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Supporting the Moscow trip on 16 September 2006



Can team managers please collect all sponsorship from team members and either give it to me or pass it to the treasurer but please let me know the amount. So far we have 2,581 + 28% gift aid.

Dave Liston Mobile 07887771838


I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who took part in the event tonight, the runners who have raised loads of sponsorship, the recorders and timekeepers, the ladies supplying the teas and coffee and selling raffle tickets, the families providing us with burgers and hot dogs, Norman Park Track Management for the use of the track, the throwers for raising funds and Simon Parsons for his wit and repartee, and to Mike Peel who has publicised the event to all club members. Thanks to everyone. I am sure the U20 ladies team will do us proud in Moscow giving of there best when they represent our great club at The European Clubs Cup.

Dave Liston Mobile 07887771838


Here are the results, subject to scrutiny
TEAM                TIME
 A               1h 48m 30secs
 B               2h 04m 12secs
 C               2h 04m 56secs
 D               2h 06m 12secs
 F               2h 12m 26secs
 G               2h 16m 12secs
 J               2h 16m 12secs
 E               2h 20m 53secs
 K               2h 21m 23secs
The Past Presidents team running 2 1/2 marathons consecutively had a combined time of 2h 45m 31secs
Under 13 girls 1/2 marathon time to follow 
My thanks to everyone for a great fun evening.       
Dave Liston

Fund raising 31 May at Norman Park - Marathon Relays. Form a team of 10, give it a name and take part.

The idea is for teams of 10 runners to complete 105 laps of Norman Park in 400m legs, each team needs a team manager and each team is asked to raise a minimum 100 sponsorship. A trophy will be awarded to the first team to complete the distance.

Download the Sponsorship form.  For more details or questions please contact Dave Liston 

bullet The Old 'Farts' times two
bullet Team 1 Seniors
bullet Team 2 Juniors
bullet Past Presidents Team
bullet Over 40's Team

Team Declarations: Can team managers let me know how many teams you are entering, each with at least 1 helper please, and if you have any gaps in your team please let me know, we can advertise to fill them.  Dave Liston  28-04-06
We are going to have a raffle on the evening of the marathon relay, donations of prizes will be most welcome either to Dave Liston or Heather Williamson at Norman Park or to the president or Pat Calnan at the clubhouse.  15-04-06
Brian Power has agreed to run a BBQ at Norman Park on the evening of the relay, If anyone would like to donate some burgers, sausages, sauces or any other items we would be most grateful, please contact me anytime or Brian at Norman Park on Tuesday's or Thursday's. Dave Liston  14-04-06
On the evening of the marathon relay the throwing group will be running a competition, Amir or Alistair will throw a 6k hammer as far as they can, that will be the target for the rest of us to aim for throwing a hammer weight of our choice, the 'fee" will be 5p per meter the hammer falls short of the target distance. We will cap the fee at 1 maximum (unless YOU can afford more) 14-04-06

The Old 'Farts 1'

Steve Hollingdale & 9 Friends

The Old 'Farts 2'

Rob Brown & 9 different friends

Team 1 - Name: (To Follow) Seniors

Nick Gasson
Alex Gibbons
Scott Jarred
Eammon Predergast
Chris Daniel
Dave McKinlay
Dave Warrington
Dave Griffin
Daniel Ryan
Richard Hall

Team 2 - Name: (To Follow) Juniors

Alex Littlewood
Adam Atkinson
Danny Brewer
John Vinter
Rob D'Angelo
More to follow!!!

Past Presidents Team

Anne Cilia
Ian Wilson
Margaret Baldwin
John Baldwin
Pat Calnan
Dave White
Mike Peel
John Robinson
Mike Mahoney
Steve Cluney

Over 40's Team

Ken Daniel
Con Griffin
Alan Camp
Brendan McShane
Mark Ellison
Peter Hamilton
Ian Taylor
Roy Smith
Trevor Simmons
Neil Aryton

Sub Pat Calnan

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