on the day and are currently placed 5th. They were 6th in the 12 to score.

The squad may have been stronger but the fixture clashed with the wedding of Andy Rayner and Elaine Murty to whom the Club sends its congratulations

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Phil Sesemann had a useful run at the British Athletics Cross Challenge in Liverpool which incorporated the Trials race for selection for the European Championships that take place next month. The Blackheath & Bromley athlete finished in 44th place in a time of 30.40.

The Club suffered a heavy defeat in the annual Mob Match against Orion Harriers in Epping Forest. A worryingly low turn out from B&B meant that the scoring was just 25 a side. The Club had only two male runners who fall in the Senior age group (20-34) and no Senior women at all. This lack of firepower was clearly reflected in the results as the Club had only seven finishers in the top 30.

First home was Peter Tucker in 7th place with youngster Charlie Davis 11th and 54 year old Nick Kinsey in 12th. Anne Cilia was the first woman from the Club to finish in 72nd beating the only other B&B female runner Maz Turner, who was 89th.

Orion won with 414 points to B&B’s 1105 and enjoyed a similarly emphatic victory in the veterans 20 a side contest scoring 296 to 631.

The race incorporated the latest round of the Bennett Cup, a handicap series of races which take place over the Winter months. First on this occasion was the aforementioned Charlie Davis who dipped under the Handicapper’s radar to win by over three minutes from another youngster Scott Bulmer. Steve Pairman was third and this leaves him top of the Handicap after three of the nine races with 148 points. However, he is just one point ahead of joint second placers Scott Bulmer and Gareth Evans, who in turn are just one point of Austin Adams. Charlie Davis is nicely placed in 5th on 141 points.

Bromley : 7 Aleksander WILTSHIRE 00:18:03 12 Kelsey FUSS 00:19:00 13 Robert PERRY 00:19:30 21 Andy TUCKER 00:19:58 26 Nick PERRY 00:20:26 43 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:20:58 44 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:21:03 63 Glen READ 00:21:45 66 Harrison PARKER 00:22:00 83 Nick BROOKS 00:22:42 98 Sally HAFFENDEN 00:23:08 104 Claire AUSTRIDGE 00:23:16 122 Adrian PERRY 00:24:05 134 Claire SPRINGETT 00:24:31 156 Richard GRIFFIN 00:25:19 222 Peter LOVELL 00:28:00 Coventry : 166 Jennifer SHEASBY 00:24:48
Dulwich : 1 Ben HARDING 00:15:10
Eastleigh : 69 Carolyna HALEY 00:25:28
Killerton : 19 Bob MINTING 00:21:13
Lloyd Park: 2 David BEADLE 00:20:25
Orpington : 9 Harry William KEENE 00:21:16 25 Mick KEENE 00:23:51 76 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:35

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Members of Blackheath & Bromley featured heavily in Kent County awards which were recently presented. Adam Gemili, who this Summer became only the second British athlete to have run under 20 seconds for the 200 metres, was the Male Athlete of the Year.

The womens winner was Shaunagh Brown who has made fine progress in the Hammer. She has improved by nearly five metres to 66.06, a distance which sees her third ranked in the country this year.

After becoming European Junior 200 metre champion and winning a bronze medal in the 4x100 metres at the World Championships, Dina Asher Smith is the Young Female Athlete of the Year. Fittingly her coach John Blackie is the Kent Coach of The Year.

Adam and Dina are also nominees for British Athletics annual awards. Adam is in contention for the Male Athlete Of The Year while Dina is nominated for Young Athlete Of The Year. Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday the 20th of November. See  for more details.

Both Adam and Dina were among a number of youngsters who attended the Club Annual Dinner at Hayes where guest of honour was Marathon Great Bill Adcocks. He had wise words to say on training, coaching and the administration of the Sport.

Despite attending the Dinner, Will Fuller was up early the next day to compete in the London Youth Games cross country championships at Parliament Hill. He finished in an excellent 4th place in the under 17 mens race with Richard Webb also making the top 10 in 9th position. With Tom Desborough 30th they were third in the team race. In the womens race, Niamh Bridson Hubbard was 6th.

Both were competing for the London Borough of Bromley with Niamh helping the girls to overall victory in the girls events. Highlight was the under 15s age group race which saw Jessica Keene 3rd, Naomi Kingston 5th, Kelsey Fuss 7th, Yasmin Austridge 9th and Georgina Taylor 10th. Josh Barber took 6th place in the boys race.

In the under 13s Michael Eagling was 4th, Peter Guy 5th, Coleman Corry 14th and George Pope 17th and Bromley won the team race. In the girls race Millie Smith was 8th , Jessica Sellar 14th and Imogen Meers 21st to give them third place.

Further afield Alex Gibbins was in action at the British and Irish Masters International at Cardiff. He was 10th in the over 35s race. Stuart Bailey Dainton was the Club’s first finisher in the A20 Path-n-Downs Marathon. He was 36th in 3.34.38 while John Fenwick was the first over 70 athlete, 42nd overall in 3.38.13.

Eloise Locke made an impressive debut with the under 15s shot at the SWLAN and St Mary’s Twickenham meeting at Twickenham. She threw 9.92 with the 3.25kg weight. Anna Barnett threw 27.86 in the under 17 discus.

Peter Hannell finished in 8th place in the Steyning 10km race walk in a time of 62.50. David Hoben was 13th in 69.28 and he won the self handicap competition.

Bromley : 3 Aleksander WILTSHIRE 00:17:55 8 Andy TUCKER 00:18:48 15 Steven PAIRMAN 00:19:40 29 Iain SWATTON 00:20:34 31 Graham John COATES 00:20:44 40 Barry WETHERILT 00:21:03 43 Sarah BELAON 00:21:08 50 John FENWICK 00:21:22 57 Jason SHORT 00:21:33 58 Mike SIMMS 00:21:34 75 Tim WARD 00:22:25 87 Nick BROOKS 00:22:45 138 John LEESON 00:24:24 222 Peter LOVELL 00:27:22 Finsbury park: 51 Austin ADAMS 00:23:23
Forest of Dean: 11 Adrian STOCKS 00:20:58
Greenwich : 26 Rich GRANT 00:22:23 33 Christopher PIKE 00:23:14 Results for Killerton : 23 Bob MINTING 00:21:05
Lloyd : 4 David BEADLE 00:20:08
Orpington : 18 Harry William KEENE 00:22:28

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Despite the wet and windy weather, Blackheath & Bromley had another good afternoon at the latest round of Kent Cross Country League races at Nonington. There were two individual wins and a further seven top three placings while in the team contests there were two wins, five second places and a third.

The third place came from the Senior women who were led home by Jennie Butler in 10th with Carole Penlington 14th and Jane Bradshaw 18th. They were also 2nd in the 6 to score contest as Sarah Belaon was 23rd, Charlotte Stickings 28th and Abigail Kingston 56th, just one place ahead of Claire Austridge. With one race to go they are 2nd in both the 3 and 6 to score races. There was not a Senior Mens race on this occasion.

Bethany Frost was second in the under 20 womens race with Lorna Clowes third and they are also second and third respectively in the overall individual table. Calvin Fuss heads the mens overall title race although he was 5th on the day with Will Ruiz 8th.

The Club have both mens and womens overall leaders in the under 17 age group. Will Fuller leads the men following his second place on the day and with Richard Webb in 5th and Tom Desborough 17th they were also runners up in the team race.

Niamh Bridson Hubbard heads the womens contest after her third place. Again the Club were 2nd in the team contest with Charlotte Rhule in 8th and Anna Myers 9th, and the women are 2nd in the overall team race.

Yasmin Austridge continues to improve as she finished in 2nd place in the under 15 girls race, her highest ever position. The Club again dominated the team race with Naomi Kingston 3rd, Kelsey Fuss 4th and Georgina Taylor 5th. Naomi leads the individual standings with Kelsey second, Yasmin third and Georgina fourth and they head the team contest too.

There was more good packing in the boys race as Marco Arcuri closed in 4th, Alex Wiltshire 5th , Charlie Davis 6th and Josh Davidson 10th. This meant they finished in 2nd place which is where they are in the overall contest.

Likewise in the under 13 boys race which was won by Michael Eagling with Peter Guy second. Henry James Cowie was 5th , George Pope 6th and Lewis Stickings 10th to give the Club first place in the team race. They are first overall as well and Michael and Peter are first and second overall individuals.

Millie Smith leads the race for the girls title after her second individual win of the season. With Stephanie Taylor 6th and Emilie Penlington 8th they were second in the team race and also second overall for the season.

The final race for the younger age groups is on the 30th of November as the Club host at Sparrows Den. It will also incorporate their Club Championships.

Still on the country, Ben Harding finished in 8th place in the 2XU Surrey Cross Country League Division One race at Mitcham Common. Further North, Warwick university student Georges Vacharopoulos was 72nd at the Birmingham League Division One race at Leamington Spa.

Peter Hannell finished in 25th place in a large field for the Enfield 7 mile race walk. He timed 72.30 with David Hoben 29th in 77.28.

Parkrun results
Bromley : 6 Rowan FUSS 00:19:09 15 Andy TUCKER 00:19:59 18 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:20:26 19 Keir LUNDY 00:20:27 20 Adrian STOCKS 00:20:29 23 Graham HOLLINGDALE 00:20:42 24 Graham John COATES 00:20:44 30 Iain SWATTON 00:21:01 36 Glen READ 00:21:21 41 Nick BARBER 00:21:31 54 Mike SIMMS 00:22:06 57 John FENWICK 00:22:11 59 Alice PRENTICE 00:22:17 68 Tim WARD 00:22:32 111 Nick BROOKS 00:23:42 112 Austin ADAMS 00:23:43 124 Georgina PIPER 00:24:10 241 Jason SHORT 00:28:28
Dulwich : 35 John William BECK 00:20:19
Greenwich : 15 Rich GRANT 00:22:13 32 Sally HAFFENDEN 00:23:55 39 Christopher PIKE 00:24:25 40 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:24:26
Killerton : 31 Bob MINTING 00:22:06
Orpington : 9 Harry William KEENE 00:21:52 69 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:33 Tilgate : 57 Mick KEENE 00:23:50
Tonbridge : 38 Adrian PERRY 00:22:01

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Blackheath & Bromley enjoyed a successful day at the National Cross Country relays at Mansfield. A bumper entry made this one of the strongest competitions on record, yet the Club had a number of top 20 finishes and this included bronze medals for the under 15 girls team.

The Senior men finished in a very useful 13th place but it could have been higher still had Michael Skinner not been literally hamstrung. Warming up for the anchor leg, it became clear that a niggle might prevent him from getting round the course. Yet the Great Britain International was not prepared to leave the team incomplete and he not only negotiated the course but was the Club‘s fastest runner with 16.19 moving up from 20th to 13th in the process. Phil Sesemann had closed in 29th on a very strong opening stage before Ben Harding swept up the 20th on leg two, a position held by Sam Barnes before Skinner’s exploits on last leg.

A “B” team of Alex Gibbins, Andy Rayner, Ross Braden and Daniel Kennedy were 48th , a good effort considering this was out of 157 finishing teams.

The Senior womens team was notable not only for the fact that they finished in a good 34th place but also by the fact that all three are in the veterans age group. The joint captains Jennie Butler and Jane Bradshaw ensured the team were 38th after two legs before Carole Penlington brought them up to 34th on the closing stage.

The Club were not able to field teams in the under 20 races nor the under 17 womens event, but were most prominent in the under 17 mens race where after Richard Webb had a strong opening leg with 9.32, Will Fuller moved up to 7th on leg two with 9.26. Tom Desborough ran another solid leg to bring the team home in 12th place. Jamie Gosnell ran a useful leg for an incomplete B team.

As already mentioned, the under 15 girls were the highest placed of the Club’s teams with an excellent third place. Naomi Kingston was 5th on the first leg with 7.14 before Kelsey Fuss moved up to 2nd with 7.34. Despite running a fine 7.26 Jessica Keene slipped a place on the final stage. It was another great effort by the team and pleasingly the B team of Shannon Riskey, Mary Guy and Yasmin Austridge were 34th , the 5th B team overall, with a C team of Amy Leach, Joanna Clowes and Francesca Pickup the 5th C team to finish.

The boys team were 19th in their race thanks to the efforts of Joss Barber, who was 26th on the first leg in 6.52, Marco Arcuri 17th (7.04) and Alex Wiltshire (7.13). Will Pope ran a very useful 7.04 on the opening leg for an incomplete B team.

In the under 13s age group the boys team were given a strong start as Peter Guy closed in 9th with 7.12. George Pope slipped a couple of places with 7.38 as did Coleman Corry on the last leg with exactly the same time to finish 13th. A “B” team of Henry-James Cowie, Callum Myatt and Harrison Parker finished 46th.

The girls team of Grace Stopes, Lauren Goddard and Millie Smith finished in 33rd. Millie’s time of 7.56 moved the team up 17 places on the last leg.

The afternoon was also notable for the unveiling of the new Club tent and the athletes were most grateful to Dave and Hanna Cordell for transporting it to the venue.

Amber Reed finished in 5th place at the recent North Staffordshire Cross Country League races at Stafford. Now studying at Keele University she timed 22.27.

Shaun Lightman finished in 8th place in the Alec Potton Memorial 7 mile race walk at Sandilands, Croydon. Despite being in the over 70s age group he timed 70 minutes exactly for the distance. Peter Hannell was 13th in 73.58 and David Hoben 16th in 89.34.

Crystal Palace : 1 Calvin FUSS 00:17:43 18 Rowan FUSS 00:20:09 43 Glen READ 00:22:32 46 John FENWICK 00:22:42
Delta park run South Africa!: 101 Stephen HOLLINGDALE 00:30:16
Dulwich : 39 Iain SWATTON 00:20:43 47 John William BECK 00:20:57
Eastbourne : 15 Nick PERRY 00:19:49 17 Robert PERRY 00:19:55 27 Kate CURRAN 00:20:55
Greenwich : 11 Niamh BRIDSON HUBBARD 00:20:15 35 Charlotte STICKINGS 00:21:46 36 Adrian PERRY 00:21:46 78 Rich GRANT 00:24:59 102 Chloe HAFFENDEN 00:26:49 104 Nigel HAFFENDEN 00:26:53 112 Christopher PIKE 00:27:31
Killerton : 17 Bob MINTING 00:21:09
Lloyd Park: 21 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:22:49
Orpington : 12 Mick JONES 00:20:54 30 Robert P BROWN 00:22:55 34 Mike SIMMS 00:23:17 35 Harry William KEENE 00:23:24 41 Andrew CLOWES 00:24:07 65 Anne CILIA 00:25:54 101 Peter LOVELL 00:28:13 149 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:32
Whitstable : 21 Scott BULMER 00:23:00 26 Nigel BULMER 00:23:18

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Blackheath & Bromley’s athletes enjoyed a successful day at the second Kent League fixture of the season at Somerhill School in Tonbridge. Five individual wins; one team victory; and eight top three team placings mean that, half way through the series, the Club feature prominently in the overall team scores in a number of age groups, and five athletes lead their individual age groups.

The Senior women now head both the 3 to score and 6 to score team races. This followed a welcome return to the country of Katie Murray. Now primarily a triathlete, with her energies spread over three events, she still finished in 6th place. Carole Pennlington in 13th and Jane Bradshaw in 14th ensured the Club were second on the day. With Danielle Critchley in 17th, Sarah Belaon 20th and Charlotte Stickings 24th , they were also second in the 6 to score on the day.

Alex Gibbins finished in his highest ever place in the Senior Mens race when he closed in 5th but, despite the efforts of Ben Cockburn in 17th, Will Ruiz 21st and David McKinlay 30th the Club had to settle for 4th in the team contest which is also where they are overall. Unfortunately, they did not have enough finishers to feature in the 12 to score.

Although the Club did not field teams in the under 20s age group, it did provide both individual winners. Bethony Frost secured the womens race and is now League leader. For the men, Calvin Fuss is now second overall after his victory.

It was a similar story in the Under 17s age group as Niamh Bridson Hubbard won the womens race and is current League leader. Anna Myers and Leah Everson in 8th and 9th helped secure 2nd in the team race, which is where they are placed overall.

Will Fuller equalled Niamh’s efforts with victory in the mens race and he heads the individual table. Currently in second place is Richard Webb who was 4th in the race. Tom Desborough in 17th secured 2nd place for the team and 2nd overall.

There was another impressive display from the under 15 girls as Kelsey Fuss finished 2nd, Naomi Kingston 3rd, Yasmin Austridge 4th, Georgina Taylor 5th and Jessica Keene 6th. This gave them a big margin of victory and they are current League leaders. In addition Kelsey and Naomi are 2nd and 3rd overall.

Charlie Davis in 6th, Marco Arcuri 8th and Alex Wiltshire 10th secured 2nd place in the boys race.

Millie Smith took the honours in the under 13 girls race and she is also now the leading individual. With Imogen Meers in 10th and Lauren Goddard 12th the Club were 2nd in the team race. Michael Eagling finished 2nd in the boys race with Peter Guy in 5th and George Pope 10th to secure the runner up place in the team race.

What was particularly pleasing again was the high turn out in the younger age groups with double figures in the under 13 and under 15 races. There were many pleasing performances which bodes well for the future. Full results can be found via the Club website.

A number of the Club’s runners took part in the annual Beachy Head Marathon, a multi terrain event over the Seven Sisters. First home was Chris Gentle in 4.03.25 with Stuart Dainton 201st, John Fenwick 257th, Glen Read 288th, Peter Burford 299th, Mathew Newins 300th, Andy Riches 432nd and John Leeson 940th.

Park runs
Basingstoke : 24 Nick PERRY 00:20:03 26 Robert PERRY 00:20:11 121 Adrian PERRY 00:25:54
Bromley : 13 Steven PAIRMAN 00:19:58 16 Keir LUNDY 00:20:19 26 Peter BROOKS 00:20:52 27 Adrian STOCKS 00:20:53 31 Iain SWATTON 00:21:09 50 Jason SHORT 00:22:11 60 Mike SIMMS 00:22:29 92 Nick BROOKS 00:24:04 150 Richard GRIFFIN 00:26:12 191 Peter LOVELL 00:27:30
Finsbury : 51 Austin ADAMS 00:23:47
Killerton : 30 Bob MINTING 00:21:54
Orpington : 19 Mick KEENE 00:24:06 71 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:41

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Blackheath & Bromley celebrated the achievements of their youngsters this Summer with a special awards presentation at The Ravensbourne School last Sunday afternoon. Special guest was the Club’s own Olympian and World Championship representative Adam Gemili, who this Summer became only the second Briton ever to run under 20 seconds for the 200 metres.

Amongst the recipients was Adam’s team mate from the World Championships in Moscow, Dina Asher Smith. She received the London Biggin Hill Airport Outstanding Athlete of the Year award. Her successes stretched from January through to September with the highlights being a bronze medal as part of 4x100 team in Russia and winning the European Junior 200 metre title.

Others recognised for International Selections this year were Jessica Keene who ran for England at the Home Countries Schools Cross Country International; Shannon Hylton who represented Britain at the World Youth Games; and Cheriece Hyton, Stefan Amokwandoh, Kerri Davidson who won two golds and a silver at the Home Countries Schools track and field International.

Eloise Locke received the Breakthrough Award for her improvement and excellence in the under 13 throws and Henry-James Cowie capped an astonishing year which saw him in hospital after a road accident in the Spring but a triple County champion in September.

After handing out all the Awards it was Adam’s turn receive as Allan Finn of London Biggin Hill Airport presented him with his Club Senior and Junior Honours salvers.

The afternoon would never had been able to take place without the efforts of Julie Asher Smith, Margaret Jones and their team of helpers; and the sponsorship of London Biggin Hill Airport and the Bees Academy.

And after celebrating the achievements of the Club’s youngsters and Adam, timely news arrived from across the other side of the globe that the Club has a new World Champion. The World Masters Championships have been taking place at Porto Alegre in Brazil and in the over 60s pole vault Allan Williams won with a clearance of 3.50.

This was a particularly sweet victory as he has spent most of the season trying to get back to competition after injury. His persistence has paid off.

Elsewhere Ben Harding finished in 10th place in the Surrey Cross Country League at Wimbledon Common. On the roads Shaun Lightman was 5th in the Cambridge Harriers 5km race walk in a time of 29.27. Peter Hannell was 7th in 30.39.

Jonathan Vintner was 16th in the Lexus Croydon 10km with Len Crowder 22nd and Tony Crowder 23rd.

Bexley : 1 Marco ARCURI 00:18:45
Bromley : 1 Calvin FUSS 00:17:23 8 Jessica Zara KEENE 00:18:48 10 Rowan FUSS 00:19:32 12 Georgina TAYLOR 00:19:36 13 Lewis WARREN 00:19:38 14 Steven PAIRMAN 00:19:39 19 Robert PERRY 00:19:45 20 Rebecca TAYLOR 00:19:47 23 Andy TUCKER 00:20:01 27 Kelsey FUSS 00:20:13 44 Iain SWATTON 00:21:00 58 Glen READ 00:21:24 65 Adrian PERRY 00:21:39 70 Alice PRENTICE 00:21:48 78 John FENWICK 00:22:00 79 Harrison PARKER 00:22:04 83 Scott BULMER 00:22:09 112 Mike SIMMS 00:22:55 122 Nigel BULMER 00:23:24 135 Claire AUSTRIDGE 00:23:42 141 Austin ADAMS 00:23:56 159 John LEESON 00:24:26 172 David BEADLE 00:24:40 200 Chloe HAFFENDEN 00:25:48 218 Richard GRIFFIN 00:26:18 242 Peter LOVELL 00:27:02 279 Mick KEENE 00:28:56 280 Harry William KEENE 00:28:59
Finsbury : 1 Samuel BARNES 00:16:32
Greenwich : 34 Rich GRANT 00:24:27
Norwich : 53 Graham John COATES 00:20:52
Orpington : 21 Joanna CLOWES 00:24:30 22 Andrew CLOWES 00:24:31 31 Anne CILIA 00:25:44 85 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:01

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Blackheath & Bromley’s Senior men finished in 33rd place in the National Six Stage Road Relays at Sutton Coldfield. A total of 84 teams started so, without some of the Club’s top runners; with some not fully fit; and against the best teams in the country; this was a solid result.

First leg runner Phil Sesemann was the Club’s quickest on the day but, despite timing a very useful 18.01, this was only good enough to finish in 28th on the stage.

James Poole slipped to 43rd on leg two before the in form Sam Barnes moved up 10 places to leave the Club 33rd at the half way stage.

After a Summer of injury Ben Harding is now showing good form as he edged up to 28th with 18.32. Andy Rayner is also on the comeback trail and his 19.17 brought the Club back in 32nd. Just a week after finishing in 4th place in the Jersey Marathon, Peter Tucker ran 19.06 on the anchor leg.

Unfortunately the Club did not field a womens team.

The youngsters races took place the following day and produced some very promising results, particularly as a number were making their debuts in this event. In the Under 17s age group Richard Webb brought the team home in 7th place on the opening leg and building on this William Fuller swept up to third with 12.17. These were the 13th and 18th quickest times of the day. Bailey Stickings had the difficult job of anchor man but finished in 17th with 14.15 out of 40 teams that completed the race. Tom Desborough was 41st on the first leg for an incomplete B team with 13.31.

The womens team were 20th with Niamh Bridson Hubbard being the quickest with a time of 14.30 on the opening leg. This gave the Club 12th place. Jennifer Sheasby slipped to 29th with 17.24 before Leah Everson bounced the trio back up to 20th on the final stage with 15.56.

Most successful team of the weekend were the under 15 girls who ran outstandingly to win silver medals. Naomi Kingston was 4th on the first leg with 14.08 which ended up being the 9th quickest individual time of the day. Kelsey Fuss edged the trio up to a bronze medal position on the second stage with 14.32 before Jessica Keene ran the 8th fastest time of the day with 13.58 to secure second spot.

A B team of Georgina Taylor, Shannon Riskey and Yasmin Austridge was 18th while the C team of Mary Guy, Amy Leach and Chloe Kibblewhite was 53rd.

The Boys team were 20th with some very consistent clockings courtesy of Josh Barber (13.36), Alex Wiltshire (13.42) and Jake Potter (13.51) and the B team of Niyi Akin Agunbiade, Charlie Davis and Josh Davidson were 34th.

In the Under 13s age group the boys finished in a fine 8th place. Angus Harrington was 15th on the first leg with 14.25 before Henry James Cowie moved to 11th on leg two with 15.05. Peter Guy’s 14.28 moved them up further to 8th on the anchor leg.

Encouragingly a B team of Lewis Stickings, Coleman Corrie and Lewis Warren was 17th and the C team of Keir Lundy, Callum Myatt and Harrison Parker was 36th.

Claudia Pickup was the only runner for the girls team closing 46th on the opening stage.

Fresh from his efforts in the midlands Peter Tucker was back in action the following day winning the Petts Wood 10km in 36.04. Youngster Nick Perry was 13th with Jennie Butler in 33rd, Steve Pairman 34th, Carole Penlington 51st and Mark Ellison 55th all inside the top 100.

Luke Smallwood is best known as a 400 metre runner but he has ambitions to move up in distance on the track and as part of his new regime he ran the Givaudan Ashford 10km. He finished in 76th in 40.46 with Barry Wetherilt 137th in 43.47.

Dick Griffin was 149th in the Maidstone Half Marathon which incorporated the Kent County Championships. He was the winner of the over 60s race with his time of 1.50.42 over four minutes ahead of the runner up.

David Hoben was 26th in the Enfiled 5.4 mile walk at Lee Valley in a time of one hour and 38 seconds.

Parkrun Results
Bromley : 1 Calvin FUSS 00:18:05 6 Peter BROOKS 00:19:19 7 Andy TUCKER 00:19:19 9 Jamie GOSNELL 00:19:25 14 Andrew RICHES 00:19:42 17 Lewis WARREN 00:19:52 22 Andrew LAWES 00:20:04 34 Iain SWATTON 00:20:57 42 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:21:21 57 Georgina TAYLOR 00:21:57 85 Nigel BULMER 00:23:00 88 Mike SIMMS 00:23:04 105 Claire SPRINGETT 00:23:33 110 Austin ADAMS 00:23:49 128 Imogen DUKE 00:24:28 146 Adrian PERRY 00:25:04 231 Claire AUSTRIDGE 00:28:42
Crystal Palace : 39 John FENWICK 00:22:53
Eastleigh : 56 Adrian HALEY 00:25:07 59 Carolyna HALEY 00:25:27
Killerton : 17 Bob MINTING 00:21:20
Orpington : 7 Joseph GEORGIADIS 00:20:40 19 Harry William KEENE 00:24:33 20 Mick KEENE 00:24:34 53 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:35:33

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Blackheath & Bromley athletes were out in force for the opening Kent Cross Country League races of the season at Swanley and enjoyed some considerable success. Two individual wins, two team wins and seven top three team placings represented a fine start to the season.

The Senior women finished third with Jennie Butler first home in 5th place, Carole Pennlington 13th and Jane Bradshaw 15th. With Jenny Neal 21st, Danielle Critchley 29th and Charlotte Stickings 30th the squad were also second in the six to score race.

It did not go quite so well in the Senior mens race in which the team finished in 5th place. Andy Rayner continued his return from injury in 12th while Alex Gibbins was 16th, Dave McKinlay 37th and under 20 Will Ruiz 42nd. There were not enough runners to feature in the 12 to score race.

Will chose not to contest his own age group race but one who did was Calvin Fuss who was 4th . Bethony Frost was 2nd in the Under 20 womens race.

Will Fuller won the Under 17 mens race in 16.04 just six seconds clear of runner up Richard Webb. They beat some good runners in the process and with Bailey Stickings 22nd they were second in the team race. The women were also runners up led home by Niamh Bridson Hubbard who was second followed by Charlotte Rhule in 7th and Anna Myers 8th.

The Club had five athletes in the top 10 in the under 15 girls race where Jessica Keene was 2nd, Naomi Kingston 4th, Kelsey Fuss 5th, Yasmin Austridge 6th and Georgina Taylor 8th. This ensured first place in the team contest.

First home for the boys was Marco Arcuri in 5th place and with Alex Wiltshire 7th and Josh Davidson 10th the Club were runners up in the team contest.

Biggest turn out of the day came in the under 13 boys race where B&B had thirteen finishers. Michael Eagling won the race in 10.30 while Peter Guy, complete with new haircut, was third, Henry James Cowie, two weeks after breaking the Club Hammer record, was fifth and George Pope sixth. They easily won the team race by 31 points.

The girls were led by Millie Smith who had a fine run to finish in second place. Imogen Meers was 12th and Lauren Goddard 13th to give the Club second place, and again the numbers were good with ten youngsters finishing.

Boys team manager Paul Austridge was delighted with these efforts “What stuck me today, other than great performances, was the great team spirit and support everyone gives each other.

Whether boy or girl, young or old, if you were wearing a Blackheath and Bromley vest you were getting loads of support all over the course. It was great to see.”

With many of the youngsters making their Club debuts it was a very promising start to the season and the squads will be looking to improve further at the next races at Tonbridge on the 26th of October. Before then, however, it is the National road relays next weekend at Sutton Coldfield.

On the roads Peter Tucker was 4th in the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon. His finishing time of 2.30.15 was nearly a minute quicker than last year when he ran 2.31.11, but he was actually one place lower in the field.

Peter Hannell finished in 10th place at the Gazette Cup 4 mile race walk at Sandilands, Croydon. He timed 41 minutes exactly. David Hoben was 13th in 45.04 and Nolan Simmons made a very welcome return to racing after injury finishing 15th in 50.53.

The track and field season is now at an end but some athletes still managed to set personal bests at last weeks Jim Day Memorial Pole Vault competition at Carshalton. This was the 7th edition of this meeting which remembers the former Club President.

Fittingly it was organiser Allan Williams who provided one of the highlights of the meeting as he set a British Indoor M60 record of 3.61. There were many more as out of the 87 vaulters who took part 63 achieved seasons best, indoor bests or lifetime bests.

Among these was Jackie Montgomery who cleared 2.61, the highest by an over 45 in the country this year. Helena Coleman set a new best of 3.21 and fellow under 17 Max Hodson’s clearance of the same height was an indoor best. Murray Hilborne set a seasons best of 2.81 in finishing 5th in the over 45s age group.

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There was disappointment for Scott Overall at the BMW Berlin Marathon. The Blackheath & Bromley athlete had gone into the race hoping to improve on the time of 2.10.55 which he set at the same event in 2011. This had given him an automatic place at the London Olympics. Unfortunately on Sunday a calf injury forced him to pull out before half way.

Better news for Past President Ian Wilson who coaches Rugby and Northampton’s Angela Copson. She was the first over 65 to finish. There is some debate as to whether this is a World Best performance but she already holds six World Records on the track. Perhaps her coach could be the next Head of Endurance at British Athletics.

Meanwhile in the United States, Alex Bruce Littlewood continued his strong start to the Winter cross country season by finishing in second place in the McNeese Cowboy stampede classic at Lake Charles. He timed 19.52.92

Gareth Evans is the Club 5 mile cross country champion. He won what is one of the oldest races in the world in a time of 30.47 nearly 50 seconds clear of Fintan Parkinson who was second in 31.35. Promising youngster Calvin Fuss was third in 32.53. Calvin was also the first junior with Tom Desborough second and Will Fuller third.

Jennie Butler is the womens champion. She won the title in 35.47 with Carole Penlington second and Jane Bradshaw third.

The race incorporated the second of the nine Bennett Handicap races which take place over the Winter months. Nick Barber was the winner here with Claire Austridge in second and Jane Bradshaw third. Austin Adams leads the current overall standings with Carole Penlington second and Jennie Butler third.

Back on the roads Sam Barnes, who last week was the fastest leg runner for the Club at the Southern 6 stage road relay, finished in 6th place at the Ealing Half Marathon. He timed 72.07. Peter Hannell finished in 17th place in the Enfield One Hour Race Walk. His distance was 9,438 metres while David Hoben was 23rd in 8,077.

Bromley : 5 Kelsey FUSS 00:19:03 9 David BEADLE 00:19:32 13 Rowan FUSS 00:19:47 14 Andrew LAWES 00:19:49 15 Lewis WARREN 00:19:55 16 Steven PAIRMAN 00:19:55 19 Andy TUCKER 00:20:00 41 Iain SWATTON 00:21:04 43 Ian MONTGOMERY 00:21:09 49 Glen READ 00:21:16 50 Georgina TAYLOR 00:21:17 55 Harrison PARKER 00:21:30 69 John FENWICK 00:22:09 107 Alice PRENTICE 00:23:20 134 Claire SPRINGETT 00:24:05 147 Mike SIMMS 00:24:38 206 Richard GRIFFIN 00:26:37 278 Honey OKIKIADE 00:29:17
Finsbury : 47 Austin ADAMS 00:23:02
Greenwich : 15 Rich GRANT 00:21:01
Orpington : 3 Joshua Henry DAVIDSON 00:18:28 6 Jessica Zara KEENE 00:19:16 9 Bailey STICKINGS 00:20:02 13 Joseph GEORGIADIS 00:20:11 17 Lewis STICKINGS 00:20:53 20 Harry William KEENE 00:21:05 28 Charlotte STICKINGS 00:22:05 31 Andrew CLOWES 00:22:38 95 Karen DESBOROUGH 00:34:22

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