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Brothers Amir and Alistair Tawanaee picked up a hat full of medals in the under 15's Danny Brewer picked up a Bronze in the under 13's 1500m Karim Chester went on to take one Gold and two Silvers in the throws. Tom Robinson Pole Vault & 400 Hurdles medallist


    U13        U15        U17     
100m A  6 A Sims  13.95   5 D Prince  12.18   1 F Collymore  11.36   
B  3 Joe Mercer  13.55   4 R Shrimpton  12.34   1 D Bovell  11.39  
200m A  5 Joe Mercer  28.09   5 D Parsons  25.37   2 F Collymore  23.22   
B  4 James Mercer  29.39   4 R Shrimpton  25.48   1 O Bamgboye  22.96  
400m A          5 C Perrin  58.26   1 I Allerton  51.82  
B          7 R Reed  61.8   5 D Griffin  54.87  
800m A  3 D Casey  2.27.85    6 D Fenlon  2.17.82    6 D Ryan  2.04.56   
B  6 R D’Angelo  2.47.99    4 J Fuller  2.17.22    7 C Daniel  2.10.98   
1500m A  3 D Brewer  4.55.82    8 J Poole  4.59.01    4 D Snow  4.27.56   
B  6 T Doig  5.27.95    7 T Beech  5.35.78    4 J Sweeney  4.37.02   
3000m A          5 B Steiger  10.32.9    3 R Perkins  9.35.57   
B          7 S Leach  12.34.4    4 M Leal  10.56.7   
1500s/c A                  7 D Snow  5.15.58   
B                  6 P Moreton  6.26.11   
80mH/ A          5 R Cussens  13.29   2 A Johnson  13.97  
100mH B          4 P Brown  13.1   2 S Brockwell  15.24  
400m H A                  2 T Robinson  59.22   
B                  1 S Brockwell  61.68  
High J A          8 J Williams  1.4   5 W Edet  1.75  
B          6 D Lennon  1.4   2 G Rulens  1.75  
Pole V A          4 A Berry  2.05   2 T Robinson  3.7  
B            C Place  nh    3 A Pope  2.2  
Long J A  6 A Al-Ameen  4.18   5 D Prince  5.03   3 Q Belgrave  6.16  
B  4 James Mercer  3.95   3 D McKeown  4.81   5 KWalker-John  5.06  
Triple J A                  4 Q Belgrave  12.16  
B                  3 KWalker-John  11.63  
Shot A  3 A Al-Ameen  9.56   4 S Harvey  10.32   2 K Chester  12.79   
B  6 R Al-Ameen  6.63   4 G North  9.74   1 R Shelley  12.48  
Hammer A          3 Al Tawanaee  30.12   1 K Chester  53.26  
B          1 Am Tawanaee  28.09   1 P Barrett  37.43  
Discus A          2 Am Tawanaee  32.65   2 K Chester  38.43  
B          2 Al Tawanaee  25.82   1 P Shelley  34.91  
Javelin A          3 S Harvey  39.85   5 R Shelley  42.54  
B            C Place  nm    2 A Pope  41.39  
4 x 100 6 S Huggins       4 J Williams       1 Q Belgrave      
Relay    James Mercer         D Parsons         D Bovell      
    A Al-Ameen         R Shrimpton         O Bamgboye      
    Joe Mercer  55.4     D Prince  48.42     F Collymore  45.2  
4 x 400         6 J Fuller  60.8   1 F Collymore  53.8  
Relay            R Reed  61.9     C Daniel  55  
            D Fenlon  60.5     D Griffin  54.4  
            C Perrin  58.1     I Allerton  51.3  
              4.01.3        3.34.41   

 pb's in bold

Team Result

1 Cannock & Staff  419
2 Croydon  406
3 Mandale  401
4 Blackheath 397.5
5 Wirral  325
6 Halesowen  286
7 Lagan Valley  273
8 Giffnock North  267.5


   U13      U15      U17    
1 Wirral  74 1 Cannock  180 1 Blackheath 220.5
2 Halesowen  71 2 Croydon  147 2 Mandale  202
3 Croydon  68 3 Halesowen  140 3 Croydon 191
4 Mandale  61 4 Mandale  138 4 Cannock  182
5 Cannock  57 5 Lagan Valley  137 5 Wirral  171
6 Blackheath 56 6 Blackheath 121 6 Giffnock N  121.5
7 Lagan Valley  42 7 Giffnock N  107 7 Lagan Valley  94
8 Giffnock N  39 8 Wirral  80 8 Halesowen  75

A magnificent display by the U17’s kept Blackheath Harriers in contention throughout the day at the McDonald’s Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. Eventual winners Cannock, Croydon and Blackheath continually swapped places at the top of the league on a thrilling day before we eventually succumbed and finished in a disappointing 4th place overall, but only 8.5 points behind 2nd place. It was a day of ‘what might have been’ had Alex Sims (U13) not been injured in the first sprint race and a few of the missing athletes had been available. 56 athletes competed on the day and of the 24 U17’s performing, 18 of them collected at least one medal. Tom Robinson and Stephen Brockwell got the day off to a fine start in the 400m hurdles. Both were returning from injuries and were apprehensive with their lack of training. Tom finished 2nd in the A race in a respectable time of 59.22s and Stephen won the B race.

From that point the U17’s did not look back and went on to win their match convincingly by 18.5 points. Karim Chester finished the day with one gold (hammer) and 2 silver medals (discus & shot). His team mate Paul Barrett achieved gold in the B string competition also finishing the season undefeated.

Fabian Collymore achieved 3 gold (100m, 4x100m, 4x400m) and 1 silver medal (200m). There were 2 golds each for Dwayne Bovell (100m B, 4x100m) and Sanjo Bamgboye (200m B, 4x100m) who despite dropping the baton caught it on the bounce and we still won the race! Quincy Belgrave got the relay team off to a flying start and picked up a bronze medal in the long jump. Andrew Johnson (13.97s pb) and Stephen Brockwell gained silver in the 100m hurdles races.

The Shelley brothers Robin and Philip both went home with gold medals and pb’s of 12.48m and 34.91m in the B shot and B discus respectively. Alex Pope achieved a bronze medal in the B pole vault and a silver in the B javelin competition with a new pb of 41.39m. Ray Perkins ran an excellent 3000m race, not afraid to set the pace early on and received a well deserved bronze medal with a pb of 9m 35.57s. Khori Walker-John picked up a bronze medal in the B string triple jump.

Ian Allerton collected 2 gold medals in the individual 400m race and anchored the team of Collymore, Chris Daniel and David Griffin to victory in the 4x400m relay.

Tom Robinson competing against the English Schools Champion was happy to settle for silver in the pole vault with a vault of 3.70m which equalled the U17 Club record.

The unluckiest athlete of the day was Will Edet who despite high jumping 1.75m (a pb by 10 cm) ended up as the A jumper on count-back in 5th place while Guillaume Rulens picked up the B silver medal at the same height.

Reserve Peter Moreton was quite literally thrown in the deep end by being told he was running in the 1500m steeplechase some 30 seconds before the scheduled start of the race. A last minute injury meant the place in the race had changed hands 3 times on the day. Having just eaten, not warmed up and with no time to put on his spikes, Peter did us proud and picked up another 3 vital points in a time only just outside his pb.

A special thanks to Dan Snow who as Team Captain not only represented us during the presentation and awards ceremonies but also organised all the middle distance runners. Dan was competing in his 5th Birmingham Final and his commitment to the team was once again demonstrated by volunteering for the 1500m steeplechase only 45 minutes after competing in the 1500m.

Stars of the U15 team were the Tawanaee brothers who both picked up silver medals in the discus. (Amir set a new pb). In the hammer competition Alistair, with a new pb of 30.12m out-threw his older brother and had to settle for the A string bronze while Amir picked up gold in the B string. Stuart Harvey threw his javelin into the bronze medal position and Daniel McKeown also achieved a bronze in the B long jump. In the U13’s there were bronze medals for Joe Mercer (100m B), Daniel Casey (800m), Danny Brewer (1500m in 4m 55.82s pb) and Alex Al-Ameen ( shot 9.56m pb). All athletes contributed to the team performance whatever their position and the travelling reserves have all played an important part during the season.

Thanks to Jake Aust for his help, Val Place for her physiotherapy and Michelle Bovell and Linda Robinson for help on the coach and at the hotel.

This was my final match as team manager, having looked after the team for 3 years. It has been a privilege to organise such a talented and enthusiastic team. Thanks to all the athletes for their efforts and commitment over the years. Here’s hoping you all continue to enjoy your athletics and achieve the success you deserve.


Fran Robinson

Team Manager Fran Robinson  received the 4th place Trophy.

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