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Last updated 19 November 2000

The Annual Dinner of the Club took place at the Headquarters on Saturday evening 18 November 2000.  The Principle Guests were the Mayor & Mayoress of Bromley - Councillor David & Mrs Helen Crowe, and Adam Walker, Development Director and Deputy Chief Executive, of UK Athletics.  Everybody seemed to have a great time!

Sharron who loaned Steve one of her earrings...

Sam, ?, ZoŽ & Anthony looking forward to dinner

Deep conversation before the off... Stars - Nange Ursell & Dwayne Grant
I'd like to buy a round , but, I've only got 2p More stars - Steve Cooper, Michael Champion & Mensah Elliott
Jamie White & Sue-Lee manned the bar The Mayor, Mayoress, Adam Walker & PP Richard Coles enjoy a chat

Paul Byfield

Sharron Nicholson

Mark Purser

Good job I booked... The Top Table engrossed...
Anthony, Michael & ZoŽ still going strong Nice Family group...
A little something for you... ...and for you!
Do you recognise him? Have you ever seen a miserable Paul Austridge?


First speaker was Paul Byfield - toasting The Blackheath Harriers... ...followed by PP Professor Chris Haines who welcomed The Guests of the Club. Adam Walker, Development Director of UK Athletics responded.


Now, when I was you age, I used to....



The following photos are courtesy of PP Chris Haines.

Mensah Elliott and friend Zoe & Mark
Michael Champion PP Graham Botley
Joe Mills & friend.... Another shot of Nange & Grant
Paul Featherstone, PP Steve Cluney, VP Ken Daniel, Paul Byfield & Mark Purser - all looking rather dapper!

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