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Stop Press: Steve's Diary is now here for you to read.

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09:00 gmt 11/11/00 Results are as follows: Marco Olmo wins for Italy in 21:41:34 - beating the old record by no less than 6 and a half hours! 2nd C Ginter of France 22:43:05 (last years winner) and 3rd E Motte, Italy 26:33:58.  First Lady P Enioux from France 29:22:00

Brits finised in the following order: Bolam 41:17:40, McClean 46:13:05, Coleman 46:13:05 (winner of the "Smilliest personality of the event" award) Milte same time, Blackford 48:57:04, Turnbull 49:57:04, Kitous 54:34:08, Dodds 55:24:27, Partridge& Taylor 55:45:23 and finally Cotton 56:13:16.  173 Started - 134 Finished.

21:00 gmt 9/11/00 All but one of the Brits finished this epic run. Gale force head winds made travel and sleep very difficult in the final stages.  The team arose at 03:00 to embark on last leg and finally  finished at around 16:15; thus taking 55 hours 45 mins.

"Petra is beautiful but the race was utter attrition - much harder than the MdeS.  Looking forward to meeting the Queen of Jordan at the Gala Dinner tomorrow.  Hope to be back in the UK on Saturday" said Steve "Lawrence" Partridge, before he fell asleep....

12:20 gmt 8/11/00 race started on time at 08:30 with 161 competitors. Steve's party (Cotton, Taylor & Kitos?) now at ck point 8. Coleman, Blackford, Bogan & Turnbull are ahead at Ck point 11.  There have been lots of dropouts already, but, all of the Brits are still in there. The race has been won, by an Italian, in the unbelievably time of 23hours.  The soft sand has tested everyone along with the 35 degree heat.  Steve plans to camp at ck point 10; make an early start in the morning; taking the mountains prior to anticipated finish later in the evening.

20:00 local 6/11/00 Now at Wadi Rum -  everyone has registered and are all in fine fettle.  Common consensus is that the course is longer than stated -   nearer to 140 miles!  There are about 160 starters, including the 11 Brits.  Everyone has passed the physical check ups and equipment checks - so far so good - no penalties incurred.  Daytime temp 35 but currently only 3 - looks like it might be freezing tonight.  Will be aiming for beddown at ck point5.  Overall aim is for 57 hours.

17:00local 5/11/00 Had to hang around for a couple of hours before a 3hr trip across the Jordanian desert arriving at midnight.  Slept in Berber tents which hold 20 people.  Sky unbelievably clear - millions of stars.  Woke up to amazing sights of jagged rocks and red sand.  Everyone is bonding well and joking together. Wonderful start.  Looking forward to the start at 08:00 Tuesday morning.

11:30gmt 5/11/00 All arrived at Heathrow Airport.  Everyone fit and well and looking forward to the event.

Jordan Desert Cup event took place between  5 and 11 November 2000.  Our own Steve Partridge was one of the "sane" people taking part in this event along with 13 other Brits, most notably Andy Blackford of Runners World.

Marco Olmo (I) welcomed by Patrick Bauer, race director and by the medias under the finish line

Quietness moment for Thierry Simonin (F), cares and hydratation

172 competitors coming from 19 countries set off for 168 kilometers including 104 sandy ground at the foot of stony citadels of the Wadi Rum desert

Check point N1, competitors are supplied only with water

The day before the start: Lunch time in Wadi Rum & Last minute training

Statistics Distance: 168km

Maximum time: 62 hours allowed

Terrain: 104km of sand, 24km of undulation track, 41km of mountain track.

Checkpoints: 13

Altitude: 1540 meters, maximum Slope: +12%,

The scenery is said to be superb - although, with it being a non-stop race some of the beauty will, no doubt, be lost.

The Jordan Desert Cup was first run in 1999; this race probably takes over the title, from the Marathon Des Sable, of being the 'Toughest footrace on Earth'. Unlike the MdS, there are no overnight stops between each stage.

Steve says "The training is not going well at present due to work pressures, but the majority of those running are looking to complete the race rather than to set fast times. A recent training run along the Grand union canal highlighted deficiencies in the kit which are currently being attended to."

The event is/will be televised by Eurosport.


The official French site is  Click on the Jordan site and you can access the course map, road book and other information and up to date results. here is also some information on


Steve has supplied the following Bio's of his group of friends:

Your Name: Stephen Partridge
Occupation: Projects Director Kenson Ltd
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (93, 95,96,97,98,99,2000), Boston, New York, Madrid, Marathon Des Sables (1999) - Seven Sisters (3) - 50 mile Thames meander (2) - Toughguy (2)

Total no of marathons and ultras 41

Reason: I am wondering about that? get away from the phone


Your Name: Anthony Taylor
Occupation: Lawyer (retired)
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (10) - Marathon Des Sables (1999) - Seven Sisters (2) - 50 mile Thames meander (2) - Grand Union Canal 145 mile run (5) - South Downs Way (4)

Total no of marathons and ultras 90



Experience: LONDON MARATHON (1998) - SAHARA MARATHON (1999)

Total no of marathons and ultras ?



Your Name: Andy Blackford
Occupation: Journalist (Runner's World) - Extreme running experience
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (94, 99,2000) - Marathon Des Sables (1996)

Total no of marathons and ultras 145



Your Name: Jeremy Bolam
Occupation: Hotelier
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (94, 99,2000) - Marathon Des Sables (1997)

Total no of marathons and ultras 45

Reason: About time I did another Desert Race


Your Name: Tony Kitous
Occupation: Restauranteur
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (99,2000) - Marathon Des Sables (2000)

Total no of marathons and ultras 15

Reason: I just enjoy them


Your Name: Mark Dodds
Occupation: European E commerce Director for Microsoft
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (,97,98,99,2000) - Marathon Des Sables (1999 & 2000)

Total no of marathons and ultras 34



Your Name: Rory Coleman
Occupation: Print Manager
Experience: LONDON MARATHON (,97,98,99,2000) - 7 World records for extreme running, 120 marathons in one year, 1000 miles across the UK - 2 New York's, numerous European Marathons/ Marathon Des Sables (1999 & 2000) - Inaugral Desert Cup - Seven Sisters (3) - 50 mile Thames meander (2) - Toughguy (1)

Total no of marathons and ultras 242

Reason: Only Man in Britain to have done it twice

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