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Last updated 25 October 2020

FFGP Club Handicap Series 2020


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions the FFGP Club Handicap Series for 2020 did not take place.
We hope to resume normal service next year.


FFGP Club Handicap Series

Its not the Bennett Cup, not the Parris Handicap, and not the Kent Grand Prix  ..
its the FFGP - The Farts & Friends Grand Prix

David Beadle

For more information see or contact David Beadle

2020 scoring is unchanged, par 15 pts, min 5, max 25, with best 6 scores from the following counting:
best 3 from any Kent Grand Prix event up to Larkfield 10k and any marathon to end of May
Ted Pepper 10k, 8 May (18 points for all marshals)
Club 10000m
Club 1 hour track race
Club 5000m
Closing Parris 5k

Steve was the overall winner for 2019

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