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The British Athletics League National Division One - (Senior Men)
Results for 2018


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4 August 2018 - British League - Liverpool

7 July 2018 - British League - Bedford 13-07-18

2 June 2018 - British League - Portsmouth

5 May 2018 - British League - Eton 7-05-18


7 July 2018 - British League - Bedford


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After three matches in the British Athletics League, the Division One table makes good reading
1. Harrow 23 (1057)
2. Blackheath & Bromley 22 (931)
3. Southampton 18 (906)
4. City Of Liverpool 12 (819)
5. Sale Harriers 11 (801)
6. Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 9 (720)
7. Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow 9 (676)
8. Herne Hill Harriers 4 (548)

We have put ourselves in a very strong position to get promoted. We just need to finish the job in Liverpool on the 4th of August.

The final result of the third match at Bedford was
1. Blackheath & Bromley 329
2. Harrow 322
3. Southampton 318
4. Sale Harriers 308
5. City Of Liverpool 257
6. Kingston and Polytechnic 239
7. Herne Hill Harriers 192
8. Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow 180

This was a great team result with some outstanding individual performances and some heroic efforts throughout the squad. Jonathan Ilori continues to strive to get the qualifying distance for the European Championships. He won the triple jump with 16.13 which is the furthest jump by anyone in any division of the League this year. It is the furthest a Club member has ever jumped in the League. Rob Sutherland, who has now competed in 10 of the last 11 matches, picked up 2nd in the B string.

Our other field event win was a little unexpected. Kelechi Aguocha started the season with a best of 1.80. He has been making huge progress improving to 1.85, 1.90 and then up to 1.95. He was up against eight athletes who had bests of two metres or more, six of them over 2.05. He only went and beat the lot. He was the only athlete to clear 2 metres first time and all went out at 2.05. Judging by his 2 metre clearance another pb is not far away. To add to the celebrations Lewis Ely set a seasons best of 1.95 to finish second in the B string.

Phil Sesemann completed a double double. He won the 3000 and 1500 at this fixture for the second year running. He has made a massive contribution this year not just in the points he has scored himself but in those he has allowed our B strings to collect. Will Fuller made it maximum points in the B 3000, making a special effort to fit the race around a busy racing schedule, and Josh Barber, taking a break from the steeplechase, was runner up in the B 1500.

Andy Smith took 2nd in the 800 on his debut for the team and there was a sparkling run from Angus Harrington in the B string. I have never seen anyone run away from an 800 metre field in a British League match like he did. He won by over three seconds. That was 80 points out of 84 in those three events.

Our other big points scoring event was the long jump where Oliver Newport returned from University in the States to leap 7.33 for second place and Tom French, in his first competition after injury, jumped 7.24 to win the B string. The jumps success continued in the pole vault where our youngest pairing of the day George Pope and Ethan Kitteridge had to cope with their event starting an hour and a half late. Both did well in the heat and with George in the A string, Ethan took second in the B string to claim a massive 10 points for the team. Well done guys and coach John Wakeman.

The other Pope was also there doing what he does best, picking up point after point for the team. Alex competed in all four throws scoring another 26 points for the team. Not only this, he also acted as a chauffeur for our officials Karen Cosby and Mike Davies, at the age of 81, who gave up their whole day to support the meeting.

Accompanying Alex in the Hammer was Kieran Murphy, a hugely valuable member of the team. Angus Harrington, showed his versatility, by throwing 44.71 in the javelin, not far off his best in what were not ideal conditions. Luc Durant took a fine third place in the shot and hasnít missed a match since he joined us. The final field eventer was Dele Aladese in the discus. He is coming back from injury and this was the first time he has thrown the senior implement this season. In the last match we scored one point in the B string. This time Dele got eight and we won the match by seven points.

We were significantly stronger in the hurdles. In the first two matches we scored 5 points out of 56 in the 400 hurdles. Joe Fuggle returned to the team to compete in a tasty A string with times affected by the wind. Alex OíCallaghan Brown made his debut in the B string and gained a fine third place, a great performance as he was recovering from a chest infection and had been on antibiotics all week. We had our top pairing in the 110 hurdles with Reece Young gaining 5th in a strong field and Alex Nwenwu setting a seasons best of 15.28 in coming second in the B string.

We have scored a lot of points in the steeplechase this year but the standard on Saturday was the best of the season with two athletes under 9 minutes. Richard Webb, who took a tumble at a water jump, and Dan Kennedy, nevertheless, picked up some good points.

I referred to our strength in depth in sprints recently and we needed it on Saturday. With a few injuries we were a little stretched so it was reassuring to have the services of Camron Lyttle, Duayne Bovell and Shamar Thomas Campbell. All three plus Alex Nwenwu helped us to fourth in the 4x100, having picked up valuable points in their individual events.

Camron timed a useful 10.74 in the 100. Duayne was not supposed to run because of an abductor injury but risked making it worse by turning out. He pulled off a great third place in the B string and was under 11 seconds. Shamar ran a personal best in the 200 despite a troublesome groin niggle, and Adam Herring was there to run the B string before helping the 4x400 squad of himself Jordan Layne, Joe Rogers and Joe Fuggle to 4th place in the 4x400. Jordan has been troubled with injury recently and Joe Rogers had to visit the medical team after his individual race. The 400s were tough with everyone down on their bests.

Thanks to Jane Bradshaw for her healing hands and her transport service and thanks to all the supporters who came along - many parents, coaches, current athletes Will Ruiz and Tom Desborough, and Past President Chris Haines, who competed in the first ever British League match in 1969. Thanks also to those who sent good luck messages and those who chased for the latest scores and results. That support only helps everyone involved.

Next year the League will be celebrating 50 years of existence as our Club celebrates 150. It would be fitting if we could celebrate both by competing in the Premier Division. A good result in the last match, which wonít be easy, and we will be back in that top division for the first time since 2001. Letís do it!

Pat Calnan
Team Manager


Joss Barber receiving the steeplechase challenge goblet from PP Pat Calnan at the BAL match at Bedford on 7 July 2018
Photo from Chris Haines



Photos from Rod Harrington

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5 May 2018 - British League - Eton

President Paul Byfield presenting the steeplechase goblet to Charlie Davies with Dan Kennedy, who won the B race - photo from Chris Haines

Photos from Rod Harrington



Scott Huggins clearing 5m at British Athletics league match at Eton, 5th May. Team finished 2nd, full results to follow.

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