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We have now tweaked the 150 Miles Leaderboard project -   attached is a summary of the small print and how it will work as one of the key events to celebrate 150 years of the Club.

More details will be sent to members shortly and posted at the clubhouse and Norman Park. This is for everyone in the club, young or old; so do put 7 April in your diaries when we encourage ALL members to join us at Norman Park for at least 5 to 12 minutes to run a mile to get this event under way. Starting time 11.00am.

 We want to see marathon runners, park runners, walkers, throwers, jumpers, Wednesday nighters, Vice Presidents and Past Presidents as well as Norman Park season ticket holders!

Tim Ayres                                Nick Brooks                             Steve Hollingdale



1.     It will be called “150 Miles Leaderboard”, a project put forward by the 150 Committee under the Management Committee’s authority

2.     All correspondence and further information about it will be available from brooksienick@icloud.com  

3.     Project delegated to a sub committee comprising Tim Ayres, Nick Brooks and Stephen Hollingdale, whose decision will be final in the event of any query

4.     Project will run from AGM 2019 till AGM 2020, the 150 years celebration period

5.     ALL First and Second  Claim Club members, including Associate members are encouraged to participate, irrespective of age, gender, or standard

6.     The top 150 members’ times will be updated regularly and displayed on the Club’s website and elsewhere, as appropriate

7.     Opportunities to run a mile will be provided at Club Open Meetings, Club Championships and possibly at the end of the occasional home fixture, e.g. Southern Athletics League. An inaugural opportunity will occur on Sunday 7th April at Norman Park commencing 11:00 AM. Normal entrance fees to the track will apply. Further opportunities will be provided , dependent on demand and track availability with details being posted on the website and at Norman Park.

8.     Where electronic timing has been provided by the Club for the meeting, it will be used for 150 Miles Leaderboard performances. Otherwise the Club’s timekeepers will be acceptable.

9.     Leaderboard entry fee will be £1:50 per attempt, monies to be banked alongside other entry fees to the credit of Club’s bank account

10.  Club members running a mile elsewhere will be able to have that inserted on the 150 Miles Leaderboard on production of suitable evidence of that performance and payment of £1:50 administration fee to the Project Organiser

11.  Prizes of £50 each will be awarded to best male and female athletes as well as for the best age adjusted performance. In the event of the best male or female athlete also achieving the best age adjusted performance, the third prize will go to the second best age adjusted performance athlete.

12.  Only the member’s fastest time will appear on the Leaderboard.

13.  It is intended that all 150 members on the 150 Miles Leaderboard at AGM 2020 shall receive a suitable memento.


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