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Club Dinner 2001

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Last updated 3 December 2001

The Annual Dinner of the Club took place at the Headquarters on Friday evening 30 November 2001.  The Principle Guest was Andy Edwards, Club member, Broadcaster and Commentator. We all had a good time!

Tony Pontifex and Andy Edwards - waiting to speak! VP Colin Poole's table VP Nigel Keogh's table
VP Peter Long's table PP John Baldwin's table PP Mike Marineau's table

The young Stars of the Club

Rapt attention to the speech VP Les Roberts' table President, Terri & Stax
Tod & Carol - mine hosts Gill & staff - still at it Everyone was happy!
Nick & Karyn Terri & Barry The entertainment went on...
Half-past midnight and all's well...
Question? Why was the date set wrong?  Don't know...  If any one is interested in the original copies (ie better quality) please contact me and I will send them direct.

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