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Last updated 21 September 2018

Open Events

This page contains details of events that have been notified by email to the Club.  They are more or less as supplied by the vendor and their inclusion does not endorse or recommend them.  They will be deleted once the event date has passed.

21-09-18 - 6-10-18

Hello there,

I'm emailing you with regards to the Mad Marsh Run, an upcoming event in East Sussex which I think the members at B&B Harriers may be interested to take part in. The run, taking place on the gorgeous Pevensey Levels, is a 10km off-road obstacle course. There's over 30 natural obstacles, including ditches, bog, ponds, long grass and fallen trees. I don't know whether you're familiar with this type of running, but the Mad Marsh Run will be ideal for mud-run beginners and veterans alike! It would be great for a group like yours to participate, as there is a definite element of teamsmanship that sets it apart from your typical race: the challenge lies not in finishing first, but actually finishing! Attached is a photo from our trial run, so you can see what to expect.

The first ever Mad Marsh Run will take place on Sat 6th October. Tickets are 20 a head (15 for early birds). Group tickets are 80 for five, so the fifth runner effectively runs for free (60 for early birds). I will leave the website address, where you'll find information about the environmental benefits, as well as all the Terms & Conditions: . You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all @MadMarshRun, for updates and photos.

We hope this is something you would be interested in! I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Joe Hook
Mad Marsh Run


6-05-18 - 7-10-18

To Blackheath & Bromley AC,

This email is to publicise the 2018 Titsey Trail 10K race, on Sunday, 7th October. This year the event is jointly organised by Oxted Runners and Holland Sports AC.

Entry to the race is through NiceWork, using the following web link: 

Gary Spring
Oxted Runners
Titsey Trail 10K Organiser



12-01-18 - 20-10-18


Happy New Year from Scotland!

We are the organisers of The Dramathon - The Speyside Single Malt Marathon 20 October 2018

A (short) video is worth a thousand words, so you can get a good feel for the 2017 event here : 

The run links up a number of distilleries and runners collect the corresponding malt miniatures at the end.

Perhaps some of your members would be interested in participating this year?

All the best,

Jon, Ian & Paul @thedramathon


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