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Last updated 29 October 2000

Results from the AAA National 6 Stage Road Relay 28 October 2000

Team Manager, Ian Wilson, reports - Very well done and thank you the BH team, and supporters that turned out for this event.

It was run in the wettest conditions that I can remember for any 6 or 12 stage road relay. Basically it rained, and the wind blew throughout the whole race, making the course treacherous for the runners with large puddles and lots of wet leaves everywhere. It was a testing day for supporters too, very little shelter. Thanks, Granddad Ayrton for bringing the Juniors up, in good time for the race.

The team on the day was a mix of youth and experience and they each gained something from the day. Be it experience of relay racing at this level or how much work needs to be done for good results later in the season. Particular thanks must go to Pat Calnan, who did not really want to run, but did, and I think enjoy it, and he was the last person available to run from our entry of 18 names! The results were:-

leg 1 35 Bill Foster 18:21
leg 2 30 Dan Ayrton 18:05
leg 3 32 Tim Dickinson 19:06
leg 4 30 Russell Bentley 18:53
leg 5 26 Peter Tucker 18:53
leg 6 32 Pat Calnan 21:08

61 teams finished

BH were 11 Southern team.

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