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Last updated 1 December 2007

On Thursday 1 November 2007 the Maryon-Wilson Swimming Race returned to the Eric Liddell Centre, Eltham.  Two lengths of the 25 metres pool is hard work for some of the less able of us.

After arriving we found that the Pool was closed for the week! This was due to a Play being preformed in the evenings. Eventually after we got the Caretaker, Bursar etc involved they opened up and allowed us in...

Seven entered this year and we had two heats and Darryl proved the strongest and fastest again. The handicap went to Mike Martineau.




1 Darryl Hilliar 31.6 31 +0.6 4
2 Ian Swatton 41.7 40 +1.7 5
3 Anne Cillia 50.1 45 +5.1 6
4 Terri Shotton 51.7 52 -0.3 2
5 Mike Martineau 57.3 65 -7.7 1
6 David Johnson 62.5 62 +0.5 3
7 Tom Leeson 76.8 70 +6.8 7


Winners all - Mike (3rd ), Anne (1st), Darryl (1st), Terri (2nd) & Ian (3rd)

Handicap winners - David (3rd), Mike (1st) & Terri (2nd)


In 1893 Sir Spencer Maryon-Wilson presented the trophy to the Club for the encouragement of swimming. For last couple of years the event has been held at West Wickham baths over two lengths.  As well as the scratch race there is a handicap event.  All members are encouraged to take part; any style, change of stoke allowed - you don't even have to dive in!

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