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Boxing Day 2011

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Last updated 17 December 2015

Boxing Day 26 December 2011

Look here for the history of our Boxing Day Paper Chase...

Another Boxing day. another good turn out, another good day.  Too many tried to lay the trail and 50ish hounds chased around in ever decreasing circles before disappearing up retiring to the bar... 

Finton, Carolyna & Paul Austridge's children picked up the prizes.

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Shame you missed the start of the trail. It was a cracking circuit with some great swerve balls in it.You should have gone left and down the tarmac at the common past the bin covered in flour that nobody saw! Some other infidels had left other flour marks and arrows that were not ours that also caused confusion. We sure didn't take time to make arrows.

This is the route you should have taken though it cuts off a couple of bits as we worked as a great team cutting corners and making some great false leads. Thanks to all my fellow hares and leverets for helping and working so hard. Adrian

And this is the route the Hounds took!!!  Mick Jones

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