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Last updated 17 March 2020

Open Events

This page contains details of events that have been notified by email to the Club.  They are more or less as supplied by the vendor and their inclusion does not endorse or recommend them.  They will be deleted once the event date has passed.


7-01-20 - 22-03-20


BVAC Open 5 mile Race Sunday 22 March 2020

Our annual open 5 mile cross country race on Sunday 22nd March 2020. I would really appreciate it if you would forward this onto your members.

Gary Blunt

Race Director



21-11-19 - 5-04-20


Baildon Runners (West Yorkshire) wish to announce that entries for the 26th Baildon Boundary Way Half Marathon, that takes place at 9:30am on Sunday 5 April 2020, open at 7:00pm [19:00] on Friday 22 November 2019 at: 

Although we are based some distance from your club, please do not dismiss this event without giving it a glance over. Runners regularly do this event from far afield so it must have something that keeps bringing people back year after year!

Baildon Runners


21-11-19 - 28-03-20


Selsdon Half Marathon - Saturday 28th March 2020

You can run the Half Marathon Or The Half Marathon Relay

Not quite ready to run the half marathon distance yet? Put a team of three runners together each would run a 4.36 mile leg; the Relay Trophy will go to the team that completes the 13.1 mile course in the fastest time. Each team of three can be made up of all men, all women or mixed.

Register for the Half Marathon or put a team together for the Half Marathon Relay at:


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