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Athlete Wellbeing


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Athlete Wellbeing

The Club now has a Mental Health Ambassador - Anita Evenden

Anita's role is to :

  • encourage club members to talk about mental health

  • support club members to seek help and support when needed

Please refer to the action plan and contact Anita if you have any questions

  1. Action Plan - Mental Health Ambassador

  2. Information about the Club's Mental Health Ambassador - Anita Evenden

Links to useful websites

  1. MIND - the mental health charity - 

  2. England Athletics - Mental Wellbeing and Running -

  3. Sport England - Mental Health -

  4. Mental Health Foundation -

  5. b-eat (eating disorders) -

  6. Samaritans -

  7. Rethink Mental Illness -

  8. Childline -

  9. Elefriends (A supportive online community) - 

  10. Child and adolescent Mental Health -

  11. OK Rehab  a website that offers guidance and support for people experiencing problems with substance misuse and co-occurring mental health problems.



  1. Bromley Community Counselling -

  2. Novo Counselling -

  3. Westmeria Counselling -

  4. Talk together Bromley -


Action Plan - Mental Health Ambassador

Mental Health Ambassador, Action Plan 2017/2018

In 2016 England Athletics launched an initiative to help improve mental Health through running. This programme includes the appointment of Mental Health Ambassadors (MHA) in local running clubs. At present BHBAC have one ambassador: Anita Evenden.

The club’s MHA will work to develop support for emotional wellbeing and will aim to:

  • Develop a non-judgemental culture, where emotional wellbeing can be openly discussed

  • Provide a confidential ear which will be open to all club members· Promote emotional wellbeing alongside physical wellbeing in the club’s activities and information provided to members

  • Signpost members to relevant information and organisations that support emotional wellbeing

  • Promote referrals from external organisations to encourage new members to join and experience the benefits of exercise


The club will do this by:

1. Strategy

  • The MHA will develop a strategy and manage an action plan (this document) that will be approved by the committee and following consultation with members

  • Anita Evenden will regularly feedback to the committee.

2. Support and promote

  • Create a new section on the club website called “Support for members” with information about emotional wellbeing to help signpost and support members

  • Consider BBHAC becoming a signatory of the Sport and Recreation Alliance Mental Health Charter

  • Review current website and add emotional wellbeing content alongside physical wellbeing information

  • Include regular updates/information

  • Post positive messages and signpost emotional wellbeing content on the club website, Facebook page and via Twitter; promote #runandtalk where relevant

  • Talk to young athletes about mental health and how to seek help if needed.

  • Promote stories from members on the website about the benefits of running and being a member of the club

  • Create a supportive culture and give mental health a voice whilst providing a safe environment to talk

  • The MHA will seek training to be able to take small groups out running in order to start a ‘run and talk’ initiative in the autumn of 2017

3. Engage

  • Make links with local organisations to encourage people to start running to help improve their emotional wellbeing; establish referral pathways and provide tailored information (e.g. leaflets) if required and tie in with Zero to Hero courses. Mind, mental health teams, charities etc.

  • Make links with other local mental health ambassadors to share ideas

  • Engage with the different areas of the club. Find out where the need for support is.

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Information about the Club's Mental Health Ambassador - Anita Evenden

Blackheath & Bromley’s Mental Health Ambassador, 2017

A bit about me…



I have been running with the ‘Zero to Hero’ group for two years now. I was a complete non-runner and started exercise from scratch. Running has totally changed my life and my husband Steve Evenden. I have completed to date 88 Park Runs and I hope to complete my 100 this year. I have also run numerous 10ks and several Half Marathons. My husband joined BBHAC club last year and is an active member and I have joined recently. We have both lost weight, made friends and found a love for running.

I have three children and live in Hayes. A former secondary school teacher I am now training to be a therapeutic counsellor. I have always had an interest in mental health and I am happy to be taking this further. I am passionate about young people’s mental health and the value of exercise to all ages. I have benefited mentally from running myself and I would love to share this with others. I am keen to support the club develop strategies to support good mental health and encourage openness and understanding.

I can be contacted at -



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