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Last updated 7 March 2006

Plea Page

We are a big Club in numbers & activities and often need to appeal for help and volunteers - so often in fact that we have set this page up!  If you can help, or as they say, know someone who can, then please make contact with the person concerned - failing that contact me at and I will pass it on.


We are in need of some new blood on the Wine Committee.  If you can help, even if it is spasmodically, we would love to hear from you.  The social side of the club, being very active, contributes much needed funds to help out those that spend it! So, if you can pull a pint, or lay a table or even clear a table, or could do some shopping, or could keep the books, or etc, etc.....

We have, for to long, relied on a few trusties and they need some help.  Please contact either Alison Brand or Ann Cilia


Wanted: Can you help with the refreshments at Norman Park? Race days, training days - all the time, some of the time. A little team of volunteers would be nice - would spread the load and give you something to do while you are wanting for your 'star' to perform. Heather Williamson is the co-ordinator and would love to hear from you if you can help, even just occasionally.

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