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Last updated 26 December 2014

All you need to know about the Boxing Day Paper Chase

When I first started running or rather jogging with the Club, in November 1973, there was a, not very well supported Treasure Hunt held over the Christmas period. During a subsequent conversation it was proposed that we try to re-start 'Paper Chasing' or, as it is now more recognised as, 'Hashing'. 

Paper Chases were effectively finished when the Litter Act came in and stopped people throwing paper all over the common...  Hashing is more eco-friendly as the trail generally consists of flour, sometimes with bio-degradable confetti added. The flour trail soon disappears - some of the hounds think it was never there in the first place!

One of our members, who's name escapes me, travelled extensively and had 'Hashed' in many parts of the world. I asked him to write a few words to guide the rest of us and this is a copy of his original notes which are still in use today:

If you wish a larger version simply click on the respective page.

The first 'New' Paper Chase was held on 3 January 1977 - the next was on 26 December 1977 and it has been held every Boxing day since.  In the beginning we had about 40 hounds; this built up to 100/120 during the mid 80's and early 90's.  These days it is nearer to 60. 

We encourage people to wear fancy dress and to bring their families and invite runners/joggers/walkers from other local clubs.  As always the Bar is open to refresh those parts...

You will find more photos etc on our Social pages

Below are a few random photos from days gone past...

Mike Peel

1981 - Can you spot Les Roberts, Colin Brand, George Brookes, Dave Thomson, Tim Soutar, Brian Swift, Peter Hannell, Ken Pike, Ian Wilson? Ian Wilson points out that his son Mark was about 9, now 46 and the Ben, who was about 8 now 45 (Dec 2018). Mike Peel and Peter Hannell were again the Hares.

Also 1981 - This photo taken by Chris Woodcock his three children ?, Geoff & Jon to the left side)


1983 Mike & Pete again...



1984 - This year it's Mike Mahoney helping Mike lay the trail


1987 both again


1990ish? - Brian Hartley, Willy Wilson & Mike Williams can be seen.

1994? Denis Lawrie, Dick Griffin, Terri Shotton, all still active in the club.




2004 - Just before the off...


You will find a lot more photos etc on our Social pages


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