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Last updated 22 December 2004

'Other' 2004 Results

19-11-04 - Maryon Wilson Swimming Race - West Wickham - more photos 22-12-04
12-09-04 - British Weightlifting Championships 13-09-04
12-09-04 - Sevenoaks Triathlon  13-09-04
22-05-04 - Lanzarote Ironman, Puerto del Carmen 25-04-04
15-05-04 - Moonwalk 21-05-04

12 September 2004 - British Weightlifting Championships

Liz Hughes finished 3rd in the British Weightlifting Championships at Lilleshall NSC in the under 69K weight group. She snatched 65k and clean and jerked 77.5k for a grand total of 142.5k.

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12 September 2004 - Sevenoaks Triathlon

A number of club members took part in the Sevenoaks Triathlon (swim 400m, bike 27km, run 8km), and we didn't do bad for a running club....but I don't think Nick Kinsley should be concerned.

Anthony Draper 5th 1hr 25min 6 sec
Eamonn Prendergast 11th 1.28.12 **
Daniel Marks 23rd 1.31.29
Trevor Simmons 57th 1.38.42
Mark Ellison 78th 1.41.23
Rich Hall 107th 1.45.39
Kate Pratten 180th 1.58..02
Anne Cilla 185th 2.00.25

** Eamonn had a mechanical problem with his bike (the chain came off) and lost a couple of minutes and got very dirty hands.......

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22 May 2004 Lanzarote Ironman, Puerto del Carmen - 770 competitors

The Ironman on the island of Lanzarote is often called 'The Worlds Toughest Triathlon', famous for its ferocious winds and fierce sunshine.

Starting at 7am with a 2.4mile swim in the ocean from the resort town of Puerto del Carmen, the 'Ironmen' exit the water and commence the 112 mile bike section of the race, which circumnavigates the whole island, climbing Fire mountain, Mirador del Rio and Monte Blanca and crossing the lavafields of La Hondura, to the descents into Haria (the valley of 1000 palms). Finally at the hottest part of the day the athletes return to run the final marathon 26.2miles which completes this classic race.

Saturday 22nd was no different than any other year, except a man from Beckenham, was amongst those athletes.

Nick Kinsey (Tri Uk Gatorade) was making his Ironman 'comeback' after a serious accident in September 2003. 'The arm injury was noticeable in the swim section, where I exited the water in 1hour and 16 secs (110th place) as opposed to the usual 54-55mins I used to do'.

On my light 'Giant' carbon fibre bike It was business as usual, where my mountain biking experience paid off, sything through to 39th place.

I enjoy hot races so was actually looking forward to the marathon, obviously it is hard to run as fast as you would in a marathon alone, and at 28-30 degrees Lanzarote temperatures were very different to this years London Marathon in the rain! I ran 3hours 5 mins to pull through to a top 20th place.

Finishing in 9hrs 44mins 59sec in 19th place overall, to win a bronze medal in the 40-44 catagory.

Cheers for now,

Nick Kinsey

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