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Last updated 23 October 2016

FFGP Club Handicap Series

Current results are on a spreadsheet in google sheets

For more information see or contact David Beadle


The winners were presented with their awards on 23 October 2016, after the Club 5
Mike Simms third, Dave Leal first, Steve Evenden second


The official launch of the FFGP Club Handicap Series - February 2016

It’s not the Bennett Cup, not the Parris Handicap, and not the Kent Grand Prix  …..
…… it’s the FFGP.

David Beadle

The Farts & Friends Grand Prix

  • A handicap series featuring some of your favourite ‘must do’ (and some ‘really ought to do’) spring & summer races
  • A choice of distances over 10 races – from less than 5k to a marathon

How does it work?

  • A ‘par’ performance (running as well as the handicapper, Dave Beadle, thought you should) scores 15 points
  • Every 1% variance in performance adds (good) or subtracts 2 points, subject to a maximum score per race of 25  points and a minimum  5
  • (up to) your best 6 performances (as determined by handicap) across the 10 race series will count i.e. highest aggregate score wins
  • This approach should result in no small field vs large field bias and also encourage ongoing participation even if you can’t do some of the races
  • As well as overall series podium prizes, there will be other prizes, criteria tbd

The events
Any Half Marathon up to end July (subject to giving DB prior notice of entry); maximum of 2 Halves to scores

Any Marathon up to end of September (subject to giving DB prior notice of entry); maximum of 1 full marathon to score

2nd May – Ted Pepper 10k (18 points for anyone volunteering rather than running)
18th May – Beckenham RC relays (3 x 2.6m – names to DB in advance, teams picked by DB)
12th June – Orpington 10k
26th June – North Downs 30k
6th July – Club 10,000m track champs
27th July  - Club 5,000m track champs
7th September – Final Parris Handicap
14th September – Club 1 hour track race

Current results are on a spreadsheet in google sheets


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